Online schooling role in flexibility of work for parents

Boosting Parent’s Work Flexibility

As a parent, one of many drawbacks of being far from family is missing out on their children’s day to day lives. Online schooling is a blessing for those who were forced to work away from their families for months, or even years, at a time.

Prioritising quality, affordable education and being close to your little ones can be a very difficult choice. We live in different situations; here’s a look at some situations parents typically find themselves in, and solutions as to how online schooling can help. 

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“There are no good schools where I work!”

This is a major concern, and one that many parents echo. Your child deserves the best education, no matter where they are. 21K School’s prerogative is to ensure that every child has access to the best education possible.

There are numerous advantages of virtual online schools, but the main among them is that students can study from anywhere in the world. Whether your job requires you to relocate your family to Zambia in Africa or if you are in charge of windmill projects in remote villages, your child will always have access to an online virtual school. All your child needs to be part of the 21K School is an internet connection and smart device. 

“I get transferred every two years”

Bank employees, corporate employees, defence service people and government employees all work jobs that often require them to transfer to entirely new cities, states and sometimes even countries. Relocating a family can be extremely costly; and while the move alone is tough, transferring schools can be especially hard on children. School transfers can also get complicated, requiring transfer certificates. New schools may ask for donations and security deposits, making it financially tough for parents.

Another advantage of online schools like 21K School is that you don’t need to worry about school transfers. Your child won’t have to get used to a new school and every time you get a transfer. Once you’ve paid your online school fees, your child has the security of a school that moves with them, wherever they go. Another advantage of online schools is that your child has exposure to various cultures and norms, which means it becomes easy for them to fit into new environments.

“I work night shifts, waking up early and sending the kids to school is very taxing”

Parents that have to work night shifts or shifts that change every week or month can find it especially hard to get their kids ready for school, pack a lunch and make sure they get on rickety school buses safely. Parents like this will definitely see the advantages of online schools. You can’t ignore the scheduling advantages of online schools. 21K school gives parents and students options of morning or afternoon classes.

Without time wasted on travelling to and from schools, little ones in nursery classes have an hour of effective live classes either at 9:30 in the morning or at 11:30, recorded classes can be viewed as per your convenience.

Kindergarten kiddies can either attend their live classes at 9:30 am or at 2:30 pm. Primary, online middle school and online high school students have two options as well, live classes in the morning or at 1:30 in the afternoon.

You can create a schedule around your work for live classes. 21K school will take the responsibility of ensuring they are engaged and curious enough to learn the rest of their syllabus.

“I’m so busy with work, I barely get to spend time with my kids”

Parents in this situation will see the advantages of online schools. We all work very hard to ensure our children have a good future, that their education is taken care of and that they are safe. Busy parents often miss out on spending time with their beloved little ones, which just isn’t right.

A major advantage of online schools is that they offer flexibility. Your child only has to attend a few hours of live class, and you can pick the time slots. This means you can dedicate a few hours every day to spend with your world.

Thoughtful online schools, like 21K School, offer recorded classes and fun games and activities to help parents and children bond, which can be done at your convenience. 21K School has excellent extracurricular activities and special classes, like music and art meant specifically to give parents time to spend with their kids.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child the best education

Enrol your children with 21K School and take advantage of the online school, for your child’s future. 


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