Post Free Classified Ads in USA List – Classified Ad Posting Sites in USA

Post Free Classified Ads in USA List - Classified Ad Posting Sites in USA
Post Free Classified Ads in USA List - Classified Ad Posting Sites in USA

Are you looking to post free classified ads in usa list? or classified ad posting sites in usa for bloggers to increase SEO ranking and blog traffic.

I would recommend you narrow your geographical and demography focus. What I mean is this:

  1. Narrow geographical focus: Focus on a particular region, state, city or town. Why? Because starting with a narrow focus before growing big is better. You get a strong foot hold in your familiar region, and you then expand to other regions after learning lessons from your familiar region;
  2. Narrow demography focus: Focus on a particular demographic. What does that mean? Focus on a particular group of people. Like focus only on women, or only on youth, or only on senior citizens. Why? Starting small again is better than to waste energy on focusing on everyone. And focusing only on one segment of the population may also help you to gain a loyal following.

Post Free Classified Ads in USA List – Classified Ad Posting Sites in USA

I will list some of the social media websites to share your links. Try to post for every day a month and see the difference in your website traffic and the rankings.

Below 10 websites are the business listing sites which has high PA, helps your websites to get quality traffic.


The main thing is ensuring that the key elements of the Classified ads are included in the:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Opening of the body copy

For example, if the ads topic is cars for sale, ensure that the make and model of the car as well as the ad title is in the URL.

Content: Ensure that the advert provides a full and thorough description of the product. This will ensure that the ad provides value to the user.

Technical: Ensure that each ad is canonicalised to its’ own url to avoid potential duplicate content

Linking: Ensure that there is plenty of internal linking to other relevant ads. This will ensure that your content is accessible to crawlers and is more likely to get indexed.

Reviews: Reviews bulk out the word count and can encourage users to spend longer on the pages.

The main thing to avoid is duplicate content and ensuring that listings that full under multiple search categories are handled appropriately through canonicals

Traffic from the Classified websites

Classified websites acts like an mediator between buyers and sellers.

  • Search engine loves content so, if you submit more content (ads) on your classified site then, you will get more traffic from search engines.
  • Once you’re able to make your keywords appear within the first page of search results, you will get lots of quality visitors to your site.
  • You can run your business ads on other top classified sites to get more targeted visitors.
  • Add social media like buttons or integrate a social log in into your classifieds website

Most of them feature search functionality, which means you have a good chance of having someone view your advertisements. A large number of webmasters have employed them on a consistent basis with tremendous success.

In addition, it is important to note that free classifieds allow you to attract focused visitors, which we all know is the finest type of visitor to receive. It is essential that you compose high-quality ad material if you want to gain the most attention.

Remember to include as many keywords as you can in both the ad title and the ad content of your advertisement. If you follow these steps, you will increase your chances of being selected by the site search engine as well as by someone searching on the Internet.

How to use Classified websites in better way?

There are tons of classified websites and apps you can now easily find out there.

But you know what?

It’s not really wise to use multiple classified sites.

You see, if you have something to sell and you post ads on several different classified sites, then you will have some real tough times with managing those ads.

It will not just take a whole lot of time, but some manual efforts as well to check out different sites and dashboards.

And the same goes for buyers.

You know, you find a good item on [let’s say] A website and you messaged the seller.

And you do the same thing on B, C, D websites.

And guess what?

You then have to spend a good amount of time to log in and out of those different websites to respond to different sellers and messages.

So when using classified sites, please don’t go for multiple websites. It will drain your energy.


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