Need to Cancel or Get a Refund for Your Cape Air Flights? Here’s How

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If you need to cancel or get a refund for your Cape Air flights, the process might be different than what you’re used to with other airlines. Luckily, we’ve got all the info you need right here in this article! We’ll tell you how to get your refund, as well as explain how cancellations work and tell you about the fees you may incur if you do need to cancel your Cape Air Reservations.

Step 1: Call their 24/7 Cape Air Customer Service Number +1-888-801-0869.

This is the Cape Air Customer care number. Simply call them and tell them that you need to cancel your reservation or get a refund on your booking. You can either cancel it completely, reschedule it, or do nothing about it and simply forfeit any payments that you made towards your reservation (minus any fees). Do not expect to speak with someone immediately; Cape Air Planes only has so many representatives working at any given time of day. You will likely have to wait on hold for several minutes if you’re calling outside of office hours.

Step 2: Have your confirmation number ready

If you’re canceling your reservation before your flight, you’ll need to have your confirmation number handy. If you don’t know it, Cape Air Reservations Phone Number at 1-800-CAPE AIR (+1-888-801-0869) and they can look it up. When calling, they’ll ask: what flight are you on; what time is your reservation; and where did you make your reservation? (Some reservations are handled by other companies.) They’ll then tell you how long it will take them to cancel your ticket. Sometimes all it takes is them hitting a few buttons in their system, sometimes they need more information from you. If they give specific instructions, follow them carefully so that they cancel the right ticket!

Step 3: Know who you spoke with and when

Talk to Cape air customer service directly if you need help booking your flight, making changes, getting a refund, etc. You can do so by calling 1-800-CAPE-AIR (+1-888-801-0869) during normal business hours. It’s good to know that certain fares don’t offer refunds, but you can also cancel your trip up until 24 hours before departure time. If you find yourself in that situation and need assistance canceling your Cape air flight reservations, try calling them at 1-800-CAPE – AIR (+1-888-801-0869). They should be able to help! If not, don’t panic—the Cape Cod Flights Times is here for you. 🙂

Step 4: Submit documentation on time

Check out Cape Air Website for specific instructions on how to cancel your reservation (or get a refund). You can also call Cape Air airlines phone number 1-800-CAPE-AIR. If you did not purchase your ticket online, and purchased it at an airport kiosk, please visit any Cape Air Tickets Counter, where you can cancel your reservation without charge. However, if you purchased through an independent agent please contact that agency directly. And finally, even if it falls after your flight date or within our 24 hour advance purchase policy (assuming there are seats available), you may change your ticket before 12:00 p.m.

Step 5: Contact them again if needed

Lastly, contact Cape Air customer service if your request has not been completed as you’d expect. Don’t wait until after your trip, if possible, so they can help you with your reservation and any other Cape Air contact number -related issue. If you’re traveling with kids, give them some time—many airlines say it can take up to five days for a refund or change in ticketing details. Also, be sure to reference agent ID code and agent first and last name during your calls and communications. This will help Cape Air Phone know who previously handled your request (this is sometimes where things fall through). Onward Internet Travellers!

Step 6: Keep your cool

If you cancel your reservation, Cape Air Phone Number may charge you a $75 fee. Before booking with Cape verde airlines, make sure you have some flexibility on your schedule—if you are traveling during peak season, chances are you will be unable to cancel your flight without paying an early termination fee. You can also check airfare prices on other airlines before booking; it’s very likely that you’ll find better rates somewhere else. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to cancellations and refunds, airlines like Cape Air Booking are heavily favored by default; they have no legal obligation to grant either of these requests. But don’t get discouraged!


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