Pre Wedding Skincare Preparation for Brides to Be


As you’re prepared for marriage – and soon will get a ring on your finger. When you’ve said, “yes” for marriage – at that point of time you were on average looking. Now the wedding preparation is in full swing, but you want to see yourself as the best version of yours! In such a situation, you should opt for pre bridal care at home that can make you feel truly special on your bridal journey.

You need to pay special attention to the pre-bridal packages, as it’s a must and every bride-to-be wants a flaunt and flawless skin and hair. You want that your skin must be glowing, stunning, and attracting one on the most special day of her life. The package will include the skincare and haircare regime, that is much needed for the glow on your face and making your skin much shiny and smooth.  But, here you must note down that at least 2-3 months you need to attain perfection before your wedding. Specially curated pre bridal packages at home will pamper you & help to get the best look.

You have two options for pre-bridal care, first one is homecare by yourself or salon at home pre-bridal service by an expert beautician. In the first scenario, you must be well-versed with all sorts of tools and techniques to achieve a better glow on your face. 

But in the second case, an expert professional has everything that you need. They will treat you in the best ways to make you feel and look like a modern-day queen. They will help you to exfoliate your tanned skin, make your skin soft, radiant, and healthy. It will improve the overall texture of the skin. Hair color and spa treatment will also be advantageous for you to reduce the pollution and dust effect, strengthen hair, and lessen the dullness of hair. A few things like cream application, massage, steam, and hair wash will be applied when you’re going to opt for the pre-bridal packages.

When you see a quick overview of the pre-bridal packages you find that this list includes- facial, full body waxing, facial hair removal, body polishing, full-body bleach, full-body D-tan, body spa, pedicure, and manicure. But here our prime focus is on the pre bridal skin care regime that’s part of the pre bridal packages at home.

FACIAL:-  This pre-wedding facial treatment is very-very important for all brides-to-be, as it delivers the best results in terms of deep cleansing of the face, removal of black and white heads. This will remove the dead cells and help in improving blood circulation. All this will be quite effective for making your skin firm and soft. The facial is very effective to suit your skin needs. There are plenty of facial kits which you can choose from according to your skin type. Aromatherapy facials are best for offering you – an extraordinary glow. Multiple sessions will be very useful for delivering the best results.


FULL BODY WAXING:- Waxing is very effective for reducing the tan and removing unwanted hair completely. It’s essential if we talk about the pre-bridal list. This pre-wedding treatment offers you buttery smooth skin. But you should keep remembering that you must try it before a few months back. Always take sessions as per your requirement. In this series, a bikini wax can be the best option as compared to the hair removing cream. It must be done on a regular interval of time, starting a few months before, and 3-4 days before the wedding.

BODY POLISHING:- Body polishing is one of the best pre-wedding body treatments, where it exfoliates and massages the skin which will give a youthful glow for the body. In the context of removing tan from the body, body polishing is pretty much effective. A single session lasts up to 60 minutes. In this session scrubbing and massage is done with a cream to give you hydrated, silky, supple, moisturized, and glowy skin.

FULL BODY BLEACH:- Bleaching comes with plenty of benefits where it falls under the category of one of the most effective treatments in your pre-wedding packages. When we are exposed to pollution and UV rays our body becomes dull and tanned.  Now bleaching works better to reduce the dullness of skin and make your skin fair and glowing by removing less visible hair. You can try any of the bleach options including turmeric/fruit/glow bleach depending on your skin type.

BODY SPA:- You must begin to take body spa at least 2 months prior to your wedding. We recommend an aromatherapy body spa that suits all types of skin. In this series, Swedish deep tissues massage, head, and shoulder massage, and relaxing foot massage can be good choices. A relaxed mind can deliver the best results including nourishing the skin along with improved blood circulation.

PEDICURE AND MANICURE:- At last pedicure and manicure will be great to make your nails and toenails healthy and good-looking. Your nails and toenails will also play a big role in leaving a long-lasting impression on people. 

So, you must include this in your pre-bridal grooming. Regular pedicure includes soaking, and scrubbing of the foot with a pumice stone, and also nail clipping, shaping, calves massage, cuticle cleaning, moisturizing, and nail polishing. 

On the other hand – manicure includes soaking of hands, scrubbing of hands, nail clipping, shaping, hands massage, cuticle cleaning, moisturizing, and nail polishing.

Swagmee Salon at home Pari Chowk comes with best-in-class pre-bridal & beauty services to make you the best on the special day of your life.  It’s a one-stop solution for all your pre-bridal skincare and haircare needs. Since its inception, we have been offering trusted, easy-to-access, and high-quality service to modern-day women. Our pre-bridal grooming services include – facial, bleach, waxing, body polishing, manicure, pedicure, hair spa, threading, and massage. Three types of Pri-bridal packages are available including – luxury, magnificence, and classic. Our beautician understands what you need for this special day when you’re going to tie a knot with the perfect person of your life. Get in touch with us for Pre-bridal packages & services.


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