Polo Shirts – An Old-Fashioned Classic Wear


What are Polo Shirts?

A Polo shirt is a short-sleeved button-down shirt. The colloquial British usage is “Polo Shirt” because the word appeared in a design patent for shirt buttons called Polonius Button.

According to OED, it was first attested in 1885 as an Oxford brogue (as ‘polo’ was 1840s slang meaning free). And popularised by Prince Henry of Prussia’s 1897 image wearing his distinctive shirts when playing polo at Frogmore House on Windsor Great Park with the Harrow School.

Polo shirts were originally made from linen, but following the popularity of Prince Henry’s shirt designs, they became more widely known in England and other countries as an article of fashion that could be casual or dressy depending on how it was worn.

What Are the Benefits Of Wearing a Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts are the perfect casual wear to look relaxed and comfortable in your work environment. They keep you fresh, light, and airy while working all day long inside or outside the office with ease of movement.

A Polo shirt keeps you at ease and helps take off the hectic feelings that choose to settle overtime on a typical summer dress code where every outfit feels more similar than it is different from one another.

Take the plunge with a Polo shirt rather than fight what could be boring and uncreative office wear, but dress up everything in your wardrobe with those actively involved pieces that are so much a necessity this season. These trendy muscular shirts make you feel comfortable, although needing a change from usual fashions, outdoor clothing, or formal wear for women’s clothes – especially if worn together or as part of an ensemble. This is not a replacement for or opposite to the appearance of Polo Shirts; they are merely an addition that can spice things up and look mysteriously fresh all year round.

However popular among avid football fans, soccer shirts did not become synonymous with polo in England until 1908, when King Edward VII was photographed wearing one at Hurlingham House during the Royal Port Sunlight Cup match.

What Is the Market Growth of Polo Shirts?

The global market growth of Polo shirts is shown in the graph below. The market has seen steady growth over the past few years, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 10%. This indicates that there are many potentials for this product category to grow further. Will Polo shirts be the next innovation to influence consumers’ behaviour?

Traditionally, trend-setting products are derived from innovative design and brand communication. Research shows that for trends to catch on, companies must focus on creating what Raymond Loewy referred to as “total product experiences.” Such an experience begins by incorporating quality into the brand’s creation or upgrade process. For example, you don’t succeed with a fashion trend unless quality is incorporated into making it fashionable. In the past, changes came from innovative marketing and design then, followed by consumer communications development programs.

As seen in Europe, there was a lag between the launch of Polo shirts with competitive campaigns such as Brooks Brothers for their new products, leading to increased demand during 1994-1999. This pattern continued until 2008, when America put an era that was different from European countries. Exporting is driven primarily by market creation efforts. The United States had employed advertising and promotion as a lead way to market creation for many decades, with an initial focus on the sales force rather than Hype for stakeholders to gain approval by oversight bodies such as shareholders & curious consumers.

Comfortable Fabrics for Polo Shirts

Which ones are more comfortable: soft, smooth, and sleek fabric on the outside or textured and patterned on the inside of my polo shirts? I’ve discovered that some clothing brands use smooth velvet for the outerwear and tacky felt on the inside. It works sometimes but sleeves me out when I think about wearing it!

The best way for you to find cozy cotton polo shirts that keep their shape throughout a long day at work or school ends up being trial-and-error testing over time. No one size fits all clothing styles, and each brand is slightly different!

How Can I Choose a Good Polo Shirt?

When shopping for a polo shirt, it is essential to consider the type of activity the shirt will be used for. For instance, if you are looking for a polo shirt for casual wear, go for a collared shirt style. If you are looking for a polo shirt for more formal occasions, choose a button-up style. Additionally, think about the fabric and colour of your desired polo shirt. If it is for casual wear, you do not want the material to be too thin and flimsy.

What Fabrics Are Suitable for Polo Shirts?

Most conventional business polos are Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature quality-made 100% Pima cotton pairs. We also recommend The Company Store’s 8oz New England Flannel range if you can spend more money. They’re incredibly soft, with a rich texture that feels like cashmere. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re also guaranteed to last well over five years. Or, if you’d like something a bit more fashion-forward, try Paul Smith’s cutaway polos for a classic style that fits both men and women. Finally, if the thought of putting a collar on your shirt makes you cringe (we hear you:), we recommend trying out some plain button-up polo shirts with collars from The Company Store.

When Should I Wash My Polo Shirt?

Like most articles of clothing, your best bet is to hand wash or machine wash (in cold water) the polo shirt with like colours and lay it flat to dry. However, this may benefit you; wrinkling will be less prominent if you don’t like iron t-shirts as much. It can work great if you plan to wear it frequently. Check out how conditioners work if you’re looking for something to do other than washing the shirt!

How are Polo Shirts Manufactured?

Polo shirts come in cotton and are available in various colours. They are typically cut on the bias to give them a more precise look. The fabric is then mix with COE (colourfastness enzyme) before printing with the polo club’s logo or team name. Other fabrications are used for polo shirts that have contrast cloth sewn in different colours to create the look of stripes.

For example, a warm-up shirt or t-shirt has pure cotton with piping and has no pockets. The same outfit can be bought as a polo early on. It most often consists of an embroidered trim, crosses rip stitching, or cut-out tailoring that would solve this problem. The polo t-shirt exporter who manufactures custom design shirts is booming their market. The trend of wearing polo shirts on multiple formal and casual occasions is now getting common.

5 Ways to Wear a Polo T-shirt with Style

  1. As a standalone piece
  2. as an add-on to your tailored clothes
  3. with chinos or jeans for a casual attire
  4. combined with military uniforms and accessories for a formal occasion
  5. donned on its own during summer

Advice from Fashionista Alpha

So, here’s what one of the most fashionable alpha male designers said when we asked him about polo shirts. The one thing which came out of his mouth was CLASSY! He said that polo shirts are undoubtedly coming into the trend once again, and it’s good to see how people are wearing this classy clothing.

When we asked about his opinion, he added that a blazer with a polo shirt is what I prefer nowadays when attending weddings, not-so-formal meetings, and even going in public. Wearing polo shirts in playgrounds is mandatory for me. The extreme shape of this t-shirt enhances my body cuts and makes me more manly.


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