Physical Health and Beat the Competition with Pemf for Horses

PEMF for horses

Pemf for Horses

Pemf for Horses no less risk to their physical health than other professional athletes, including football players, baseball, basketball, skiing, running, cycling, etc. All of these sports fields are subject to significant physical stress and stress.

As with most of us and as a “senior,” I can say that the creaks and rattles come in after a critical physical need at some point, not just that need. Only wear and tear on the body. But also the repetitive stress and minor injuries that die over time. Minor injuries may not be recognized. It may be months or years before we see evidence of these minor injuries.

For this reason, young and aggressive athletes will be competitive, including dancers, and unaware of the amount of physical damage they can do to their bodies over time when you are 15 or 20 years old. / Or danger will soon be restored But may not always be perfect In the mid-1920s, growth factors in our bodies begin to decline and may eventually decline.

Therefore, imbued with the feeling of immortality that youth brought with them, the youth did not realize the extent of the injuries accumulated later. The greatest risk is playing/competing through injury.

That is the highest possible level of competition, even with injuries. The absolute risk is that personal injury or improper work will increase the risk of further injury. At these intersections, the degree of injury may be greater than a minor injury to the more usable body.

All my goals as preventive medicine and holistic physician are to stay healthy. It is my job, I feel the need to educate people about the risks involved in what they do, personally or professionally. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you want. But for that, we need good awareness.

One of my favorite expressions as a caring physician is a Pennsylvania Dutch. “Old too fast, too smart!” Especially the young man who admired the aphorism was too slow afterward. Unfortunately, their coaches and their parents often don’t appreciate it either, being swept away by competitive zeal is essential for them to stay healthy and in the best of health.

In recent decades, as a general practitioner/prevention physician, I have started working on new technologies to improve health. The most important technology of the past 20 years has been the development of pulsed electromagnetic field devices that are portable, non-toxic, and easy to use.

The horses ran to the stable for treatment as they began their own cure. The horses treated with this treatment are known to win races even when injured or even ready to be knocked out.

There is extensive research supporting the use of PEMF for horses in virtually all musculoskeletal disorders. Athletes who have adjusted their physical instruments should use PEMF therapy, not just to treat minor injuries from exercise, training, and/or competition. But also for these activities, why?

PEMFs are transmitted through the body to stimulate all basic structures of the body, regardless of tissue type. They go all the way like the wind blowing through the trees. When passed on, it stimulates cells to generate energy.

Cells will not generate more energy than normal. Unfortunately, sometimes our cells become sluggish and slow down due to injury, inflammation, swelling, and reduced circulation. It’s at the minor injury stage where athletes often don’t appreciate the risk of further injury. But it is the step that is most beneficial.

The trainers understand this. That’s why they offer you exercises, stretching, icing, etc. They are all aimed at reducing inflammation and swelling in the tissues. What if you could do this at home? In the car? On the train? In bed at night? That gives you more personal time while still doing your best to keep your tissues as healthy as possible.

One of the main physiological functions of PEMF is the increase in myosin phosphorylation. This is an incredibly important concept for athletes. Myosin means muscle. Phosphorylase And refers to the development of energy in the muscles ATP is the main energy source in our muscles PEMF increases myosin phosphorylation. Has been significant This means that the muscles work longer, harder, and recover faster from activity.

PEMF Treatment, Health Benefits

PEMF has been a proven successful treatment in numerous studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health. Also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, PEMF is a technique that can be cost-effective to address many medical conditions and it is very easy to understand how PEMF works. The system delivers pulsing pulses to the affected area, creating penetrating energy in the cells to heal you and provide numerous medical benefits.

Over the past decade, physicians studying the PEMF technique have seen tremendous improvements in patients treated with this method. According to research from the National Institutes of Health, a group of 58 people with fractures were tested and the results were above expectations. The success rate of patients treated with this technique was between 75% -77.4% compared to control trials conducted over the same time period, and only about 45% success rates were recognized.

There is clearly a fundamental relationship between living organisms and the magnetic field. In any case, there is enough evidence to support the effectiveness of PEMF from studies conducted and published in medical journals, textbooks, and other sources of information about these findings. The effectiveness of this remedy is indestructible as it is a holistic approach to most medical conditions related to pain.

Another study by Sherman R. and his team, “Double-Blind,” examined the effectiveness of the PEMF technique in controlling pain. They noticed a large number of patients suffering from migraines.

(Medical symptoms of severe headache, nausea, and inability to face light directly) and found that PEMF could reduce pain by nearly 100% during the first month of the trial. 73% of them reported a significant improvement in their symptoms after sustained exposure to PEMF, 45% reported a significant reduction in headache, while 14% registered all headache relief.

Energy medicine, as it is now commonly called, will revolutionize the current form of drug and surgery treatment. The International Journal of Neuroscience makes it very easy. They have shown that a very weak magnetic field in a sense synchronizes with the human brain or heart tissue to create a special metabolic effect in mammalian cells.

Obviously, the Earth’s magnetic force (the Earth’s constant magnetic field) is too strong to initiate this kind of communication. This is where PEMF for horses comes in handy. They show that weak electromagnetic waves tend to change and promote cell alignment, which can stimulate healing and relieve pain.

In addition, it was reported that patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) were able to correct visual and perspective memory simply by being exposed to low frequency and intensity electromagnetic fields. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a disease that causes the victim to lose some of their vision. It disrupts communication between the central nervous system and the eyes. Thanks to the PEMF treatment, problems can be easily solved by exposure to electromagnetic fields.

If you’re wondering: PEMF is a painless procedure and instead of a PEMF session, it will relax you while doing an excellent job along the way. All the patient has to do is lie on the floor of a bed equipped with PEMF, no unnecessary physical activity or movement, plenty of rest, sometimes you will fall asleep during the procedure.


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