Passion and Profession? – Understanding the Confusion

Passion and Profession
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Are you confused between passion and profession? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Like you, many other individuals fight the battle between the two. This article will dispel your doubts and help you make the right decision.

But before we get into this discussion, remember;

“Passion and profession are two different sides of the same coin.”

Now please don’t roll your eyes at us like this. Just stay with us, and you will see what we mean.

However, we get your skepticism. Despite all the oft-repeated advice of ‘make your passion your profession, the terms are synonymous only for a few lucky souls. Only one in a thousand can call their vocation a passion. For the rest of us, the one thing driving us to work every day is our passion to not die of hunger (that is, until we can take the pressure and not follow Gregor Samsa into a Kafkaesque reality.)

However, this post is for the fresh (or even old) graduates out there to help them find and follow their true calling without losing touch with reality. So, don’t wait up and read on.

Follow your dreams (or not!)

What is the distinction between a passion and a career, and why can’t they be identical? Ask any kid, and they will tell you passionately what they want to be when they grow up. We know you’d say ‘been there, done that!’ Fair enough! But what happened? If we all had interests to follow, why is nobody happy with their current profession.

What went wrong, Sherlock? Life happened as it always does!

As you grow older, smarter, and mature (hopefully), you understand you don’t always have a choice. No matter what we were told, we are not among the lucky ones.

For example, you might have a passion for literature and thus offer an assignment writing service, but this may not work for everyone. Furthermore, if you have been fortunate enough to even slightly like your profession, you know this can’t be said for all your colleagues. So, why is that?

Money vs Love – the Old-age Battle

Necessities vs passion or career vs interest – there are quite a few different ways to express the same old-age battle. But, unfortunately, life’s harsh realities and wants somehow kill the fire of passion – no matter how strongly it once burnt.

When speaking about hardworking individuals, the incapacity to sell their expertise is the primary reason they quit their passion for pursuing well-paying but sometimes mundane or unpleasant employment.

For many people, the requirement for a consistent and predictable source of money to maintain their family hinders their love for a certain vocation. Unfortunately, this is frequently the case with the poor, for the rich find a way to practice their passions without compromising their wealth.

As naïve everyday men, we become enthusiastic when we hear about celebrities’ triumph experiences, prompted by the most prevalent notion, “If he can do it, I can do it too!”

Maybe you’re right; perhaps you could do it, but don’t be tricked by that 5 – 10 minutes’ YouTube video on their success story. It costs them their lifetime or an outstanding skill to execute this. Are you sure you possess both?

Figuring out the Problems

To emphasize the factors frequently leading to this perplexity are somewhat clichéd. Nonetheless, they leave an impact, and you have to address them if you want to break the cycle. These include the following:

Family Pressure

There are numerous films about families stopping children from following their passion. This causes enormous strain on a person’s emotions, under constant pressure to make money and feed their households. To this end, they take up employment they don’t like.

Communicating this notion through popular movies has proven to relieve this problem by teaching both students and families, most of whom are oblivious of each other’s sentiments.

Lack of Support

Several people are discouraged from following their aspirations due to no educational assistance or proper guidance. Sometimes, they are told they don’t have what it takes to pursue a certain field. Facing this kind of resistance and criticism can break anybody’s spirit and confidence. Thus lack of moral and emotional support is the top reason people fail to follow their dreams.


Insecurity is another crucial reason people quit their passions to pursue a career. Therefore, we must frequently venture outside our comfort zone and discover entirely new and sometimes terrifying alternatives to seek our ambitions.

Quick story time,

Marshall Bruce Mathers III dropped out of Lincoln High School when he was 17 years old. Despite his love for English, he never pursued literature (favoring graphic novels), and he loathed mathematics and social studies. Meanwhile, he took a variety of jobs to assist his mother pay expenses and save enough for his hobby of creating music.

Fast forward to now, and he is one of the best-selling musicians in history, with over 220 million albums sold worldwide. He is also recognized for pioneering hip hop in Middle America and is regarded as one of the best rappers of all time. For the one’s wondering, of course, he’s Eminem.

Marshall battled staunchly doing what he wanted and discovered a means to sell his abilities and promote his enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

The Fact of the Matter

“A degree is beneficial. Complete your education and then do anything you wish.” This is a statement every high school student has heard at some time in their lives.

Tragically, most people pursue professional paths selected for them rather than the ones they’d choose for themselves. This is also because they are often unclear about their passion.

Because one is unsure of one desires, they accept the provided counsel out of an absence of a greater alternative, even though one realizes that’s not what they wish to accomplish.

What to do?

Before you do anything, you must grasp this: if you desire to become a gamer and gain colossal recognition, wealth, and popularity, your goal is not to become a gamer but to become famous and make loads of money.

First and foremost, identify what passion signifies to you. For instance, if gaming is your zeal, you will be content gaming alone since passion does not require acceptance from others.

You don’t need someone to compliment you or approve of what you’re accomplishing. Instead, do it as though it’s simply for your satisfaction and happiness. If you are genuinely enthusiastic about doing something, act accordingly instead of running after fame and money.

Anything you achieve is the result, the final objective.

If becoming a singer is your dream, singing should bring you so much delight you ignore everything else. But, while you are at it, you can let UK Essay Writers manage your assignments and other academic writing commitments. So, put forth time, money, and effort for what you want to achieve.

All in All – The Conclusion

Is it always necessary to choose between passion and profession? Can’t they go synonymously? This necessitates a solid commitment to your dreams, as well as bravery, intellect, and tenacity. A person’s desire should be unwavering. Yet, we frequently give up on following our ambition for the sake of income or stability.

Did the world’s elites make bargains on their passions? No, they didn’t, then why should you?

But keep in mind mindlessly pursuing your passion is not a strategy. Instead, discovering, recognizing, and working hard towards your true passion is the long-term answer.



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