NIOS And Homeschooling: Here’s What You Need To Know

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The education system in India is highly competitive. Parents who want their children to succeed often choose the traditional schooling option even though both NIOS and homeschooling have received a lot of media attention. 

You might be wondering about the difference between NIOS and homeschooling — or whether you should explore both options. No matter what, this article will guide you and help make all your decisions easier.

What is NIOS?

National Institute of Open Schooling or the NIOS offers homeschooling courses for students who wish to study from home. Founded in 1989 by the Government of India, the NIOS has now grown into one of the best educational institutions in the country.

NIOS’s innovative curriculum and flexibility have two different streams: 

  • The Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) is equivalent to a 10+2 level of education.
  • The Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) is equal to an 8+2 level of education.

School students who wish to pursue a career later can take these courses up.

What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling or home education is an alternative form of schooling wherein parents teach their children at home rather than sending them to a formal school or an academy. 

Homeschooling has become more popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic and appealed to parents as an alternative to formal school education.

How do you get started with NIOS and homeschooling?

  • Research

Do a lot of research about the subject before diving into it. Read books, blogs and articles on both homeschooling as well as NIOS. 

Watch videos from experts in the field and gather as much information as possible so that you can make informed decisions while planning your homeschool curriculum.

  • Find out what’s best for you and your kid

The best way to do this is by taking an assessment test or quiz to determine what subjects your child is good at or aptitude for. 

You can also use these tests to determine what subjects they may have difficulty grasping quickly or need more time to understand completely. 

You can also use these assessments to assess the quality of education imparted by the school they are currently attending.

  • Seek tools and resources that you would need

After considering all these factors, start looking for tools and resources. They can help you decide about homeschooling methods that would be right for you and your child.

You can use different kinds of methods like online tutoring services. They can prove helpful when trying to catch up with other kids who have been in school since early. Even just mastering certain subjects like maths or science before moving on to other topics such as history.

Benefits of NIOS and homeschooling

Under the NIOS’s innovative curriculum and flexibility, homeschooling is the perfect educational alternative for parents who want to avoid the traditional schooling system. It allows students to be more independent and also allows them to explore subjects that interest them.

The following are some benefits of NIOS and homeschooling:

  • A chance to learn at one’s own pace

Many people have different learning styles, and even though many schools offer individualised learning, not all schools have this kind of facility. 

For example, it can be challenging to keep up with other students if you are a slow learner. They will move to another subject while you still need more time on the previous topic. 

It is better to choose an alternative education option like NIOS or homeschooling in such cases. These programs allow each student to learn at their own pace without being pressured by other students around them who are passing through different topics quickly. 

  • Affordable tuition fees

The NIOS offers affordable tuition fees for its courses. Students can register for any class without paying too much money as the government fixes the costs. 

The fee structure changes annually according to the total budget allocated by the government. There is no fee in some states like Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh!

  • No age restrictions

There are no age restrictions on enrolling in NIOS courses, which means that adults can register if they want to pursue their education. 

Adults who have never been able to complete their studies due to lack of money or other reasons can now pursue them through this institution.

  • More flexible than traditional schooling

The exact rigid schedules don’t bind homeschoolers as public school students. It means they can spend more time on subjects they’re interested in and less time on ones they aren’t engaged with or find challenging. 

NIOS’s innovative curriculum and flexibility give kids more control over their schedules so that they can take breaks when needed — whether it’s a quick break after lunch or an entire afternoon off during a hectic week — without worrying about falling behind or missing something important during class time.

  • Allows parents to tailor their kids’ education to their specific needs 

25% of the parents desired to mould their children according to their practices and beliefs. For example, if a child struggles with maths, the parent can focus more on this subject and address any gaps in knowledge or skills.

Parents can also take advantage of various resources, from books and videos to online websites, videos, and podcasts, to help their children do better in their studies. 

Many homeschoolers also join groups or organisations to connect with other home educators and experts who can provide valuable advice about teaching methods and materials.

Wrapping up

If your child is struggling in school, if you’re concerned about their future and desire to give them more opportunities, or if you have different educational goals than traditional schools, NIOS and homeschooling might be the best bet for you. 

You can teach your child at home, or you can go through a programme that allows your child to attend classes that fulfil the legally mandated requirements of their State. 

Regardless, there are many options on the table which should help guide you as you research what would be best for you and your family. 21K School, a technology-driven start-up School, has re-imagined K-12 School education with its transparent, personalized and flexible learning model. They are offering the Senior School Programme under Indian Curriculum through NIOS as a Private Candidate. Visit to learn more.


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