Our Family Trip To Uttarakhand


The unrivaled grandeur of the Himalayan peaks and the peaceful atmosphere of Uttarakhand entice visitors from all over the world. This area is known for its hiking routes and charming villages, and it provides a delightful experience to all of its guests. Nothing about Uttarakhand makes it seem like a fantastic tourism destination. We have visited several places, but Uttarakhand remained unexplored. We ultimately decided to take a family trip to Uttarakhand after much research and planning. We didn’t see any other trip organizer in mind because we previously knew about Wallet-Friendly Uttarakhand Tour Packages of  Lock Your Trip. We couldn’t think of another trip organizer because we were already familiar with LYT‘s outstanding packages.


Wheather In Uttarakhand


The temperature must be approximately 14°C – 30°C when we arrived in Uttarakhand in March. Summer offers with it a plethora of spectacular natural beauty, as well as an undeniable sense of freshness in Uttarakhand. The weather was calm  and  beautiful, and according to other travelers the temperature is always just appropriate for a journey here. The winter frost has dissipated, the flowers have begun to bloom, and it is the moment to rejoice. Stop and  take in the unspoiled beauty that has been served when you’re on a plate. This is a season for life, beauty, and romance, even if you’re a trekker or traveling Uttarakhand to spend time with someone important.


Why you should visit now: Summer when the weather is ideal and the scenery is breathtaking. Several must-see locations may now be crossed off your wishlist.


Know before you visit: Summer is the peak tourism period in Uttarakhand, so expect a large number of visitors. To minimize disappointment, get your tickets in a place where you will get in hurry and make sure you got you vaccination.


Tips: Although the weather is beautiful, the sunlight is still very strong. When you go outside, wear sunscreen.


Highlights Of Our Family Trip To Uttarakhand


We had a fantastic day in the woods, just as we had hoped. We had a great time trying out different activities and seeing tourist spots. Wishing for so much excitement, we’re here to share our most memorable moments.


  1. Paragliding In Nainital


We all were looking forward to some adventure, and what can be better than paragliding? Even if it was a bit frightening at first, the professional personnel made certain that all of our fears were dispelled. Overall, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone. Although paragliding wasn’t for the faint of heart, we all had a great time. To be honest, we are all so engaged in our urban life that we lose out on opportunities like this.


  1. Enjoying Safari In Jim Corbett Jungle


Following that, we went to Jim Corbett National Park, where the forest was very lush green and gorgeous. We were able to observe a variety of animals and birds, but on two occasions, we missed tiger sightings by seconds. We also went for a short hike up a hill, which led us to a quite old Shiva temple in Kausani. We went to a nearby restaurant after receiving blessings at the temple and had a really amazing dinner.


  1. Getting Swayed In Auli


The climate in Auli was awesome we had a ropeway ride which took us to the highest peak to visit an artificial lake constructed with technical help from an Italian Firm. Whereas, we had a memorable time while trying out tons of experiences in Auli. And honestly, it is not something we get to do every day. So, whatever we did or tried was altogether a new and wonderful experience for me and my family.


Shopping In Uttarakhand


We were having a great time on our family trip to Uttarakhand, and shopping was one of our favorite activities. We purchased a variety of products from Wangli Arts, including warm clothing and Vastu materials. Handicrafts were another something we bought in large quantities. In Uttarakhand, there are a number of marketplaces where tourists may find all of these items. Bada Bazaar and Tibetan Market are two of the biggest marketplaces to visit if you’re looking for woolens, handicrafts, or other mementos. There are more items to buy that looks wonderful.


Hotels In Uttarakhand


We stayed in four different hotels over our eight-day, seven-night trip. Our first place of stay was the Corbett View Resort, which was a decent hotel with excellent meals. Next, we slept in Natures Valley Resort in Kausani, which was fantastic in every way. However, we believed that our Auli lodging, Blue Poppy Resort Auli, needs a little more cleaning and greater employee management. The meals offered at the resort, on the other hand, were really fantastic. We stayed at Royal Rossette for the remaining two days of our trip to Nainital, which was likewise a brilliant experience for us.


Things To Carry


If you’re planning on an 8-day vacation as we did, you’ll need to bring a lot of stuff. Here is one of the most important items to have with you:


  • Binocular camera 
  • Sun protection cream 
  • Power bank/extra phone charger 
  • Mini medical kit 
  • Mask and sanitizer


Personal Thoughts


The vacation was, of course, thrilling and amazing, with a dash of adventure tossed in for good measure. The awful pace of urban life is marked by impatience and boredom, both of which conspire to sever the vital link that connects man to nature. Trips like this let you let go of months of tension while also allowing you to feel the loving embrace of nature. It is then that you find the pleasures you think you had entirely forgotten in the small things. Things like stumbling over a stone, rubbing raw dirt in your hands, and listening to the chirps and whistles of birds and insects while allowing the surroundings to bring about perfect tranquility to your exhausted, cluttered mind. This is exactly what my wonderful family vacation in Uttarakhand accomplished for me. Whereas, it is something that will be treasured for a long period.

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