POS Systems For Restaurants With Advanced Features

POS Systems For Restaurants

Is there anything that makes you doubt if you will be able to run your restaurant business or franchise? Set aside all your concerns as a restaurant management system can take most of the load off your shoulders. Installing POS systems for restaurants with advanced features is the first step you can take toward managing your restaurant in an organized way with end-to-end visibility and monitoring. The system can be implemented with minimum hardware requirements, and the features will be accessible through various hand-held terminals like mobile, tablets, or laptops.

EPOS System For Restaurants

The advanced features of a restaurant management system are attributed to the efficient running of restaurant operations. Easy-to-use interfaces and real-time reports delivered by the system help replace manual systems or conventional methods of restaurant management that are always prone to errors. Last-minute changes are difficult to incorporate into the manual entry of data for dynamic operations like ordering, menu updates, or billing. 

Cloud-based EPOS system

A cloud-based EPOS system for restaurants makes it easier for restaurant owners to make changes or updates in the database across multiple outlets. They can make changes to menus instantly by adding, deleting, or updating the services provided to customers. Oftentimes the kitchen may run out of one particular item in the stock or will get it refilled when it is added to pending items. The menu can be updated accordingly when the item is available or unavailable. Real-time data and accurate reports help you make informed decisions on managing staff and introduce offers that are an integral part of scaling your business sales. 

 Why Do You Need Them? 

Your business is meant to expand in the future, and you should always think in a futuristic way. Utilizing technology is not a choice but a necessity for anyone looking to steer their restaurant to the next level. Some of the aspects of the POS management system are:

  • A flexible ordering interface helps the serving staff to manage kitchen operations with split courses. Chart out and adjust course management with main course and side course dishes. 
  • QR-code ordering allows your guests to scan the full view of the menu through their mobile phones and order directly without any hassles. It also reduces the number of walks between the tables and kitchen for the serving staff.
  • Mobile payment solutions help the staff to make payments directly to the billing section and print out the receipts through hand-held devices. Customer billing is added with a split billing feature that is helpful for large gatherings. 
  • Table turns are made easy as guests may prefer to change tables. The restaurant management system makes reallocations possible by accurately mapping orders to changing tables. 

How To Select the Right POS System For Your Business?

You need restaurant POS software that meets the technical and technological requirements of the restaurant to perform your restaurant business activities smoothly. Selecting a suitable POS involves knowing and having clarity about your business goals. Here are some of the features of a sound restaurant management system:

Inventory Management

Inventory management is necessary to keep track of multiple operations in the restaurant. Humans have limitations in keeping everything in memory and order, which is why there is more dependency on technology. A restaurant POS software that is wired over a single network keeps track of the information from all the restaurant units, collates them, and provides meaningful reports. Restaurant owners can get a better understanding of kitchen stock.

Labor Management

POS software tracking sales helps take off the extra load during busy hours. You can get a real-time view of the data and current restaurant functions to assign staff in units that require them. Track labour activities and understand your employees better to ensure optimium time utilization. Effectively using time can drive sales, and employees can improve customer experience. This labor assessment helps decide the salary based on hierarchy and further hiring.   

Smart Integration

Integrate software and hardware seamlessly with intelligent features of POS software. For instance, a touch screen terminal can greatly serve user interaction and a kitchen display for seeing the order ticket. Card readers help customers make payments by reading the account information in two or three steps. These integrations decide the working efficiency of your business as the full functionalities depend on the devices and integrations. 

Menu And Order Management

The food menu forms the front of customers and the first look of any restaurant service. Get satisfied customers by ensuring timely delivery of food. Using the menu management feature of POS software, you can organize your food items based on the different sections, such as main course, side dishes, beverages, etc. 

NFS Rendezvous POS Systems For Restaurants 

NFS Rendezvous restaurant POS systems UK fulfills the rising needs of restaurateurs from ordering, kitchen, and delivery, to billing. Flexible system for staff and customers to include split courses as per the kitchen stock. Avoid any potential delays in the main course through a starter course. The KitchenCUT technology included in Aloha’s EPOS system for restaurants tracks potential allergens throughout menus and dishes. It helps protect the customer’s health and reduces restaurant stock maintenance costs and the chef’s time. Restauranteurs can also keep tabs on their inventory and re-stock them whenever required. This ensures a smooth experience for customers, chefs, and waiters. Restaurant staff can get notified of any changes in the menu and inform diners accordingly. 

What Do They Offer?

Staff can get a real-time view of operations without having to undergo training, thanks to a simple interface and a fool-proof system. POS systems for restaurants run on a single network to maintain the consistency of data across all systems in the restaurant and ensure real-time information is delivered instantly to all units, including the screens and printers. For example, a payment summary sent to the in-restaurant printer should contain all the relevant details of the current order and any updates if customers place new orders. Advanced restaurant management technology offers an excellent visual view with customized screen layouts for staff at different units. The intrinsic features of Rendezvous’ integrated POS systems for restaurants are:

  • Order Processing
  • Inventory
  • PCI Compliant payment solutions
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Online delivery
  • Pay at table
  • Advanced analytics

Creating a satisfying guest experience is essential for businesses to thrive, and shifting to the latest technology is a part of serving your customers the best way.

The intelligent system keeps track of the customer’s previous orders and preferences for possible suggestions on their preferred food items and trending items when they visit again. 

POS System

Investing in a good restaurant system ensures stability for your business and keeps you ahead of the growing competition in the restaurant business world. NFS Aloha offers POS systems for restaurants with all-in-one solutions to solve modern-day restaurant management problems. Track your restaurant operations with a comprehensive data report on sales, menu, stock, and so on. Aloha EPOS systems by NFS group provide the right platform for your business to offer the best customer service.

It helps restaurants, cafes, bars, resorts, hotels and all hospitality service provider to amplify the guest experience. With Aloha EPOS systems, you can be rest assured that your guests will enjoy a very memorable experience. Also, you can provide a stress-free environment for your employees. Request for a demo NOW! 


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