Nokri Job board wordpress theme

nokri job board wordpress theme

Nokri Job board wordpress theme

A job board WordPress theme is a template for many online job board websites. It is where employers publish their job vacancies. While on the other hand, workers or job seekers use the Job board to find their dream job. Usually, many of these job board WordPress themes offer many features to their users. Furthermore, this platform allows its user to either post any traditional job. In short, this Job board word press theme platform connects employers with its workers from all around the world. In return, all this can benefit you in the form of commissions you get from both sides.

This theme comes in many types with different shapes and sizes. This Job board theme comes under the category of “online Job boards.”

Benefits of using job board WordPress theme 

These themes are valuable tools for creating Job boards.

1-Advertising tools

 Employers from all around the world can get their suitable workers only from these websites. Further, these websites contain many user-friendly options. All of this makes these websites perfect for different kinds of ads.

2-Features of resume database

As many job board websites created by job board WordPress theme have “built-in resume developer option in them.” Following this feature, many of the job board themes have a resume scoring option. Indeed, this is according to anyone’s skills mentioned on their resume.

3-Employer can make his brand on job board WordPress theme 

it helps many employers to create their pages. So basically, on this page, they make their own company with its helpful features. Furthermore, creating this kind of page attracts many skilled workers that are best fit for work. All new parts of the company are in the “data section’ available on the front page.

How to install Job board-related themes.

Lastly, anyone can install the job board WordPress theme by following four basic steps. 

Step 1: install word press setup

Step 2: Get the plugin

Step3: Configuration 

Step4: Put up a Job listing 

job portal wordpress theme

job portal wordpress theme

job portal wordpress theme is another awesome premium theme made by WordPress. This theme helps to make a Job website where recruiters and job hunters meet each other. Furthermore, this theme is very suitable for creating any Job listing platform to run a human resource and management system. Additionally, this includes options specific to any job-related website. For instance, this theme has options like Job posting, registration forms, application processes, customs forms, etc.

 Besides, the website owner can earn money by getting a commission from every deal on its website. It is essential to choose a perfect theme like the “job portal wordpress theme” for your job portal website.

Reasons to buy job portal wordpress theme

job portal wordpress theme Provides many options to its users, which help them install a complete Job website setup. These features are listed below

 1-Demo accounts

job portal wordpress theme provides a separate user demo account for candidates and employers. Moreover, there is also a different dashboard for them.

2-Amazing Core features

job portal wordpress themes have all the essential features for job listings. Like for instance, there is a  search option available.

This option helps website users to find their desired job. Furthermore, there is an option of “Job suggestion.” This option suggests its users to different kinds of available jobs. Plus, this suggestion is on users’ resumes and job interests.


job portal wordpress themes have a woocommerce option installed in them. Besides, this function can help to monetize your Job Portal easily.

4-Email notification

Users have been notified about their actions through email.

6-Social Media login

Website users can quickly login through their social media account to an online job board website made with job portal wordpress themes.

7-Resume build Up

Users looking for a Job can easily make their separate profiles. Furthermore, there is a Profile buildup plugin available in this theme. This plugin helps users to create or edit their profiles. Plus, users can also upload their CV and cover letters.

In short, this theme has all the options available to facilitate the users of the website. If users have good experience on your website, you will earn more money.

Nokri-Job board is another headway development made by the Job board of word Press. nokri job word Press theme can help anyone willing to create his Freelancing platform. 

This theme design has a separate instruments control panel for employers and workers. It helps a lot to manage any website easily.

nokri job board was developed on 18 October 2018. Interestingly, it is compatible with many browsers, for example, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. This theme has an option for users of ios as well as for android. 

Features of nokri job board

A brilliant option for job hunting

As the nokri job board provided many filters in the search box. Furthermore, All these filters like widgets base search

2-Admin can earn money by posting a job

on the Nokri-job board WordPress theme; it is straightforward for the admin to create different categories for different jobs. Which admin can sell each of his category jobs to earn money 

4-Built in Resume Management option

There are options available to arrange resumes in order. Order is made in ranking, enlisting the most suitable candidate on top and then moving downward. 

5- Account Verification

This feature saves its user from any fraud or con. Nokri-job board WordPress theme has a built-in account verification system. 

6-Multiple Currency option

There is no limitation on the use of specific currency. An employer free to pay a worker any money he wants. 

7-Email Templates and Translation theme built-in

Nokri-job board WordPress theme provides users with different kinds of email templates. Furthermore, It can translate and language with word press support. 

8-Dash Board Notification and Invoice generation

Dashboard notifications will help the worker with his job application proceedings. ‘Print invoice’ is a slip showing all the transactions and records. 

In short, the nokri job board is the best option for making an online job board platform.

nokri job board wordpress theme 

nokri job board wordpress theme  refers to the premium WP Job manager theme that is hacked. In other words, nokri job board wordpress theme  has specific modified codes available in it, which makes it different from the original version of the WordPress theme.

nokri job board wordpress theme  is free of cost and only gets from a third party. Besides, this third party has no connections or contact with the original author or creator of the WP Job manager theme. Furthermore, it works without a license key, and it is not legal as well.

Properties of nokri job board wordpress theme  

nokri job board wordpress theme  is the same as the premium one, which very lightweight plugin that is a short code base and easy to use. Furthermore, they work in CSS style along with a simple setup. Here users can customize their job listing. This customization includes adding, managing, and categorizing Job listings.

In addition to this, on WP Job manager, nulled users can analyze job listing layouts and methods. Plus, there is an add-in plugin option also available in it. This plugin contains many features that are very useful as recruitment tools. Furthermore, it also reduces the time and resources of the website owner. Plus, it helps to engage all users on the website by sending them notifications through emails.

Codes provide options like job listing, job submission form, and employer log. Lastly, all registered and logged-in employers can make any changes in their job listing. Like for instance, an employer can view, mark, edit or delete its job listing.

Is nokri job board wordpress theme  safe to use

They might be an easy way to establish your website, but it is unsafe for your website. Furthermore, it may carry malware and can hack your website. The owner of the website can also face some legal proceedings if the original developers file a complaint.




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