Popular Project Management Software for Small Businesses

project management software
project management software

Project management works as the growth factor of micro, small and medium enterprises. Unlike large entities, small businesses require their project managers to do multiple tasks and overdo multiple responsibilities. With so much on your plate, you need the best project management software for small teams to maintain productivity and navigate organizational requirements.

Project management tools can facilitate easier communication, better scheduling, and accurate budget management. Also, such tools make it easier for project teams to collaborate and work remotely if needed. Apart from this, project management solutions can facilitate you to delegate different tasks to team members on bigger projects. 

Picking the best project management apps for small businesses is not child’s play. There are a lot of services out there, and all of them come with attractive marketing campaigns. However, this doesn’t mean that it is hard to choose the one that is suitable for you. To choose a better project management solution for your business is totally depends on your requirements what features you need in the tool to improve your business effectiveness.

Reliable Project Management Tools for Small Businesses 

Project management software is an efficient tool that can positively impact processes, metrics, and goals. Kanban Board, real-time analytics, multiple timesheets, document sharing, percentage completion, etc. are some remarkable features offered by a project management tool. As per a source, the market for software to manage projects is estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 10.67% by 2025. 

However, buying a project management tool can be a bit tricky for startups and small businesses. Also, they may have budgetary constraints that may be keeping them away to make a quick decision. Therefore, you must ensure that these products are designed for projects with specific starting and completion dates. 

Small businesses can take ultimate benefits by using tool for project management to improvise overall work efficiency and save time. With many features like time tracking and calendar users can easily manage their work effectively. There are some popular tools readily available in market which can directly improve your small business’s productivity.

Here are some popular solutions to manage projects that you need to look for –

1. Brightpod

Brightpod is a specialized project management application that assists marketing teams to ensure better visibility, flexibility, and simplicity for performance optimization. Apart from marketing, it works best for other industries as well. For small and micro enterprises, the ability to quickly adapt and effectively communicate is necessary for success.  

Brightpod provides its users with several features like enhanced visualization, task delegation, real-time tracking, workflow automation, specialized social media widgets, and task management. Even the pricing of Brightpod is affordable for small businesses. 

2. Flowzone

Customization and flexibility are among the core requirements of any tool or application that caters to the needs of small businesses. Other than that, a small business deals with high-impact projects and is under constant pressure to deliver consistent results. Here Flowzone lends a helping hand. 

Flowzone is a project management software that comes with excellent flexibility that makes it the best fit for any industry. Moreover, it consists of many useful features like simplified task management, transparent views, project scheduling, centralized communication, team coordination, etc. 

3. TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a robust project management software that is well-crafted and rich in features. It is a future-ready software that can make it easier for project managers to understand the workload of employees and streamline tasks accordingly. Moreover, TaskOPad facilitates project managers to assign timelines to different tasks so that their team members can get a more clear idea of everything.

In addition to this, TaskOPad helps small enterprises to increase overall productivity by providing them with multiple features like Kanban Board, multiple timesheets, percentage completion, real-time document sharing, project tracking, etc. What’s more, TaskOPad is compatible with popular platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. 

Other than this, TaskOPad offers an intuitive and simple interface to users to ensure quick navigation within the software. Also, it offers customized fields features that enable users to add as many fields as they want. Overall, TaskOPad provides its users with better clarity into tasks and their statuses. TaskOPad is ultimate project and task management system to provide supreme work management and improve productivity. Its costs only 2.49 $ per month per user.

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4. Slenke

Slenke is a project manager tool that simplifies tasks and subtasks by organizing them properly and improving communication. Furthermore, it facilitates the users to streamline different stages of the entire project management process right from the beginning to the final delivery. Including this, you can use this tool’s templates, track your progress and keep a tab on the overall time and resources that you are investing.

Slenke provides its users with multiple features like project collaboration, end-to-end encryption, clear visualization of projects and tasks, integration of third-party tools, time tracking, document sharing, etc. Moreover, Slenke does not compromise on the quality of features when it comes to delivering products to its clients.     

5. Projecturf

Small businesses are mainly chaotic in nature as they are not managed properly. To stimulate growth, such enterprises constantly take more risks than their capabilities which can create unique problems for the owners of small businesses. 

Apart from this, small businesses face multiple challenges like lesser resources, smaller teams, and stricter project schedules. Projecturf offers various features to the project managers of small businesses like project visualization, task delegation, team collaboration, user-friendly interface, scalability, little to no learning curve, etc. 

Concluding Lines

Robust project management tools can assist small teams to increase their overall productivity and create a difference. So if you are thinking of getting a suitable project management solution for your small business, then you need to do in-depth market research or consult a reputed project management solutions provider. In this era every business owner should use tool to save time and improve their business productivity. 

A reliable project tracker tool can easily track and manage your daily workflow and reduce overall workload to improve efficiency of employees. Employees can easily track their day to day work and improve workflow to achieve their deadlines effectively.


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