Perfect Solutions to Convert PST files into PDFs Without any Data Loss.


As a technical writer, I know very well what kind of issues are faced by the users, now the problem that technical users are dealing with is searching the simple solutions to convert PST files into PDFs without any data loss. Many, still don’t know the exact method of conversion from PST to PDF without any data loss. So in this blog, you will get the exact method in sequence wise you will get the appropriate solution to your problem. The thing you need to do is to read the blog till the end.

Let’s take a short view of the PDF file format

PDF is known Portable document, PDF is the most favorable file format opt by users. The PDF file contains images, fonts, URLs, tables, and all types of graphics. You can use this file format for personal as well as commercial use.  Mainly users choose this app because this is the safer file format for saving documents. PDF files can be easily viewed on the platform. The PDF files can be easily accessed.


These are the fact below which required for the conversion of PST to PDF

  • Users can easily access PDF files on any platform like desktops, tablets, iPad, mobiles various others.
  • PDF file does not require any other platform to use but PST file requires Outlook to work.
  • Though if talk about its security, PDF files are password-protected files, whereas PST file is not.
  • An authorized user cannot view your PDF file, without your permission.
  • PST files cannot work without Outlook. So in that case you have to convert your PST files into PDF.

We are going to teach you how you can convert your PST file to PDF by 2 different methods of conversion.

Method 1 – Convert PST Files into PDF with the assistance of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Method 2- Converting PST to PDF by Expert Solution Softaken Software PST to PDF Converter Tool.

Manual techniques of converting PST files to PDF formats by Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

We all know that a manual technique is a cost-free solution for migrating PST files to PDF formats. If you do have not another program available to save your data in PDF, in that situation you are required to convert PST to PDF formats by using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Do you know that Adobe Acrobat is a proficient tool for converting PST files to PDF format? This solution is a bit expensive solution. Whereas if you can go ahead with this solution it, prefers a Plug into –Outlook.  For the users who required converting the PST files to PDF format, you have to follow the steps given below.

These are the steps you require to convert PST files to PDF formats using the Adobe Acrobat tab in Outlook:-

  • First, you have to open Outlook and then tap on the Adobe PDF tab in the ribbon bar.
  • You have to choose the Emails which you want to convert.
  • Then you have to select messages in the Adobe PDF tab.
  • From the visible drop-down menu, you have to choose and then create new PDF options.
  • Then a new saving tab will open.
  • Choose the location, and you have to name the PDF files.
  • In the end, you have to Click on the save button.

Drawbacks of this manual technique

Before using this method, you have to know about its drawbacks. Yes, drawbacks this manual method has drawbacks. We have highlighted some of the manual techniques below.

We all know that this manual solution is a bit expensive as well as tricky. Normal technical users cannot operate this method without any technical knowledge. Its operating steps are so confusing even a tech-savvy person cannot operate it very accurately. It consumes much time while convert PST to PDF formats. Whereas you cannot work with the application, because includes minor errors during conversions. To get rid of this solution we have another solution which is a professional tool.

The method that we are going to explain now is a professional as well as an automated solution. You can go with me.

Method 2Convert your PST Files into PDF with PST to PDF converter Software

With the help of a Softaken Software PST to PDF converter Tool, you can convert your PST file to PDF format. There will be error-less conversion. This professional tool is tested by experts, its overall operating steps are so easy that even users with zero technical skills can thoroughly utilize its steps. If have doubts about its functioning then you can go for its free demo version which is available at zero cost to convert some PST files into PDFs. Therefore you make use for personal as well as commercial use. Though if don’t understand it operating system, you can contact its technical team support which is available 24/7 in range to solve your query regarding the software. This tool has many versatile features let’s take a look at them below

There are the steps:-
  • You can save your Outlook emails to PDF in just a few days with the help of this tool.
  • Therefore you can convert your PST file to Outlook successfully.
  • It sustains the conversion of PST files to HTML or MHTML file formats.
  • Smoothly operable on any Window Platform 10 and lower versions.
  • This application can work without Outlook installations.
  • You can choose your desired export PST file to PDF.
  • Then users have free to save their exported PST file at their desired location.
  • It holds your imported data structure after the conversion.
If you wish to export your PST file from PDF by professional techniques you have Highlighted the steps in the below portion
  • First, download the PST to PDF converter on the system.
  • You have to browse the PST files and choose the PST format under the input type.


  • Get a one-time preview of your selected PST files.


  • Visible the designated folder where you want to save your PDF file.


  • Finally, you have hit the finish button.



After reading the above scenarios, now you 100% clear about the exact conversion method of Convert PST files into PDF format. In this blog, we have provided a brief distinction between both manuals as well as professional solutions. So you don’t confuse in opting for the accurate method of transferring the PST file to PDF format. Hereby, now you have sufficient knowledge about the exact method. The main goal of writing this technical blog is to enhance the proper conversion method. We recommend you go for expert advice which is a professional solution. This automation has quite simple steps, which can be operated by the non-professional user without technical training.


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