Property Insurance of Enterprises and Organizations


Integrity Insurance Solutions provides property insurance services for enterprises and organizations, including buildings and structures, and industrial, commercial, and office equipment.

Interacting with large industrial enterprises, as well as with small and medium-sized businesses, Integrity Insurance Solutions adheres to an individual approach to each client, taking into account the specifics of its activities and financial capabilities.

Any organization faces risks that can lead to damage or loss of property belonging to it. Risks such as natural disasters, fire, and illegal actions of third parties can lead to significant losses, can disrupt any, even a balanced budget of an enterprise, and sometimes even lead to bankruptcy.

Property insurance will help compensate for possible damage, clearly plan expenses, and protect the property interests of the organization. Basic tariff rates vary depending on the degree of risk and the terms of the insurance contract (list of risks, deductibles, limits of liability, etc.).


The objects of insurance can be:

  • Office and shopping and entertainment centers, factories, enterprises, warehouses, hotels, educational institutions, etc.;
  • Buildings, structures, buildings, warehouses, separate premises (workshops, production sites, laboratories, office premises, etc.);
  • Finishing facilities;
  • Engineering equipment of buildings and premises;
  • Production, technological, trade, warehouse equipment, and other mechanisms;
  • Electronic, computing, household, and radio engineering;
  • Furniture, office and household appliances, furnishings, and other property.


Risks covered by insurance:

In each case, Integrity Insurance Solutions specialists help to determine the list of risks, taking into account the characteristics of the property accepted for insurance. The most common risk insurance coverage includes the following risks:

  • Fire;
  • Lightning strike;
  • Explosion;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Water damage from plumbing, sewerage, heating systems, and fire extinguishing systems as a result of accidents in these systems;
  • Penetration of water from neighboring premises;
  • Theft with penetration, robbery, robbery;
  • Illegal actions of third parties aimed at destroying or damaging the insured property;
  • Falling trees and aircraft, their parts, cargo, and other items;
  • Collision with vehicles or self-propelled vehicles, as well as the bulk of self-propelled water vehicles, towed or non-self-propelled water vehicles, or self-propelled floating engineering structures;

Additionally, such risks as broken window panes, mirrors, shop windows, terrorism, etc. can be insured.


Leased Property Insurance

The lessor is appointed by the beneficiary to receive insurance compensation (it’s part) in cases of theft and/or destruction of the insured property in the amount of the outstanding part of the value of the leased asset. The rest of the compensation is received by the lessee.

In case of damage to the insured property, the insurance indemnity is paid to the insured (lessee) in full.


Insurance of pledged property

If the pledged property is insured, the creditor under the obligation secured by the pledge has the right to receive compensation from the insurance indemnity preferentially over other creditors of the pledgor.

Integrity Insurance Solutions specialists develop individual insurance programs taking into account all the wishes of both the lender and the mortgagor. The insured under the contract is the pledger. Insurance can be carried out both for the full value of the pledged property, and for the collateral value calculated by the bank.


If you want to ask a question or receive additional information, please call 0476 011 111. Our specialist insurance brokers will be happy to help you.


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