NASCAR DFS: A Beginner’s Guide from Start to Finish


Since rookie Austin Cindric secured his very first victory in the biggest NASCAR race of the year, NASCAR has sped up its growth. As the events are moving to various race tracks across the US. You can expect great performances from various players.

For a long time, NASCAR fans have watched the game, and movies like “Cars” have increased the craze of NASCAR to a new level. But, for many people, spending a weekend watching a NASCAR event while gobbling on some snacks is the best way to relax.

The other way to have a great weekend is to join NASCAR DFS and play the game. With NASCAR DFS, you can play league events as well as win rewards. In this article, we will introduce you to the NASCAR DFS and tell you how these events work.


NASCAR is a popular racing sport, as you already know. DFS NASCAR is an online sport where people like us can join and choose racers to compete against other players on the platform. A league or tournament has several players who create their own teams of racers and prepare them for the race.

The players will accumulate points based on their position in a race. The points will be tracked in real-time. The person who accumulates the most points wins the game. This is how DFS events are held.

How to Get Started?

  • To join a NASCAR DFS league, you need to sign up with an esport platform that offers DFS service.
  • There are many such platforms, such as Draftking and FanDuel. And each platform has its own rules and a scoring model for the matches.
  • Select the game that you want to play and join the game.
  • Based on the type of game you are joining, you may or may not need to pay an entry fee.
  • Then you select NASCAR DFS picks and build your team for the tournament.
  • Finally, the match begins when the real-time race starts.
  • Your victory will be determined by how your racers perform in the match.

Tips for Creating a Strong Lineup

  • Diversify your lineup

    The more lineups you build, the more chances you have to win the game. In contrast, the fewer lineups you have, the lower your chances of winning the game. And your choice of lineups has the highest impact in NASCAR than in any other DFS sport. For example, building a couple of lineups is risky because if even one of your racers wrecks their car or gets a flat tire, your entire lineup will go down the drain. So, having more lineups naturally increases your chances of winning the event. This is especially helpful when the race is at super speed tracks, such as Daytona.

  • Diversify your approach

    While drafting your multiple lineups, choose racers of all kinds to diversify your lineups. For example, you can choose a lineup type with two heavy front-runners followed by other racers and another lineup where you choose more balanced racers. For your third lineup, you can select players after doing decent research to make it a winning team, and so on.

  • Make notes

    While choosing NASCAR DFS picks, have a Google document or sheet open to track your chosen players and how often you are using them. This will help you evenly divide the drivers in your lineups and help you avoid overuse a particular driver. Moreover, it will also give you a general idea of what your lineups will look like.

  • Using the optimizer tool

    Taking help from professionals is also a great way to optimize your overall lineups. There are many websites that help you optimize your players. Moreover, they help you choose highly proficient racers who have performed well in their past matches and teach you to read stats like professionals. They are especially helpful if you are starting out with lineups and fantasy games.

  • Have a comprehensive research guide

    Before you start building your lineups, do your research. When starting with your research, have a list of racers. And while researching them, check out their stats and previous performances. You can find information on what qualities to look for in a racer by reading a blog or watching videos on YouTube. Make a note of everything that you do and use it as your handbook for future guidance.

  • Don’t Skip Popular Racers

    If any racer is gaining hype from fellow players and is predicted that they will perform well in the next race, do not try to skip those racers. You can still build a great pick by choosing a popular racer and more supporting players. It is a great trick to choose great players and build strong lineups. You can also use the same strategy against strong racers.

  • Avoid Punting

    Many other DFS games use punt play to save some salary on the players. However, it doesn’t work on NASCAR DFS. The players who are usually at the bottom often have difficulty moving up. For example, in Draftking, any player charged less than $6000 should be avoided most of the time. However, they do perform well sometimes. So here, your research will help you choose a good player.

  • Keep it Simple

    It is normal to get overwhelmed when you are starting with NASCAR DFS. But keep it simple. You do not necessarily have to do everything on your own. Instead, get help from friends or professionals to prepare lineups and understand the concepts. Over time, as you play, you will gain a better understanding of what you are doing and refine it for better results.

Beginning your DFS journey should not be a tough task. Rather, you can begin by joining free leagues and honing your skills, and as you improve and understand better, you can join other prized NASCAR DFS leagues or any other game of your choice and win great rewards.

If you want to achieve great results in a short time, the best way to do that is to learn from a professional. So, visit a professional DFS player’s website and get their help to learn and create winning NASCAR DFS lineups.


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