Providing Chiropractic Services in Yukon


Providing Chiropractic Services in Yukon


With our extensive chiropractic services, we help our patients improve their movement, function, and overall health. Motus Chiropractic offers soft tissue treatments, spinal decompression, rehabilitation exercises, and more with licensed chiropractor Dr. Maass. Patients of all ages receive comprehensive care from our practice. Our prenatal and postnatal care ensure a healthy start for your baby.

Body Contouring

Here at Motus Chiropractic, we offer state-of-the-art fat-melting body contouring treatments to burn off stubborn fat without the associated complications, pain, or recovery of liposuction. Light-emitting diode (LED) light can be used to burn fat cells for a slimmer silhouette using red or infrared lights. This is a safe method since no invasive surgery is required.

Neck Pain

It is challenging and uncomfortable to suffer from either chronic or acute neck pain. A number of factors can contribute to neck pain. Some of these are more dangerous than others. We at Motus Chiropractic provide you with expert care and identify the underlying source of your discomfort. No matter what the cause of your pain – posture, disc dysfunction, or anything else – come to us for treatments and therapies that will resolve your symptoms.


Treatment of sciatica requires correct strategies since mistakes can exacerbate this issue and result in pain instead of reducing it. Motus Chiropractic can intervene with sciatic nerve pain and help patients recover quickly and safely. Even though it’s an extremely common and painful ailment, most patients find lasting relief from our expert care.

Functional Medicine

What does functional medicine entail? From a chiropractic point of view, uncomfortable conditions like pain, illness, and injury never exist in a vacuum. Functional medicine refers to the study of one’s overall health, both in terms of how their health changes over time and formulating plans that take into account both the causes and effects of those changes.


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