PS Team Mod Menu APK Latest Version For Andriod(Free Fire)


 New APP PS Team mode menu

We all know that Free fire is one of the best battle games in the world. The Free fire has more dynamic resolution and path to perform more functions. It’s a quality game, which is based on high-quality graphics and momentum. Mostly Free fire lovers want to get more menus in Free fire but the game has limited its features and has not extended as much. The game has limited privacy and a mod menu, Nowadays Free fire is going to extend its features and modes, there will be a big announcement for Free fire lovers and players. That is Ps Team Mode Menu  One of the greatest platforms going to introduce many new menus. The free fire arena is getting more traffic and fans than other games due to the imagistic colorful lobby and heavy modes in play mode. These are the basic information about Free fire garena.

Now let’s introduce a new category of skins and items in the free fire, Mostly gamer wants to modify their gameplay, In form of skins and game modes. How can we modify our Free fire? It’s an easy way to modify your gameplay. Most people use Injector for Free fire to get modify their gameplay. Injectors are the main tool that can modify your gameplay in many ways, By unlocking skins and cheat modes in games.

What is Ps Team Mod Menu 2022

There are many features that are performed by the injector. The basic information about today’s update of free fire arena is, Now everyone knows that Free fire updated its version and new privacy and new skins are added to its platform. Now we all have old version injectors and these injectors can’t work in the new version of Free fire for that we need to choose the latest and modified tool for the Free fire arena to get every skin and cheat mode in-game. After getting analyzed we found the latest mode For free fire arena is the PS team Mod menu Free fire.

Review of PS Team APk

PS Team Mod Menu 2022 is the latest tool for free fire arena. The tool is used to get premium skins and costumes in Free fire. This app has the latest version and updated one it can work in Free fire,s new updates. The app is a modified one which can give you more cheats in the Free fire arena and have many more features than normal modes. Today we have the latest cheat mode for the game in which you will get all necessary items and bugs. The team app contains more cheats and a mode menu that can demolish the privacy and momentum of free fire Because of the structure of the tool.

This app structures are based on codes and andu+ modes which can easily test the privacy and convert into cheat form. This injector is specially designed to consume more features those features which you can’t get in normal mode. In Free fire many features you can not get in normal mode or without investment. Now you can unlock all skins and features with the usage of the tool. let’s know app features that will give you more attention to the app. Now we will discuss the features of the Ps mode menu Free fire 2022.

Features of Ps Team APk

In Free fire there are uses of guns and bullets to kill enemies for rank and points. The game depends on battle mode where you fight with enemies and demolish them to get more kills. In battle mode, there are so many features where you have to kill other players. Now, How you can kill enemies in an easy way. The function is only perfumed by the PS Team mod menu. The app gives you amAzing features and more than 20 features and 1222 skin in Free fire-new updates. The basic and main function it gives to you is direct headshot and auto headshot. About all the amazing features we have given below step by step. Read them and get more information about cheats and the mode of the tool.

  • Unlimted health
  • Wall cheat, Now you can find enemies in an easy way because behind the wall you can easily see because of cheat mode.
  • Esp location
  • Car jump
  • Speed cheats
  • X-ray version
  • Aimbot
  • Car fling
  • Speed becomes double as compared to normal mode.
  • Sniper shot
  • Free of ads
  • Mp 50 location
  • Grass x-ray version
  • Drone view
  • Run in water
  • Delight lobby

Cheats Of PS Team 2022

  • Unlocking of skins
  • Unlock 131+ skins
  • Mythic
  • An up-to-date and new mod for Free Fire.
  • No premium charges..
  • Only the toggle can be used to turn on all of the cheats.
  • Free of ads and no root needs.
  • You can easily kill enemies with full control of the game.
  • There is no investment in FF diamonds, golds, etc.
  • Pretty graphics and gameplay.
  • Fake name
  • Dark mode
  • Day mode
  • Free of cost
  • Safe to use
  • Free to download
  • Anti-ban
  • Esp box
  • Background location
  • Small size
  • Easy to use

More ABout PS TEAM APk admin

PS TEAM Mod Menu is the latest injector for free fire to get paid cheats in the mode menu. The app is one of the tested modes for battle. The result of the application is more durable and long-lasting.
PS Team  Injector tool has the latest version and updated one which can easily perfume cheat mode in new updates. Free fire is a large battle mode and has a large number of users. Most people shifted to free fire. If you a multpel player of Ml then we have a skins app for ml that is Abdillah Modz APk.

Nowadays everyone is shifting to free fire because the game is providing the advantages and mode menu in-game where people love to play these modes. There is more adventure to enjoy but Free fire battle is limited in its mode and menu. There is a lot of back points and question. The adventure and mode menu is a basic feature of every game free fire has more to do. Now the advantage is describing the cheat I game and mode menu showing the skins of the game


Now we have the main portion of the content. In which we will discuss the rules of download. First of all this app is Free to download and free for all. There is downloading available because they get these injectors on paid basis and we provide these tools for free. Our site only works for the betterment of users and we provide free injectors for people around the world. So connect with us for more tools and applications.

How to Download PS Menu

The download portion of the tool is simple on our platform and there is a step available, How to download. Now the step is given below so follow them to download the tool.

Step of downloading

  • Click on the download buttons
  • Wait for 7 second
  • Get ready for your device
  • A notification will appear on your android device
  • Select yes option
  • Now downloading will start.

How to install the app

  • Click on file manager
  • Open it and go to the application folder
  • Now open the folder
  • Now click on the file
  • No click install option to allow the app for your battle mode.


The menu of the team, free fire is a little bit different from the other team’s menu but this one is the perfect one and a safe one. This team app is specially designed for free fire skins and headshot apk. Now get the app and use more tricks for gameplay.


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