Order of applying skin care product


“The function of the skin is to protect the skin. to filter out foreign matter At the same time, skin care contains various nourishing ingredients. that we want to add to the skin But even if the skin care formula is effective and how well the particles are absorbed If the paint is not in the hierarchy Your skin will not be nourished to the fullest.”

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For example, if you have inflammatory acne But you apply moisturizer first and then apply acne gel. As such, the salicylic acid mixture It can’t work properly because it is covered by the cream. Also, timing is equally important. If you switch or use skin care during the day and night May adversely affect the skin, such as in the same acne drug case. If you use it during the day When the skin is exposed to strong sunlight There is a high risk that the skin will be stimulated to burn.

The rule of thumb is to look at the function of the skincare. From cleaning, nourishing, to protecting the skin. and mainly stick to the concentration of texture starting from light to heavy or from clear liquids to oils and creams

“Generally, from light meat to heavy meat. And it’s very important that the skin care ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants in the serum. should be absorbed first. Followed by skin care products that coat the skin like emollients to keep the moisture in the cream,” Dr. Rogers suggests. Here, let’s take a closer look at the hierarchy between day and night.


During the day, focus on adding water to moisturize the skin. And protect the skin from sunlight, pollution and various skin-damaging factors as a basis. During this period should refrain from using harsh skin care products. that stimulates skin renewal

At night, focus on keeping your skin moisturized as well. Add skin care to help solve specific problems. and repair the skin


Step 1: Cleanser

In the morning, even when the skin is not so dirty But washing your face with plain water isn’t enough. Skincare guru Paula Begoun recommends choosing a cleanser based on your skin type. “Water doesn’t help wash out the oil. In the morning, use a cleanser to wash off what you applied the night before. The skin will be clean and ready to receive new nutrients.” If you wear makeup, you must use makeup remover first as well. followed by a cleanser

Step 2: Toner

It is considered an optional whether to use it or not. Look at the skin type after washing your face. Because traditional toners are designed to help cleanse the skin to the next level. and helps to balance the skin after using the cleanser Which keeps the skin clean, but it’s dry and tight. But nowadays, there are many new cleanser formulas that help balance the skin in the body. At the same time, toners come in a variety of formulas. and add skin care ingredients as well Be careful not to choose a toner that contains alcohol. Because it will make the skin dry.

Step 3: Treatment Essences and Treatment Lotion

It is also considered an optional, simply, this is a slather that is an added step to help prepare the skin to be moisturized and ready for the next step of nourishment. and help nourish the skin as the first step with a light water texture Combined with the nature of use that requires fingertips to gently dab all over the face, thereby stimulating circulation in the skin.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Dermatologist Annie Chiu recommends applying eye cream from your early 20s both day and night regularly. “There is no miracle eye cream that gives results overnight. Applying eye cream is a matter of curbing the skin around the eyes from sagging. If used regularly for a long time It will help prevent wrinkles and reduce the loss of collagen.”

Step 5: Serum

Serum is a skin care packed with the most active ingredients to nourish the skin. Therefore, this step should not be skipped. Recommended to have a moisturizing serum to add water to the skin as a base serum both day and night. then supplemented with other serums according to age and according to skin condition needs During the day, Dr. Rogers recommends using an antioxidant serum as well. because it provides comprehensive results, both reducing skin inflammation Protect your skin from UV rays and pollution, while at night is the time when the body and skin prepare to repair various parts. while we sleep Therefore, serums or treatments that address specific skin problems should be used. These often contain stronger ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, peptides such as anti-aging serums. Serum to reduce dark spots Serum stimulates skin renewal, peeling sheet, acne medication and should be observed according to the skin condition at that time.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Because our skin all have to go out to be exposed to the sun. hot weather and other factors That helps to pull moisture in the skin away. And even though the body produces lubricants and oils to coat naturally But all skin types, even oily skin, need extra moisturizer anyway. to maintain moisture levels within the skin which is the basis of healthy skin Some moisturizers can be used both day and night. Usually has a light gel to gel cream texture. Some of the more concentrated ones are suitable for use at night. to help coat and reduce water evaporation However, in people with very dry skin Can be supplemented with oil before applying the cream again.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Another important step is indispensable for the daytime. Instead, use a chemical sunscreen or a physical sunscreen. Dr. Rogers suggests using the latter is better because “chemical sunscreens take time to be absorbed. into the skin to see results Therefore, if you apply this sunscreen after the moisturizer, it will be difficult to get through.” For this reason, mineral sunscreens reflect light off the skin, which often uses zinc as the main ingredient, is an option. more suitable It is also safe and provides a more comprehensive protection against UVA and B rays. But if you need to use a chemical sunscreen It is advisable to choose a formula that contains moisturizing substances in it. and skip the moisturizer step at all.


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