Quality Tissue Paper Manufacturers in Delhi

Quality Tissue Paper Manufacturers
Quality Tissue Paper Manufacturers

According to a national survey, the use of tissue papers has increased a great deal in the past year and for obvious reasons. It serves multiples purposes, be it facial or even as cooking fuel. Consequently, there are several tissue paper products with a wide variety of characteristics and uses. However, features have become just a means to sell at high prices; tissue papers may not necessarily have the features they advertise. Quality tissue paper manufacturers are, indeed, the need of the hour.

Printed Paper Napkins
Printed Paper Napkins

Deception sells, but you don’t have to be deceived! It would help to look at tissue paper manufacturers whose claims are not shallow. One way to do this is to look at characteristics that define quality. Quality tissue paper manufacturers always make sure their tissue paper has. And these are precisely the six reasons that make a quality tissue paper manufacturer. We mention them here:

  1. The Tissue Paper Should Be Chlorine-Free

Quality tissue paper manufacturers ensure that the paper they make is without chlorine. Usually, tissue paper manufacturers are not mindful of this and use heavy doses to complete the paper white.

  1. The Tissue Paper Should Be Environment-Friendly

The manufacturing process of tissue papers involves many things that compromise the environment. Sustainability is the prime concern, without any doubt!

  1. The Tissue Paper Should Be Soft

Softness is just necessary for the use of tissue paper that feels rough on the skin. But softness doesn’t mean that the manufacturers should compromise on the strength of the tissue paper. The tissue should be both soft and have high durability. Some manufacturers forget quite often and produce tissue papers with very uncomfortable textures that can be abrasive to the skin. 

  1. Tissue Paper Should Not Cause Clogs

Well, this goes without saying; hair and tissue paper, be it used in the kitchen or the toilet, are the number one causes of clogging of the plumbing system. But this should not happen if the tissue paper quality is good. To cut down the cost of tissue paper production, manufacturers fail to use good quality raw materials. Therefore, quality tissue paper manufacturing also thinks about the clogging problem and provides an efficient solution.

  1. Manufacturer Should Have More Sheets

What’s the point of buying tissue papers if they will not last sufficiently? A quality tissue paper manufacturer offers a good amount of tissue paper sheets at a price that won’t burn a hole in the customer’s pocket.

  1. Good Quality of Tissue Paper Fibers

The easiest way to know if the tissue paper is of inadequate quality is to look at its fibres. If they come detached when in contact with the skin, they are of no use. Therefore, good tissue paper manufacturers are mindful of this. They take special care in major and minor aspects.

Therefore, if your tissue paper manufacturer is mindful of these characteristics of tissue paper, then do not fret about the quality of the tissue paper. But if you have not found such a tissue paper manufacturer, luck has brought you to the right place!

We are a tissue manufacturer that uses the best and the most environmentally–friendly technology to produce our tissue papers. We ensure quality and adhere to that policy. Consider all the six characteristics of a quality tissue paper and mark them checked, for we guarantee the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Leave a message with our customer service executive to find out how!

Customized Paper Napkins: The Key to Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene are the topmost priority in this modern era. It is advisable by the doctors that we should throw out the materials used for wiping and cleaning up. As multiple uses by multiple persons incur a high risk of infections and allergy. Customized paper napkins come in handy to cope with such hygiene health and hygiene issues.

Not only customized paper napkins make sure you have improvised hygiene management, but they also assure you convenience at a place. All you need to do is carry a few pieces of napkins, and you can ward off infections, allergies, and any other hygiene concerns. They are easy to carry and very much comfortable to use.

Beeta Tissues: A solution for your napkin requirement 

If you’re looking to buy customized paper napkins online, Beeta Tissues is the best platform for it. We deliver napkins and rolls in different colours and beautiful prints to our clients, lower than the market price. We have been in this business since 1992, and have already achieved celebrated heights.

Customized paper napkins at Beeta Tissues are available in the following forms:

  • Bathroom Rolls;
  • Face Tissues;
  • Baby Napkins;
  • Kitchen Rolls;
  • Paper Napkins.

Utility of customized paper napkins 

A customized paper napkin is used for various purposes in the modern era, it has become an integral part of our day-to-day life due to its efficiency and unique features. Some of its uses are briefly summarised below:

  • To wipe out or clean mouth and fingers after finishing a meal. They are kept on the dining table to be used for the purpose;
  • It is used to clean up babies every time they freshen up. Baby napkins save the baby from infection and keep their tender skin smooth and soft;
  • Bathroom rolls are also ubiquitous in modern times. Use a customized paper napkin to clean things up when you are done in the loo;
  • To wipe out unnecessary stains and food items in the kitchen or wrap up unwanted waste and throw them out, kitchen rolls are handy. They make sure your kitchen looks neat and hygienic;
  • Nobody likes wet hands. Be it after you go to the bathroom, or wash hands after some work, use customized paper napkins to wipe out water from your hands;
  • They are used in special events, parties, and anniversaries for convenience.

Professional utility of customized paper napkins

Customized paper napkins have also given many restaurants and cafes an edge to promote their business. They fold the napkins into elegant designs and shapes and keep them on the table. They also place the logo or name of the company on napkins to reach up to new clients and new places. It is an elegant and professional way of spreading business.

There are instances where napkins are used to spread a message. We have clients who use customized paper napkins to deliver a message to people. They just printed the text on the napkin, and the rest followed.

The good thing about the whole name, message, or logo deal is it does not cost a very high price. At an affordable price, one can diffuse their business or ideas to new places or persons.

Eco-friendly wipeouts for you 

Now comes the question of the environment. The use of customized paper napkins is undoubtedly eco-friendly, and it saves a lot of costs for the client. Washing a towel or wiping cloth will cost you laundry soap, electricity cost, and loss of water. After some wash, the fabric might lose its texture and not suit your skin. Multiple washed-up wipes are not suitable for their soft skin for baby wipes. The dissemination of soapy water into the channel is also not good for aquatic life.

Customized paper napkins save you from such issues. Use them and stay hygienic.

Contact Betta Tissues today and order now.

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