Quality Inspection Software – Why should you use them?

Quality Inspection Software

The goal of a quality inspection is to assess, review, analyze, or measure various aspects of a product or service and compare the results with specified requirements to determine compliance. Quality Control (QC) is essential for products to meet or exceed clients’ expectations.

App-based property inspection solutions replace spreadsheets and paper by making quality control inspections more efficient in the form of software on smartphones and tablets. Quality inspectors may use this application to plan and schedule inspections, enter product and supplier information, estimate workloads, pick checkpoints to monitor, and send automatic emails to suppliers while sharing real-time findings with management. 

Quality inspections include inspection before production, inspection during production, and final inspection. Inspection before production implies the examination of raw materials. Inspection while production, however, means evaluation of products during the course of manufacture. The final inspection ensures that the final product meets the required standards.

Drawbacks of manual quality inspection

  • Inspection schedules

Planning and fixing inspection dates manually over emails create a lot of confusion and might result in discrepancies with a lack of good coordination.

  •   Allocation of inspectors 

As the dates and timings keep changing very spontaneously, it is very difficult to keep a track of inspections. These end up wasting a lot of time and also result in the assignment of inspectors to the wrong field.

  • Informing the Inspectors 

Inspectors have to be aware of the product and the requirements of the products that they are supposed to examine. This can be a hectic task due to anomalies in the assignment of inspectors.

  • Monitoring Inspection

To ensure that the inspection is done correctly and thoroughly, each and every step needs to be monitored and recorded. Software based quality inspection ensures thorough monitoring of an inspection.

  • Documentation of the Report

When done manually, the report of the inspection consumes more time and extra effort. However, this can be done as a part of the inspection procedure itself, as the software monitors every step minutely and records the information. Hence, the report is deemed ready as soon as the inspection is over.

What will the cost of Quality Inspection Software be for our business?

If you pay for it in accordance with the SAAS (Software As A Service) subscription, it will most likely cost you 50-80 dollars a month per inspector.

Considering the entire cost of each inspector, which includes salary, 13th-month bonus, social insurance, travel expenditures, hardware (laptop, camera, etc.), management time, and so on, it frequently exceeds USD 1500 every month. As a result, providing customized software and reducing time accounts for 5% of their overall cost.

Why is Quality Inspection Software a better option?

We have already talked about the disadvantages of manual quality inspection. But on the other hand, app-based quality inspection reduces time consumption and enhances cost efficiency. Here’s how:

  •  Reduces Mistakes

In the case of quality inspections, every tiny mistake counts and adds to the company’s time and loss of reputation.

  • Statistic information

Quality inspection software may gather and analyze statistics in a database. Some reputable software solutions provide a database of valuable numbers and analysis, allowing you or your management to make decisions that will help you improve your inspection operations.

  • Recognize reoccurring problems

Another advantage of having the data package included in the software would be that it allows you to detect problems in factories. These recurring faults are sometimes not rectified by suppliers and are not even recognized by inspectors, but they may be resolved with the use of quality inspection software.

  • Paperwork reduction

We’ve already mentioned how employing software may help you save time by completing reports quickly following inspections. In addition, you may have all of the relevant information on a mobile or tablet application by employing software. Another benefit is that you save paper by storing all of your data in one location that is accessible to everyone, preventing duplication, file corruption, and data loss.

  • Affordable and accessible hardware requirements

Inspectors may accomplish their work on a mobile phone or tablet with the quality inspection software app loaded, saving them from carrying a big laptop computer or completing the inspection on paper and transmitting the information later.

  • Real-time data monitoring

The new reporting method saves time for inspectors. It allows the purchasing office and suppliers to view everything that happened during the inspection as soon as the handset can communicate it over wifi or cellular data. This implies that the required choices can be made considerably faster. 

Disadvantages of Quality Inspection Software

  1. It takes some time to complete the onboarding and setup. Therefore, it makes no sense to hire simply one or two inspectors.
  2. Independent inspection agencies may refuse to utilize the mobile application if you subcontract some work to them.
  3. If your needs are pretty specific, the application may only be able to meet them in part.
  4. Findings are seldom as quick to type as they are to write on paper.

When to switch to Quality Inspection Software?

  1. When it gets tougher to track errors.
  2. When QC staff have been creating issues regarding salary hikes and timing
  3. Labor intensive data monitoring
  4. When there is confusion in schedules and product assignments
  5. When there are suspicious discrepancies in the data


To wrap it up, quality Inspection Software is a platform-independent app that works on the most accessible devices like smartphones and tablets. It reduces human efforts to a significant extent and enhances productivity by curtailing time consumption and increasing cost-efficiency. In addition, this software reduces the usage of paper, and hence it has the ability to contribute to a healthier environment. The process also helps us decrease the chances of mistakes and reduce data anomalies. Therefore, by opting for a home inspection software, real estate owners and agents can easily track each and every step of an inspection and spot errors in the factory itself, making the whole process simpler and more convenient altogether. 


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