Office moving: How to make process super easy

Office moving: How to make process super easy

Is your current office too small? Is your lease up? Are you looking to close your business permanently and move furniture and other accessories to a warehouse?

And if you lived in Canada you may want to know how to ship furniture across Canada?

These problems will serve as the basis for creating a plan and a detailed proposal for your move. We’ll always suggest the best and most consistent solutions.

The clearer you can be about your requirements, the greater chance that everything will go as you want. Experts can offer specialized advice, which is a benefit.


Moving companies will ask you these key questions:

 The destination

If you are moving your office within the same area, city, or region, Perfect Timing Moving will help you with your office removals.

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The complexity and timing of the move

Yours may be a complicated move that takes a long time to complete. All requests are welcome, even those that were created after the Covid-19 crisis.

Smart working has become a standard way to work for many people, thanks to the introduction of new regulations. Many corporate offices have been challenged by its rapid consolidation in many business realities. A shared office is often ineffective due to the widespread and new way of working remotely.

Although it may be premature to discuss the end of traditional common workplaces, it makes it difficult and uncertain for companies to consider the future. This makes it hard to find solutions for office transfers in the short term. It might be too quick to reduce the space.


Additional Requests

If you have additional requests, such as a paper archive, digital archiving, or furniture disposal, moving companies can help you with that.



The moving companies will inspect your space to ensure the best possible outcome. They will inspect your space and determine the specificity and number of items to be moved. After our inspection, they will provide you with a detailed quotation.

There are many removals that can be done, and it is important to carefully evaluate the equipment being used. Moving companies offer a variety of vehicles for all types of transportation, including the transport of heavy objects and pantograph platforms.

It is not necessary that you know what you will require in advance. The moving companies’ experts will help you understand your needs and determine the best way to move.


We get asked the most common questions: How long does it take for an office to be moved? When should you move? It depends. Every move has its timescales. However, we will work with you to determine them in advance so that you can respect those times.

Moving companies can be more specific about when. It is possible to do it whenever you wish. We try to arrange office removals for weekends because we want to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with work.

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