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Podknows Podcasting – podcast production costs

Pssst! Want an all in one solution to handle all your editing, publication, and hosting?

You’ve come to the right place!

Establish Unbeatable Credibility and Trust With Your Customers

Podknows Podcasting podcast production, publication, hosting, and marketing offerings explained!

You don’t know what you don’t know, so before you look at the below packages, why not read my article all about podcast production that explains the process involved in creating your audio, first?

Once you’ve read up on why you need a professional sounding podcast, you’ll hopefully feel more informed and better able to make the correct choice for your podcast editing, publication and hosting needs!

The Podknows Podcasting network plans offer
an ‘everything done for you’ approach to your podcast marketing.

All you need to do is provide your voice.

(Professional voice artists can be provided as part of the corporate plans – email for info)

Want guaranteed audience? Podknows’ Premium podcast packages offer targeted Podcast Marketing solutions!

Podknows’ higher-value corporate-friendly podcast marketing packages feature far more marketing and branding assistance! See below!

f you want even more help with professional podcast marketing, Podknows’ Premium services will help you, offering an even higher-value return on your investment!

Podknows’ Premium packages are suitable for corporate (and more ambitious independently owned) brands and feature bespoke Pay Per Click campaigns, branded podcast specific social media pages set up and managed on your behalf, and even a highly customised website for your podcast.

Podknows will even handle your PR so you can tell your mum that you’re famous, once in a while…

Premium packages start from just £2500 investment per month, and include added extras such as:

  • Great guests booked for you
  • Guaranteed target audience
  • Guaranteed followers
  • Press and PR
  • Provided professional presenter

Ask about the “Growth Goals” package, which includes everything listed above as well as an optional professional-looking video version of the podcast and regularly updated and customised podcast blog content.

This will mean your podcast content will work even harder for you, reaching newer and wider audiences you could only dream of before.

Want guaranteed ‘highly-targeted’ listeners who are more likely to buy from you?

Want to be the next Steven Bartlett?

This is the package you’ll be wanting to buy!

*Minimum ninety day lead-in.

Perfect for busy CEOs

Not quite ready to commit?

Podknows Podcasting offers a few ‘dabble’ packages for those who are more investment conscious

Let me manage your expectations – you won’t get the same results from the below packages that you will from the professional ones listed above.

That said, if budgets are tight, or your focus is on awareness and brand building rather than lead generation, then these will offer more value for you than simple hiring someone to edit your audio every week.

You’ll still get to benefit from more than twenty years of audio content and podcast expertise, and will enjoy #thepodknowsdifference!

The Podknows Podcasting ‘dabble’ plans offer
an ‘everything done for you’ approach to your monthly podcast marketing.

All you need to do is provide your voice.

You can always upgrade to a full feature package at any time!

What does Podknows Podcasting ‘do’?

Are you obsessed about your brand?

Do you want people who stumble across you online to be left with a solid impression?

Would you like to feel confident that any time you share your content it’s connecting with the right people and leaving them with the desired emotions?

Do you want potential listeners to consider you a serious proposition for doing business with you, and ultimately become your loyal and most valued customers?

If you’ve answered these questions with a “yes”, then you need to talk with Neal at Podknows Podcasting.

Podknows isn’t a podcasting agency.

Podknows isn’t like other professional podcasting services. These business ‘do’ podcasting, and that’s the product they sell.

For Podknows, the podcast is the vehicle you’ll use on your journey towards success. Whatever that success looks like to you, you’ll have Neal and Podknows guiding you towards it.

And we’re serious about getting you there.

Because there are core values in place (scroll below), potential Podknows podcasters are invited to an initial introductory meeting (online or in person as preferred) in order to learn more about goals.

Exclusively yours

Podnows doesn’t work with everyone.

There’s a reputation to maintain, and we only want to work with those we truly know we can help.

But if we decide there’s a fit we can definitely help you benefit from #thepodknowsdifference.

This means Podknows is able to focus more attention on you and your goals.

Podknows will be your loudest branding and marketing cheerleader.

Podknows is here to make you sound good through podcasting, or any other type of branding that uses audio at its central core.

The first podcaster?

A lot of people cite Adam Curry as the podfather – the first person to ever podcast.

These people are basing this on the fact that he was the first person to post audio to the internet inside an RSS feed.

However, if you’re going from a wider metric (as many do, including YouTube and even social media posts) Podknows founder Neal Veglio was the first person to ever post audio online for people to download.

In March of 2001, an mp3 version of his radio show was uploaded to the website of pioneering digital radio station Stormlive.

It crashed.

Neal was the popular afternoon presenter and had listeners in the US as well as across Europe.

This was the start of a deep and serious love affair between Neal and podcasting.

In 2001, Neal’s fascination with what would later become known as podcasting, began.

Podknows Podcasting is the brainchild of former national radio personality Neal Veglio (JACK fm, Capital Radio, talkSPORT).

When the radio industry went fully corporate and started turning its back on small businesses and communities, Neal recognised a gap in the market for creating platforms for those communities.

During the early part of his radio career, helping out in radio station newsrooms in the mid 90s, Neal discovered a talent for using documentaries to help ordinary people tell compelling stories.

Combined with a stellar 25 year career hosting morning shows, chatting with celebrities and taking callers to air, he quickly developed an awareness for the kind of content these people wanted to hear.

Now, Podknows has a clear ‘why’:

Helping brands and individuals talk to their customers and advocates, using podcasting to share compelling and relatable audio content


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