PRINCE2 Project Management Vs the rest

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PRINCE2 Project Management Vs the rest

 When I say project, I mean all the things I can think of.

A project can be an event or a series of events. As outlined on a PRINCE2 Course Birmingham.

For example: A project is a series of events that you need to deliver – that includes the changing of processes, changing of processes, collecting feedback (both positive and negative) on those processes, identifying ways to improve processes, formulating strategies to solve problems and communicating those strategies to management.

So, the big question is – What’s a project? And what is project management?

Let me take a look at the differences between the word “project” – which typically brings to mind big things that impact your operations, and “project management” – which includes documenting the strategies, formulates strategies and forms the plans to implement those strategies.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the concepts that make up either term when they have to be applied to a project and those same concepts that make up the phrase project itself. In addition, we’re going to compare and contrast these two words.

As you read the words, are they the same thing?Here’s an example: A project is something you do to manage a series of activities. Thinking of these activities in these ways can help us understand the differences between project and project management.

Plans – The process or methods we use to bring about a result, effect or accomplishing the end goal of the plan.

Strategized – The way we choose to execute on the plan to bring about the desired result.

Implemented – When the plan was implemented and accomplished

Dependency – What actually occurs when we do the activities, means, and resources needed to achieve the plan

Project Management – This can be thought of as the method of planning and executing on the plans. (e.g. being more streamlined)

Dependency Management – What actually happens when we’re in place on the results in our projects (e.g. resources are available based on our demand)

Project Client Management – This is the process of managing the interests, clients or the areas we work in

Applications, Vendors, And Project Managers – This is what stays in the job instead of being separate or limited resources

Project Management – This relates to planning and controlling to bring about the end result or the end goal. It’s the area of management where we begin those activities. It includes structuring, budgeting, managing time and cost to bring about the end result.

Project Management – This relates to organization, detail, following details to be followed or tracked, following the plan.

Project Client Management – This is the process of managing clients or areas we work in.

Business Processes & Design – This process includes the specific methods we use to bring about the end result or the end goal of the project

 airborne – Work is delivered and performed at a certain time and/or with specific resources.

Project Delivery, Work/life Productivity – This is in the area of time, cost, and resource availability, and how we can deliver for the defined timeframe or volume of work.

Project Engagement, Team Building, Employee Motivation – This is in the area of structure, relationships, process and excellent communication (to include data collection, feedback collected, and everything else that goes into successful projects).

Project Analysis, Scope Definition, Project Spending, Project Development and Management – This is in the area of resources, scope change, change requirements, identifying theOwners/moder/author of the deliverables and associated requirements/requirements.

Project Accountability, Managing Risk, Leadership, Skill Availability, Communication, Support, and Employees – This is in the area of interactions, actions, discretion given, re-ances given. It is also the area of providing good leadership.

Project Validation, Acceptance, Strategy Definition, Interim Management, Involving others, Continual Vendor Certification, Change Management – This relates to evaluating, collecting, and decision making processes to identify issues, problems, and risks that should be in the scope of the project.

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