Property Investment – Where to Find Your Perfect Dream Property


Investment property in uk can be far more profitable and rewarding than many other investments,

If done right, you can literally work and pay yourself for 3 jobs in one!

But just like any business endeavor,

Cidad is ALL about research

Researching properties, companies and estate agents is one of the initial and most vital steps in the successful search for your ideal investment property. It is vital that you thoroughly research the areas you are interested in investing in and it is a good idea to seek the advice of others who have either invested in the same area or currently work in estate agency. Which can be sourced easily with sell house quickly london.

Cidad is an easy investment, It is low risk, low maintenance and very low training requirements. And let’s not forget, any losses can be covered by Estate Agency Online insurance covers!!

Why you should always seek expert investment property advice

Any business will and one such business is investment property, estate agents need to continually urge clients towards better and more profitable deals,

Instead of placing your money into the pockets of individuals who may handle your money and not you, Moving straight into these types of investments can only lead to reduced returns

Giving iProperty investors is that extra cover to defend against losses;

S wares within close proximity to an investment property, helping to boost your returns from straight investment. Hundreds of people move homes every year, your property firm may have a staff of 10,000 employees or more, who are all smart, hard working people? – Yes they are but how many of them work in 3 different departments and how many only work in Estate Agency – Very few of us do.

Capital Gains Tax

A skilled investor will always research their investment property position in opposition to capital gains taxes, because if you sell your investment property at a profit, the amount of tax owed can be quite significant.

Capital Gains Tax is an annual tax charged by the Government on the profit made from the disposal of investments. The investor is required to pay this tax on the profit made from the sale of the property valuation and property appraisal reports will be based on the purchase price of the investment property, this means that the amount of gain is increased quite a lot.

The taxpayer is advised to obtain a written valuation and also an independent property appraisal before selling their properties to obtain a genuinely independent view on the value of the property,

A Lower Capital Gains Tax Return will mean that we can afford to purchase properties 5-10% cheaper than our nearest competition and also produce capital growth of over 5%. When we consider the truth lies in the fact that you can invest simply a little time in research and taking the first step to your future involvement in Property Investment, A Property Investment in uk can preserver all savings for the future.

But A Property Investment calculator will help you answerthe following questions

It’s possible to do your homework, find the right Estate Agent and Property, makeContact and negotiate with your chosen suppliers, find the best Loan, Solicitor, Surveyor/Valuers and also build part of your new portfolio with some very exciting Equity Release products.

Should I invest directly into a new build or into an established property?Which ever you Choose need to be made from clear research.

Should I look at resale or new build – i.e if resale what do I gain by purchasing new build property.

Look at the Cost controls and sale progression issues(questions)

How will a new build Property be more strategic than resale?New Build willenable you to control the entire property and will bring you the ultimate Equity Release Returns.

Looking at the current re-sales market in uk, where can uk property owners find the right buyers for their properties?The uk People should review their property portfolio annually and make the decision to review whether or not to donate their frequency of property ownership.

The uk People will likely be pleased to see own a great source of property profitable for uk investors

Immediate & reliable returns of around 20% and above for about 8 years.


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