PSA Testing and False Positives

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PSA Testing and False Positives: What You Need to Know

PSA Testing and False Positives: What You Need to Know on PSA Testing and False Positives by Chughtai lab Lahore team of Chughtai lab Lahore, Pakistan. Chughtai lab is Best Lab & Research Center in Pakistan.

Why get a PSA test?

A free online lab test in Pakistan can provide you with a lot of useful information about your health. One of these tests is called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing, and it can estimate how many cancer-related prostate cells are in your body.

While most men don’t have any cancerous prostate cells, some may develop such cells over time; by getting test regularly, you can monitor your body for any changes that indicate potential trouble.

How to prepare for a PSA test

One of several PSA tests you can get is a Chughtai lab test. These are done in a doctor’s office and measure your prostate-specific antigen levels. This screening provides a more accurate assessment of your risk for cancer than urine-based tests. When you go in for a Chughtai lab test, your health care provider will likely explain what it is, how it’s done, and what you can expect.

What does your score mean?

Before taking an online lab test, make sure you know what your score means. A PSA test measures how much of a protein known as prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is present in your blood.

This marker isn’t use to screen for cancer but can help detect one that has spread beyond its original site, according to The American Cancer Society (ACS). In other words, it can reveal hidden cancer when other types of screenings come back negative.

How common are false positives?

While not every test comes with a high false-positive rate, it’s important to note that as many as 50% of patients who undergo prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing receive false positive results.

Chughtai lab Lahore strongly recommends that all men concerned about prostate cancer do extensive research on all available tests before undergoing any test. Our team at Chughtai is happy to discuss your options with you further, either in person or over Skype. We hope you have a happy, healthy day!

Treatment options after false positive PSAs

If you’ve received a false positive on your PSAs, you may be concerned about your chances of developing prostate cancer.

At Chughtai lab test, we recommend that you talk with your doctor about ways in which you can monitor your health, like regular PSA tests. Here are some key considerations: Any blood test has a certain level of chance of yielding false positives, but luckily false positives for PSAs aren’t all that common.

Is it normal to worry?

You can’t help it. Whenever you get your hands on an online lab test, or if you are schedule for a doctor’s visit, there is going to be some anxiety. As a matter of fact, these days’ doctors encourage their patients to take an online lab test before making any appointments with them.


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