New Trends In Door Hardware

New Trends In Door Hardware
New Trends In Door Hardware

New Trends In Door Hardware

The fascinating thing about new trends in door hardware is that we see two distinct things. First, we see a growing number of homeowners choosing older styles, materials, finishes, and designs. In fact, it is more common now to see people buying antique door hardware, even for contemporary style homes than ever before. The primary reason is the charm and uniqueness found in antique hardware that is difficult to replicate, even in high quality reproduction pieces. The second new trend in door hardware is the development of luxurious designs and styles. BRAVECTO COUPONS FOR CATS MEDICINE

We will address antique trends first and then discuss sophisticated door hardware currently being designed and manufactured. When looking at older types of door hardware, you would easily see a difference when compared to more modern options. In addition to unusual designs and patterns, antique hardware functions differently. Because of this, choosing the right antique door hardware is critical. Upholding the integrity of the home while also knowing the chosen antique door hardware has a history makes this an appealing solution, something that intrigues many people.

Now, ultra lavish door hardware designs are also a hot trend. Interestingly, some of the newer options are a play on antique designs but with completely new designs. For instance, being influenced by the antique glass door knob, several top door hardware manufacturers have taken this design concept but modernized it. A great example is an octagonal shaped door knob made from crystal but with a rich purple or plum color. Just imagine how gorgeous this would be when installed on a white door.

In addition to appearance, another new trend seen in door hardware is operation. Today, new technology has made it possible to create quite operation doors. With this, the hinges and door knob work differently from conventional hardware so when opened and closed, there is virtually no sound. For many people, this is a huge benefit. As an example, quieter door operation would be ideal for parents with children who run in and out of the home throughout the day. New Trends In Door Hardware

Unique shapes are another trend that has received a significant amount of attention. For a Tuscany themed home, door pulls could be installed in the shape of leaves. If wanted, a door pull could be designed with the homeowner’s initial of the last name. For the nature lover, pulls in the shape of a favorite flower would be an option. You have so many incredible options but keep in mind that no matter what you decide on for the door pull or knob, the hinges, latch, back plate, and other hardware elements should be of the same material and finish for a cohesive look.

Finally, if you have an ultra contemporary style home, stainless steel, and pewter are hot trends. With this, you could choose a polished, shiny finish or a brushed finish that is slightly more elegant. Then for the door handles, oversized half moons are hot sellers. These trends for door hardware are just a few that are getting rave reviews. Manufacturers today understand that the way of staying competitive is by meeting and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Therefore, along with the massive selection already available, if the budget allows you could also consider having something custom made.

New Types Of Door Handles

Whether buying new doors for installation or needing a different look for existing doors, a key element in the overall aesthetics and functionality is the door handle. Most people are amazed at how many different options there are to include material, style, design locking mechanism, sizes, etc. Because of the vast selection, you could completely change the look of the door but also create a different look for the room. We wanted to offer insight into the different types of door handles so you can see some of the possibilities that you might consider for your doors.

Keep in mind when choosing new door handles that four primary categories exist, each with a specific purpose. Within these categories, some door handles are solely decorative, some are functional, and others more for security measures. The four categories in which you will find a wide range of door handles includes “dummy” handles or knobs, keyed entry, privacy handles/knobs, and passage handles/knobs, each with a brief overview listed below.

Dummy Door Handles

This type of door handle is typically used when two doors close into each other but just one door is opened and closed on a regular basis. In other words, the dummy door handle is more for aesthetics than for functionality. However, these handles create a cohesive look, used with a functioning door handle or with other types of door handles on the door that is used.

Keyed Entry

The next category in which door handles are placed is keyed entrance. With this, a key would be required for the door to be unlocked and opened from the outside. Although you could have different locking mechanisms installed on the doors, usually all locks are the same, meaning one key would open them.


For passage door handles, these function but require no key for the door to be opened from the inside or outside. For this reason, door handles of this type are the ideal choice for children’s bedrooms, laundry room, or other rooms with doors that do not need to lock. In other words, the door would provide privacy but to enter the space, no key would be needed.


A passage and privacy door handle are virtually the same with one exception. For the privacy type, a locking mechanism would be installed whereby the door could be locked from the inside. Because of this, a privacy door handle is commonly seen in bathrooms, a master bedroom, home office, etc.

Remember, for all four categories of door handles, a multitude of styles are available. Then, these styles come in different materials, finishes, sizes, etc. For instance, door handles could be made from stainless steel, pewter, brass, wood, glass, etc. Then for finish, you might go with a polished, antique, bronzed, or some other option for the door handle. Finally, even shape varies to include lever, rosette, round, etc.

Modern Door Hardware

People talk about “modern door hardware” but this term means a number of things depending on the person. The first thing you probably think of is hardware designed for a contemporary style home, which is one option. As you search the internet and look at brick and mortar stores, you will find many that have special sections for modern hardware designed specifically for the modern or industrial style home. Typically, this hardware is made from materials such as pewter, brushed nickel, and high sheen chrome. In addition, the hardware would have a very contemporary, futuristic look.

Therefore, if you have a contemporary style home and want to continue the look throughout with the interior design, it would be important to use modern door hardware throughout. This would include not just handles and levers, but other design elements to include back plates, kick plates, hinges, etc. In addition, “door hardware” for a modern home would be used on interior and exterior doors but also cabinetry. That way, the look throughout the home would be cohesive.

Another concept involving “modern door hardware” would have more to do with the materials and finishes. In this case, the hardware may have a conventional or even rustic design but because it is made with more modern materials and innovative finishes, it is considered modern. Today, it is common to find all types of materials being used for door hardware and in fact, some of the older materials are being brought back to market. For example, glass doorknobs were popular in the Victorian era but now, we see them incorporated in homes of all styles.

Then as mentioned, “modern door hardware” could also mean a more updated finish. Brushed finishes, especially on nickel and copper are extremely popular in that the finish looks amazing no matter the use or style wanted. Satin finishes are also a more modern option. Instead of the extremely shiny surface from the 1970s and 1980s, satin finished door hardware has a more current look that puts it in the “modern” category. Therefore, if you want to stick with a traditional design but with a more modern look, consider the various options now offered for finish. Side Sleeper Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain

Finally, “modern door hardware” is often a term used in relation to high-end or designer hardware styles. If you were to scour the internet specifically for companies that offer the more expensive or designer type of door hardware, you would see “modern” used in many of the descriptions. Regardless the design, material, or finish, the fact that the hardware is being offered through a “modern” company to many people means that the hardware sold is also modern.

As you can see, “modern door hardware” is something different to people and manufacturers of door hardware. Therefore, as you prepare to search or shop for new door hardware, you may want to modify your search to find the exact type of “modern” you really want. If you were interested in finding newer materials, then add that to your search phrase or if you wanted modern door hardware to fit in your contemporary style home, then you may use the word “contemporary” to search opposed to “modern”. The exciting thing is that no matter the different concepts for modern door hardware, you have a massive selection available.




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