Opus X 2020 Dubai for Sale: What’s In


Did you know about Opus X 2020 Dubai for sale? Yes, now you can take advantage of the best Opus X Cigars for sale offers in Dubai.  The Opus X is a cigar that has marked its entry into the industry. Finding one of the first non-Cuban brands to be counterfeited has always been challenging. We also understand that it is the first Dominican cigar to be sold with a Cuban seed coat, which was not thought possible. Today it is relatively common to see a Dominican cigar, but in 1995 it was practically a myth.

Opus X 2020 in Dubai for sale: Opus X Double Crown 01

Legend has it that in the Opus X factory, they only make 75 cigars a day and that they are also cigars that must be aged in the purest cigar style. The cigar is almost a year old in my humidor (a week less than a year), and it is a little uneven in appearance. It feels relatively light and fluffy, at least closest to the foot, but lacks any oiliness. The truth is that we love the escalated aromas of the layer, which include stable, vanilla, walnuts, and leather. In contrast, cold puff and cinnamon, leather, wood, peanuts, and coffee are appreciated on foot.

Opus X cigars for sale: Opus X Double Crown 02

The Opus X starts with smoother floral note flavors in the aftertaste. There is also a notable presence of pepper in the first third, and it is after about 10-15 tokes, we begin to appreciate the flavor that includes walnuts, dark chocolate, and wood. The quality of the shot also varies, and the amount of smoke is decent, but with low density. The cigar burns very quickly, and that “fluffiness” that you noticed in the cold cigar feels like it affects you.

Opus X Cigars For Sale: Opus X Double Crown 03

Here, Opus X shows several changes, some for the better and others not so much. The same floral notes are appreciated in the aftertaste but much softer than in the first third. On the palate, flavors of meat crust, coffee, wood, and nuts are appreciated, while the smoke finally becomes denser, and this is achieved.

Opus X Cigars For Sale– Opus X Double Crown 04

Halfway through the cigar, you get to appreciate a hint of pepper in the aftertaste with a pepper flavor. The burn line continues to maintain its outlandish variations, and the overall intensity of the cigar is in the lower half.

Opus X Cigars For Sale: Opus X Double Crown 05

The dominant floral note in the aftertaste and flavors of wood, stable, leather, and walnuts on the palate is what this Opus X is about. The aftertaste pepper surges, but it is still relatively light, and the cigar does not show more significant nuances or touches that lead to sweetness, which would enhance those flavors a bit. The burn line itself has become conventional, and it is felt that the smoke’s draft and density have improved.

In terms of flavors, gradations, intensities, and novelty, it was perhaps a very impressive cigar when it came out in the mid-90s. Still, since then, the market and products have improved a lot and have achieved the quality of this cigar with greater availability and greater availability. Look for Opus X 2020 Dubai for Sale at a much lower price here.

Opus X Shark: who is the creator?

Carlito Fuente decided in the early nineties to try to grow bracts in the Dominican Republic. It was something strange and impossible. In 1992, the first cover leaves, from a special seed Fuente had helped to develop, were planted on Fuente’s Chateau de la Fuente plantation. The experiment, originally named “Project X from Planet 9”, was successful. And in 1995, the first Opus X was released on the market in ultra-limited numbers. The cigar won a blind tasting in the newly started magazine Cigar Aficionado shortly afterward.

Opus X is a Dominican cigar made from 100% Dominican tobacco. The tobacco in the post is stored before it gets a short stay of a few months in oak barrels used for rum. After rolling, the finished cigars are stored in Spanish cedarwood for a year before packed in boxes and released on the market. The production of Opus X, together with Anejo, is separate from the rest of Fuente’s production, and only the most skilled hands come into contact with the tobacco of these cigars. In addition to all this, Arturo Fuente has been the best-selling brand in the US for years, and a majority of critics consider its Opus X line as the most advanced range of premium cigars in the world.

Nothing valuable is done in a dash. This hypothesis works in the premium cigar industry and is well known to all of us who are dedicated to the noble trades of tobacco. In the case of Arturo Fuente’s tobacco family, its history is an example of resistance and resilience in the face of the obstacles that have made it, more than a century after its creation, the most respected, recognized, awarded premium cigar brand. Opus X Shark collection is valued globally in the artisanal cigar industry.

Did you know?

Arturo Fuente’s tobacco family is also one of the largest producers of premium cigars in the Dominican Republic. The Fuente family has earned the deep respect and admiration that it now receives and is grateful for at each public appearance and private reception. The fortune he enjoys today is not the result of chance: in all his cigars, there is a part of his heart and soul, but there is also a story of sweat and tears, those shed by family members who do not know they bowed to nothing or anyone and whose effort, quality and courage catapulted them to fame and glory.

Currently, Carlito Fuentes Jr, accompanied by his daughter Liana Fuente, and his sister, Cynthia Fuente, manage the operations of the legendary Arturo Fuente brand, which continues to introduce new lines using its exclusive Dominican tobacco. With a production of around 30 million cigars each year, the brand has reached the top of the premium tobacco industry after a titanic fight against the circumstances of life that can only be won when you genuinely believe in what you do and, does it better than the rest.

Opus X Shark

From the beginning, Opus X Sharkis loaded with a strong dose of pepper, a little dry, and while it is heated, these flavors intensify. The first 10 minutes are on fire is better concentrated and begins to burn more slowly. Now and then, a hint of caramel is felt.

Opus X Shark’s flavor is much more intense. The flavor is not a differentiating element, although it is perfect and with intense flavors. The ash tends to open like a flower, which seems strange, although a review on the internet indicates that it is a trend of the Opus X Shark. After 25 minutes, the burn is relatively slow, the flavors are more concentrated, and the sensation is more intense. Coming to an end, the tobacco dissolves on its own. The ash also begins to warp a bit, making the overall taste of the tobacco very mild.



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