Past Life PEMF Devices and Vigorous Healing For Health

pemf devices

pemf devices

Past life regression is a pemf devices great indicator of getting people out of life’s problems. Past regression is a powerful recovery method from individual change and growth. However, there is no greater risk than meditation, a powerful tool for self-growth. Unlike meditation, which requires years of self-discipline and practice to produce positive results, past regression can yield results in a relatively short period of time. It is not uncommon for fear to be eliminated or for relationship problems to be resolved in a single session. Both regression and past life meditation are extremely helpful and safe techniques. The only potential risk arising from dives into past lives is from those individuals who are critical to past life regression. Such conviction is often caused by a lack of knowledge.

When you need to have surgery or do something, you can follow chakra balancing steps and energy healing techniques at that point to minimize nervousness, increase relaxation, regulate blood pressure, and regulate breathing.

Chakra balancing is a new wave in the healing process, unlike conventional Western medicine in which the different forms of energy the body produces. (Heat, electricity, magnetism, light, and sound) are routinely calculated by medical devices. They give you information about how your body works and the maintenance of your health. We are all familiar with procedures pemf devices and equipment such as CT scans, EEGs, MRIs, EKGs, lasers, and X-rays that produce one form of energy while measuring another. The findings from these machines determine the type of medical treatment that will be received. Use drugs, surgery, or other medical devices that create the affected area with a pulsed electric or magnetic field.

Energy therapy sees it differently. To get started, a professional practitioner uses a hand to evaluate your energy system. The energy is then transferred directly from the trainer’s hands to your body instead of using machines to stimulate the healing process. In fact, the incidence of electromagnetic energy emitted by doctors’ hands is considered equivalent to the Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Devices (PEMFs) used by modern medicine to accelerate the healing of bones and soft tissues.

Instead of focusing on forms of organic energy, vitality therapy focuses on the energy flow through your body’s anatomy. There are energy centers called chakras, energy lines called meridians, and energy fields known as the “biofield” or aura as a network of information. Coordinates at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual – and helps your body correctly receive, process and disclose information. Vigorous treatment works in harmony with conventional medical care and has the potential to give you relief when all other conventional procedures have failed. Energy healing can help you to have your well-being in a simple and natural way and stay healthy.

How does “electricity” help arthritis?

What has considered a new field for arthritis therapy is the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and electrotherapy known as “electroceuticals”. PEMF is a highly complex electromagnetic field today. It is used to “initiate” the body’s natural inflammatory response in a non-invasive way to heal pain and inflammation and help wound soft tissues heal faster.

Numerous in vitro and clinical studies have shown that electric and magnetic energy has beneficial effects on the healing of connective tissue. This has led to a lot of research in the field of orthopedic surgery. Although modern pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have existed for more than 20 years, they are now becoming the standard of care for the treatment of delayed fractures.

Electromagnetic fields can be transmitted by non-invasive direct electrode placement by capacitive connections (opposing electrodes placed on the skin above the target area) or by inductive coupling (PEMF inducing Electric current in the target area without touching the skin at all)

In a randomized study, Zizic et al. Studied a pulsating electrical device used to treat 78 patients with chronic knee OA through electrodes placed on the skin surface. The treatment worked better than placebo in reducing symptoms and was found to be more effective in symptom-reducing and cost-effective (Zizic TM, Hoffman KC, Holt PA, Hungerford DS, O’Dell JR, Jacobs MA, Lewis CG, Deal CL, Caldwell JR, Cholewczynski JG, et al. Treatment of osteoarthritis with pulsed electrical stimulation. J Rheumatol 22 (9): 1757-61, 1995).

The application of PEMF stimulation for osteoarthritis was supported by additional work by Trock et al. In their trials, 86 osteoarthritis patients received 9 hours of PEMF stimulation using a non-contact device. Over a period of 1 month, up to 36% of patients noticed an improvement in pain and function.PEMF therapy was considered safe. But it should be avoided in pregnant women, patients using persistent pacemakers, and in patients with known cancer (Trock DH, Bollet AJ, Markell R. Spine, reports of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. DH, Bollet AJ, Markell Rheumatol 21 (10): 1903-11, 1994).

Because this treatment is non-invasive in nature, it is an additional weapon in arthritis experts’ arsenal for treating osteoarthritis. It is not yet known where PEMF will fall in the order of treatment. Further experience should clarify this issue.

We are powerful animals!

Our bodies consist of both chemical and electric fields, and we are always as healthy as our cells. Our cells have an electrochemical potential in cell membranes that affect cell membrane permeability. A cell, like an electric battery, may either be charged or depleted. In the depletion state, when the cell membrane electrochemical potential is reduced, the intracellular and intracellular ion chemical transfer is affected. Cells are not easily nourished or properly disposed of due to their depletion.

In natural therapies, we view disease as a tremendous battle between the pathogenic microorganisms and the body’s cells. In the absorption of pathogens, the body’s cells resonate with the pathogens vigorously, then invading microbes enter the cells. In fact, our immune system is determined by how well the cells in our body function and how energetically they are. We now know that the cell membrane vibrates at a certain fundamental frequency and at a certain amplitude. Although diseased cells have a different amplitude of vibration due to their reduced potential. But its frequency remains the same Due to the resonance phenomenon, which can occur due to an active magnetic field or homeopathic correction, this vibration amplitude can be amplified by resonance.

Before contracting a chronic disease, the body was able to function for many years. Cells of the body are no longer able to function at full capacity and perform poorly and exhaustion. Living things strive for balance pemf devices and use a large amount of constitutional energy to maintain the health of their relatives. In order to heal, we need two things: adequate energy and ‘Information on treatment’

From alternative medicine, three methods that meet these requirements can be mentioned and are considered to be powerful medicine (Dr. P. Klaus Connert in Introduction to “Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy” by Dr. C. Thuile, MD. 1998):

Homeopathy – Here the healing information of plants, minerals, animals, etc. is amplified by the process of medicinal activity, thus presented in a human-able form to an energetic level. When applied according to the law of analogy, the drug provides information and energy to the sick person.

Acupuncture – A person’s energy status is determined by his / her history as well as physical examination. The needle is then placed on the control point – acupuncture point – to change the flow of vital energy (chi). Herbs and regulatory exercises can also be prescribed.

Magnetic Field Therapy – The Earth’s magnetic field is vital to us throughout our lives. Because we live in a house filled with a lot of noise and technical electromagnetic fields. (Wireless radios, mobile phones, etc – electric smog), people can no longer absorb this energy sufficiently. Therefore, appropriate therapeutic electromagnetic fields are the basic treatment necessary for both acute and chronic diseases. If a person has enough non-specific energy, many distractions can be easily absorbed through self-control. (Immune system)

“The future of medicine is in energy and data, and this future has already begun” (Dr. P. Klaus Connor).

Today we have entered an era where with machines that use pulsed electromagnetic fields to treat, we can expand the energy fields of each cell and thereby strengthen and protect ourselves from disease. Pulsed therapy, which has been well researched and studied in clinical trials.

How does it work?

Electromagnetic interactions are understood to be the mutual influence of a magnetic field and electric current. This means not only But a magnetic field can be produced by an electric current flowing in a coil. (The principle of these therapy devices), but the magnetic field can generate currents in conductors like the human body. (Human Body Principle) Under ideal conditions, the magnetic field can influence the ionic currents on the cell membranes. (The current in the form of ions flows through the electrochemical potential)

To better explain this phenomenon, we have to talk a little bit about the cells in our body. Despite having a variety of shapes and functions But all cells have a consistent structure. (Cell nucleus, fluid in cell membrane) An essential protein embedded in the cell membrane, which acts as a commode.


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