Places to Visit in Lohajung


Lohajung is a small town in Uttarkhand that serves as a starting point for many adventurous treks. It is located at an elevation of 2330 metres in the Chamoli district of Garhwal. It is well connected to the majority of Uttarakhand’s towns and destinations. As a result, it serves as a starting point for popular treks such as Brahmatal, Roopkund, and others. Tourists pay a lot of attention to this village. The nicest feature of the village is the dawn and sunset, both of which are a treat in themselves.

Many valleys, such as the Didina Valley, may be seen in the distance. Not only will you come across gorgeous oak and deodar forests, but you will also come across several stream crossings with ice icy water. It’s the finest place to spend quality time and a great place to unwind for a day. The community is also recognised for its peacefulness and simplicity. It’s a farmland with brightly coloured crops all around. It is abundant in all types of medicinal plants that pharmacies require. It is also noted for its year-round tourist and visitor services, including as restaurants, guest houses, and marketplaces.

Devi Gauri fought the Asur Lohasur and beat him at the location where Lohajung is now, according to local legend. That is how it came to be known as LOHAJUNG. Others believe that the name Lohajung comes from the severe rainfall that occurs in the hamlet, which is used to cause rust on metallic objects, thus the name Lohajung (Loha – metallic objects and Jung – rust).

Places near

Despite its tiny size, the village provides a full bundle of amusement thanks to the several spectacular tourist attractions in the area.

Wan Village

Wan is a tranquil village in Chamoli with untouched beauty and vegetation, located at a height of 2400 metres and only 15 kilometres from Lohajung. It also serves as a starting point for hikes such as Bedni Bughyal and Roopkund. The route that leads to this location follows the contours of the hills. It is the greatest destination for a nature lover to go sightseeing and admire the lush flora of the area. Until you reach Wan, there are three water streams to cross. However, after you arrive, the location has lodging for its visitors to stay the night. However, if you want to be closer to nature, try camping in the village with a tent.


Roopkund, often known as a mystery lake, is known for its views of Trident peak Trishul -7122 m. There are often strange objects found there, such as horse bones and human remains. Trishul, Ronti, Chaukhamba, and Ghunti will be visible from a higher vantage point.

Ronti Saddle

Ronti Saddle, as a new trekking hub, is still a little-known but fascinating destination for visitors. It is 30 kilometres from Lohajung and provides the greatest views of the Nanda Ghunti. It is the ideal spot for catching glimpses of the Trishuli mountain range.

Ajan Top

Ajan Top is a short and straightforward hike that may be performed in a single day. Mrightuni, Tharkot, and Nanda Ghunti will be visible from all sides. In the centre, there is also an Ajan Temple. You can get here by cutting through little communities and the wilderness. If you visit the Ajan Top, don’t miss the sunset!

Meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal

The place’s nomadic meadows will wow you in a variety of ways. On the boundary of Kumaon and Garhwal, Ali and Bedni Bugyal is about 19-20 kilometres from Lohajung. You will be surrounded by velvet grassland and lush woods of deodar and oak trees to the fullest extent possible. It is also one of Uttarakhand’s most religious locations. There are many snow-capped summits to be found here. You should avoid trekking here during the monsoons since the muddy terrain poses a risk.


Brahmatal, about 14 kilometres from Lohajung, is known as the Lake of Brahma himself. Lord Brahma is said to have meditated here for thousands of years. It is, without a doubt, the premier tourist destination for experiencing and photographing Himalayan scenery. If you visit Brahmatal Trek during the winter, you will notice that the area is completely covered with snow. Camping in tents is the only way to stay, and it’s one of the most memorable experiences for all adventurers.

Chhibila and Kulling Village

On the eastern side of Lohajung, 3 kilometres away, is the lovely town of Chhibila. It is an agricultural community with down-to-earth residents, similar to Wan, and you can surely explore the area for photographic sessions. Kulling, on the other hand, is a little community 5 kilometres from Didna with whitewashed buildings along the slopes. To supplement their income, the majority of the villagers work as guides or porters for the Roopkund.

Best Time to Visit

The weather is spectacular throughout the year, with a white blanket of dazzling snow covering the village in the winter and a tropical environment in the summer. Trekkers frequently schedule their trips around the temperature of the location that best suits them. If you want to enjoy the pleasant temperature and breeze, the best time to visit Lohajung is from March to June, but if you want to see substantial snowfall, you should go from September to November.

Activities in Lohajung:

Due to the high heights and relaxed ambiance, it is ideal for camping and trekking. The natural splendour of the area makes it an excellent choice for camping and staying close to nature. Lohajung is connected to all of the major destinations including Jatropani Peak Trek, Roopkund, Homkund Lake, and Ronti Saddle, making it the best place for trekking.


Staying in busy city locations might become tiresome. When they need a break, they prefer to stay near communities and enjoy the tranquil, inviting atmosphere of the town and village districts. What’s more, the village will serve as a base camp for a number of well-known treks!


This is the spot to go if you want to photograph wildlife or nature. You may capture amazing photos here, whether it’s of the colourful Cholai crops in Lohajung or the green-yellow mustard fields in Chhibila hamlet. Fields and meadows are popular locations for photo shooting.


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