Necessary user actions for QuickBooks Restore Failed error

QuickBooks Restore Failed error
QuickBooks Restore Failed error

QuickBooks is an efficient bookkeeping software that works with small and medium-sized businesses. The software assists its users with their business accounting which generates a lot of data that is stored by the software securely. In case the data gets lost or corrupted in your hard drive, the software also provides an option for restoring it using a backup file. However, users can face the QuickBooks Restore Failed error due to minor issues while restoring their data through a backup file. This blog aims to help these users with the causes of this error and the practical solutions to it. If you also found yourself in a similar situation while restoration, keep reading the blog to know more.

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About the error

This error in QuickBooks can be troublesome as it occurs when you may already be battling a data loss or corruption. You might have experienced this error while using the backup file to restore your company file, the restoration process will suddenly stop, and the software will project an error message notifying you that the restoration has failed. An invalid file name or even no storage space on your hard drive can lead you to this error. This error can be easily fixed by configuring some settings in your QuickBooks.

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This restoration error is most probably caused by the reasons listed below-

  • QuickBooks might be disconnected from the network or external file that is being used to restore the backup
  • The data file name contains some special characters like %, &, #, @, etc., that are invalid in QuickBooks.
  • The backup file you are trying to use was created in a different version of QuickBooks.


The practical fixes to this error are provided below-

Note: Before proceeding, you must verify that the file you are using to restore your data is an actual backup file. If the backup file size is anywhere less than 6MB, then it’s not an authentic backup file.

Solution 1- Change the location of your backup file before starting the restoration

You may encounter this error if the location of your backup file is inaccessible to QuickBooks. Suppose the file is located on the hard drive. In that case, it is possible that the folder permissions are not allowing QuickBooks to access it, or if you are using an external drive or network, then QuickBooks might not be currently connected to the file source. Move the file to your local hard drive, e.g., Desktop, and proceed with the steps below-

  1. Open QuickBooks on your PC and click on
  2. Click on Open or Restore companyfrom the list and select the Restore a backup copy option before clicking
  3. In the next window, tap the Local backup option and click
  4. Select your backup file if it is available in the list or Browseit manually.
  5. Set a location to restore your data file, click Open,and finally,

If the restoration process still fails, try the next method.

Solution 2- Edit and remove invalid characters from the file name

QuickBooks doesn’t allow using special characters or symbols in its file name. Go to the folder containing your company file and follow the steps below-

  1. Right-click on the file and select Rename.
  2. Edit any special characters(@,#,$,%,&)  from the file name and use only alphabets and numeric digits.
  3. Save the file.

You’ll be able to restore the file without any issues now.


This is the end of our blog that describes the causes of the QuickBooks Restore Failed error and the methods that can be used to eliminate it. We hope you executed the methods and the backup was restored successfully.

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