Natural Marble vs. Artificial Marble


Marble is the epitome of elegance and one of the most popular choices for home décor for a number of modern homeowners. Marble flooring in any room setting -including the living room or the kitchen counter, can deliver eye-catching beauty to the state-of-the-art décor of any existing space. Are you wondering if it is natural or artificial marble? Let us find out how natural marble and artificial marble are different from each other.

What is Natural Marble?

Marble that is mined naturally is a type of metamorphic stone featuring mostly calcite. It is a type of milestone that has undergone changes over several years due to the immense application of heat and pressure. While some natural marble tends to be pristine white, others are available in a myriad of coloring or veining patterns. It is because of the presence of different minerals available in milestone.

Natural marble is available as a hard rock. It is mostly reactant to acidic substances. Therefore, it changes its colors when the surface is exposed to external substances. In the modern era, natural marble has gained immense popularity and applicability in modern home décor like sculptures, exterior walls, bathroom, and stairs.

What is Artificial Marble?

Displaying the elusiveness of high-end technology, artificial marble tends to differ from natural marble with respect to geological activities. It is a human-made creation that is built out of stone powder, small-sized marble debris, sand, quartz, colophony, acrylic glue, cement, and plastic. All of these ingredients are mixed in some predetermined ratio. The mixture is stirred and combined continuously under the impact of vacuum. Then, the mixture is kept under high pressure in a specific mold. It helps in solidifying and forming hard marble rocks.

Homebuyers of the modern era nowadays prefer having artificial marble due to improved durability and aesthetics throughout. The usage of artificial or composite marble is mostly observed in kitchen countertops, furniture, floors, and walls.

Differences Between Natural Marble and Artificial Marble

Any form of stone -especially marble, can help in bringing out the radiance of any existing space. However, most buyers are confused between artificial and natural marble. Some of the differentiating factors between natural and artificial marble that you should know about are:

  • Colorful Patterns: Natural marble will feature varied colors based on the presence of impurities within the limestone. On the other hand, composite marble has the presence of versatile patterns and colors which improves selection diversity. The colors are added artificially into composite marble while having the lack of the natural color, grain, shine, and texture of natural marble.
  • Maintenance: Natural marble is available as a precious stone material depicting higher maintenance costs. It is quite hard, yet brittle stone. Therefore, it can get chipped or discolored with the passage of time. Therefore, it is recommended to reseal natural marble every six months. Homeowners having the presence of natural marble flooring and other applications should avoid spilling acidic substances or oils. Moreover, you should also avoid using cleaners that are not compatible with the marble. It can potentially damage the stone.

Composite or cultured marble, on the contrary, is available as a non-porous substance requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance. The process of developing composite marble makes it highly resistant to stains, discoloration, and oils. Even regular cleaners tend to be compatible with the artificial version of marble.

  • Weight: In comparison to natural marble, the composite marbles are significantly lighter and slimmer. Therefore, it ensures portability of artificial marble from one place to another with great ease. The lightweight feature of composite marble makes it easier to install as well as enhance the overall cost-savings.
  • Homogeneity: Every natural marble material or slab tends to be different from the other. The chances of finding the exact marble pair are perilous. However, as composite marble is human-made, it tends to be homogenous. Buyers can, therefore, come across a wide range of similar samples for implementing multiple applications.

In addition to this, artificial or composite marbles feature double-sided uniformity. Therefore, implementation depends on the overall preference of the buyer.

  • Heat Resistance: Natural marble is developed with the help of geographic activity. They undergo immense pressure and heat. When composite marble is prepared with the help of proper artificial treatment, it can be made heat-resistant and highly durable as well.
  • Installation: As natural marble is a hard stone material, it requires a talented and skilled workforce for installation. Otherwise, it will lead to cracking, curling, popping, and discoloration of marble veins. However, adjusting, installing, and cutting artificial marble is hassle-free as these are less fragile. Composite marble is quite durable and strong to deliver long-term results.

Distinguishing Between Natural and Artificial Marble

Natural marble features a highly subtle color. Moreover, at times, the limestone layers are integrated with other natural minerals for producing creamy, greenish, grey, and bluish shades. Marble that is prepared artificially impart darker hues and a multitude of shades that complement the entire décor of any space.

If the marble surface reveals scratches or some kind of wear & tear, then you are viewing natural marble surfaces. If the underneath side of the slab reveals a clean slate or minimal damage, it is composite marble. When compared with natural marble, cultured or engineered marble is glossier. Natural marble lacks the overall sheen.


It is no wonder that marble is a timeless piece of elegance and beauty. The gorgeous appearance of marble is enough to upgrade the grandeur of any given space. While natural marble is a classic treasure, composite marble is just as great and functional as natural marble. Most homebuyers tend to increasingly look into the incorporation of marble into the respective homes.

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