Must-Have Features in a User-Friendly Online Store Builder

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The first step to entering the online marketplace is having an e-store. There are multiple ways to build a retail-centric web application. However, recently open-source online store builders have gained prominence, allowing users to conveniently build websites and e-stores with little to no coding knowledge.

An open-source website store builder makes E-commerce development even more accessible to entrepreneurs without the coding knowledge required to build a website from scratch. However, there are must-have features one must seek out in an online website builder to fully support retail online.


Not every website store builder application delivers the ease of use an individual with little to no coding knowledge would expect. Some such applications may force you to put money into professional website development services, as these applications require some knowledge of coding to build a functional website or e-store from scratch.

However, the good news is that DIY-centric e-store builders can be great tools to create an online shopping cart system with very little or no coding knowledge. DIY-centric e-stores deliver intuitive features and design to cater to non-coding users. With the required flexibility; these e-store building platforms also make it possible to experiment with shopping cart development and custom shopping cart flows.

Order and Inventory Management Tools


An online store builder with the right features and tools should be able to meet online retail requirements such as product display, inventory management, and order management. With the right tools for inventory and order management, an online store builder can help online retail enterprises to:

  • To better product and inventory management
  • To effectively manage product display
  • To keep track of consumer needs with questionnaires and wish lists.
  • Reduce refunds, ensure order accuracy, and maximize order fulfillment
  • To gain insights into customer spending trends with order metrics

Design and Thematic Tools

An online e-store builder must match your design and thematic vision for your e-store. The good news is that some open-source online store builders do come with all the right design and thematic tools to customize your online shopping cart according to your vision for your e-commerce enterprise.

The ideal store builder offers a wide range of tools that allow you to tweak the theme and design of your shopping cart with little effort. Take for example drag and drop tools featured on some online store builders that can help making changes to the theme of your e-store or design elements easy as ABC.

Great design and themes have an impact on customer retention on e-commerce sites. The ideal online store builder allows you to easily incorporate design elements and themes to your shopping cart that engage visitors to your e-store.

Mobile Support

E-store builders that deliver mobile support are ideal. Recent trends suggest that consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to make purchases online.

Reports indicate that the mobile e-commerce sales in the country were valued at approximately $38 billion in 2020, a significant rise from 2015.

With the increasing penetration of the internet in India and the proliferation of smartphones nationwide, this number is expected to rise. Furthermore, estimates suggest that the number of India’s mobile internet users is expected to grow to 1.5 billion in 2040.

The statistics above support the need for mobile support when choosing an e-store builder application. With data suggesting a significant number of e-commerce sales coming in through mobile devices, mobile-optimized e-stores are the way forward for e-commerce development.

Alongside DIY-centricity, integral inventory and order management tools, design and thematic tools, and mobile support; the ideal e-store builder also offers:

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization for Your E-store
  • Onsite Search Tools
  • Easy Integration with Third-Party Channels and Tools

Knowing what to look for in an e-store builder is the path forward to building an online shopping cart system that streamlines e-retail operations.

Q: What is an online store builder?

A: Online store builders are open-source shopping cart development platforms allowing users with little coding knowledge to build fully-functional e-stores.

Q: Which is the best online store builder for me?

A: An online store builder offering all features and tools needed to create, manage, and market an e-store is ideally the best store builder for you.













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