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online quran classes for kids
online quran classes for kids

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Non-Muslims have often raised this question that why Muslims are so conscious about Quran and so respectful towards it. It can be difficult for them to understand the importance of the Quran, the never-altering word of Allah. Online Quran classes for kids.

Quran is not just merely a book in Arabic that Muslims read and recite, it is the complete guide for Muslims on how to live their lives, what will happen to them after death, what will be Day of Judgment like. All these questions and many others related to everyday issues are discussed in detail in the Holy Book.

The holy Quran regulates our lives with proper rules and regulations that make a Muslim completely different from other non-Muslims. It tells us about all the rights and duties, about past and future, a detailed history, about blessings and punishments for our good and bad deeds, about prophets, about angels, about the demon, about his self (Almighty Allah), about paradise and hell, about all of this universe.

As the Holy Quran is a complete book of knowledge sent by Allah to all of his believers, the learning of the Quran is so important for a Muslim with proper grammar and pronunciation called Tajwid, with a complete understanding of what Allah is telling us in his verses.

Main teachings of the Quran

Learning of Quran impacts one’s life in many ways.

  1. Its teachings keep us away from every sort of violence and push us to spread peace.
  2. Teaches about the manners to be followed in our daily lives.
  3. Teaches us to give rights to all human beings around us or to which we are responsible.
  4. Gives great emphasis to gaining and spreading knowledge.
  5. Tells us the importance of all relations.
  6. Teach us about all the methods and importance of worshipping.
  7. Discourages us from devoting our lives to envy and competition.
  8. Teaches us gratitude, enhancing our joy in the world.
  9. Builds unity in the ummah.
  10. Teaches us to be faithful to our employers while not compromising our obedience to Allah.
  11. Teaches us to be truthful.
  12. Obliges us to be fair and honest in our dealings with others.
  13. Inspires us with a love for the beauty of nature.
  14. Discourages racism, showing us how Allah judges us according to our righteousness alone.
  15. Unites people of many cultures.
  16. Shows us the folly of violence.
  17. Helps us focus our minds on what’s most important.
  18. Encourages intellectual integrity.
  19. Gives us examples of heroically righteous men, women, and children.
  20. Obliges us to be clean.
  21. Prevents us from committing shirk.
  22. Compels us to remember Allah always.
  23. Dispels sadness, fear, anger, and worry just by the hearing of a recitation.
  24. Aids us in decision making.
  25. Exhorts us to care for the weak, the poor, those with challenges, the vulnerable, the young, and the aged.
  26. Changes us in positive ways, transforming us into the persons Allah created us to be.
  27. Exhorts us to remove ourselves from the countless distractions of worldly life to spend time alone with our creator, praying and reflecting on His words.
  28. Gives us hope of a beautiful reward.

The key message of the Holy Quran

The key message brought by the Quran is to believe in One God and not to associate partners with Him, to stay away from sins, and to lead a life devoted to earning God’s pleasure. All Prophets taught about life after death and gave glad tidings of paradise for those who obey God, but warned of punishment in hell for those who choose to disobey Him. Continued It is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God. It comprises the unaltered and direct words of God, revealed through the Angel Gabriel, to the final Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) some 1400 years ago. Islam is a continuation of the teachings of previous Prophets, some of whom were also given divine books.

The rights of the Quran upon Muslims

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said

“Recite the Quran, because it will come on the Day of Judgement and intercede for its people.”

We, the Muslims claim that Quran has rules to regulate our lives according to the orders of Allah. We know that it is a written rule book for us, it is a guidance for us in each and every matter of our life. But this is not the only thing for which Quran matters for. Quran will be a proof of our deeds on the day of judgment as the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said,

“Cleanliness is half of faith and ‘Alḥamdulillāh’ fills the scale, and ‘SubḥānAllāh’ and ‘Alḥamdulillāh’ fill all that is between the heavens and the earth, and prayer is a light, and charity is proof of one’s faith and patience is brightness, and the Qur’ān is a proof for you or against you.”

Quran is not a book that we just keep aside in our houses, it has the right to be focused. We must recite our Holy Quran on daily bases and it’s our duty to understand it with deep concentration. We, the Muslims claim that Quran has rules to regulate our lives according to the orders of Allah. Because without giving it time, Quran will not give any statement in our favor on the day of judgment nor we will be able to achieve Allah’s blessings and love.

Learn Quran online by online Quran classes

Online classes of Quran, removes all the hurdles between you and your Quran learning. If someone is facing timing issues or travelling problems or unavailability of any Quran teaching institute then all these problems are to be flown away. We, the Muslims claim that Quran has rules to regulate our lives according to the orders of Allah. With the online Quran learning by online classes you can schedule classes according to your time with a teacher of your own choice. Online Quran learning is also very good for school going students because with this facility students can easily manage their both studies efficiently. Visit Our website for further details ” Online Quran Classes For Kids



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