Pertaining to FCP Euro

Pertaining to FCP Euro

Since 1999, Stonehenge Capital  has worked at the nexus of finance and community development, providing transformational capital in underserved markets that have aided in the expansion of small businesses in our nation, created jobs for deserving families, and revitalised urban and rural communities. Stonehenge Capital, a thought leader in investing capital, stands apart from other financial institutions since it gives investors significant rewards while simultaneously improving communities. Stonehenge Capital helps a group of seasoned and experienced people collaborate in Baton Rouge, Columbus, New York, Dallas, and other places. The team uses their combined 20 years of knowledge and contacts to provide innovative financial solutions where they are most needed on a national level.

Right now, FCP won’t honour its lifetime warranty.

FCP won’t honour its “lifetime” warranty now that I’ve returned a product. It takes a lot of work to secure a refund, yet it is unacceptable to turn down a return for which permission to return has been obtained. There are many more websites that provide cheaper costs. Without the lifetime return policy, this store would not be profitable. “Customer service” is also not very helpful. There are lots of attitudes but few customer service abilities.

Milford, a Firm

We lacked a bank line. It was during that year that we moved the business to Milford, Connecticut. We relocated into a new building and recruited a material handling system provider to help us design a space that was significantly better for distribution, the business, and the environment of the location. This year, we’ll make about $30 million in revenue and already have more than 50 employees.

Actually, no firm can succeed without strategic connections. According to Drozd, a number of other companies are responsible for the success of FCP Euro “For all supply chain activities, including receiving supplies at the factory and shipping goods out, we have a very strong collaboration with UPS. The cash flow management tools were provided by American Express, who has also been a key supplier for our expansion.

A key strategic partner for us on the inventory side has been New Jersey-based CRP Industries. Integrity Merchant Solutions is the friendliest and most accommodating merchant service provider I’ve ever dealt with. I can reach them at any time by phone or email, and they will do their best to address my worries. They assisted me in enhancing the security of credit card transactions on my website in my capacity as the proprietor of a significant online business, and they have a lot more in-depth understanding of PCI than other processors. Excellent and always looking for new ways to develop my business, their team is great. They have been essential in helping us increase our earning potential and decrease business risk.

Firm To Milford

We had no bank line. In that year, the business was move to Milford, Connecticut. In order to develop a facility that was significantly better for distribution, the business, and the environment of the location, we relocated into a new building and recruited a material handling system supplier. We now have more than 50 employees, and we’ll make about $30 million in revenue this year.

Auto Racing

And we’re currently incorporating a motor sports division into the e-commerce business to accelerate our top line revenue growth, to acquire intellectual property for the vehicles for which we sell the parts, to test the products we stand behind with our guarantee, and to build strategic relationships between our manufacturers and vendors who enjoy competing in motor sports and racing. We’re currently engag in a sizable project.
FCP Euro closes the $25 million financing facility for growth funding.

Drozd believes FCP Euro will keep busting the misconception that maintaining and repairing European cars is expensive. We own and drive European cars, he says, so we know that’s not always the case.Our objective is to adopt a thorough approach, take into account the audience that owns European automobiles in the US and around the world, and examine how we can help to improve the ownership of a European car by assisting owners with maintenance, reducing overall costs, and providing them with information. We want to occupy that mind share as we work to expand the company over the next five years in order to make it possible for consumers to own their vehicles and to hasten the rise of the European mix in the market for both new and used cars.

European DIY Enthusiasts

FCP Euro not only manages a professional motorsports programme but also offers top-notch aftermarket automobile parts in Europe to DIY enthusiasts. The services offered by FCP Euro include a wide range of instructional movies, parts kits that give owners all the parts they need to do maintenance and repairs on their cars, and a lifetime replacement warranty on all parts, including consumables. The fcp euro discount code parts catalogue contains more than 150,000 Genuine, OE, and OEM replacement components. In 2020, FCP Euro, which had annual revenue of more over $100M for the first time, made its seventh placement on Inc. Magazine’s yearly Inc. 5000 list.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 will participate in its debut race around the halfway point of May. There, a BMW M4 GT4 driven by Turner Motorsport and branded with the LIQUI MOLY logo will make touch with the car.
Stonehenge Growth Capital Investment provides financial finance to FCP Euro, a market leader in European aftermarket auto parts, allowing a major online auto parts retailer to expand its Connecticut operations and online presence.

8:00 A.M. EDT on May 1, 2022 | Source: Stonehenge Capital


GLOBEE NEWSWIRE, May 01 2019 — MILFORD, Connecticut Stonehenge Growth Capital announced a new loan investment in FCP Groton, LLC (“FCP Euro”) today. FCP Euro is an online reseller of aftermarket European auto parts geared toward the DIY market. By making the new investment, the Milford, Connecticut-based company will be able to increase headcount, expand its warehouse and facilities, buy equipment for warehouse automation, and take care of other fundamental working capital needs.
that is cutting-edge
It is projected that the company would be able to employ 150 full-time staff. Members by 2023, up from 82 currently. The $7 million investment made by Stonehenge through the Invest CT Program. Will also assist in funding the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the warehouse automation at FCP Euro.

FCP Euro’s Selling Points

With a focus on serving clients who want to handle repairs themselves. FCP Euro provides a significant range of instructional films. A wide range of “kits” are also offered by the company, saving. Customers a tonne of money compared to having their. Automobiles serviced by a shop because they include all the parts required for straightforward fixes. Another one of FCP Euro’s selling points is the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on all of its goods.

Charles E. Haberkorn, Managing Director at Stonehenge, asserts that “FCP is a high-growth e-commerce company with a dynamic management team. That has shown the capacity to accomplish top-line development.” Stonehenge was happy to provide this financing, and we are looking forward to working with the management team. As it executes its ambitious growth plan.

In addition to giving exceptional customer service, FCP Euro is widely known in the area for holding “Cars & Coffee” events on Sunday mornings. Local customers and owners of European cars can park their cars at the FCP Euro facility during these events, meet other car owners, and enjoy free coffee, snacks, and guidance on do-it-yourself projects utilising FCP Euro products.


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