Musicians’ Small Biz Ideas


Performing musician (small business in Singapore)


You can establish a business as a recording artist where you record tracks and albums and sell them online or in other forms if you wish to perform or compose your own music.(small business in Singapore)


Travelling performer (small business in Singapore)

Additionally, you can start a business as a travelling musician and take your skills on the road. At each location you go, you can make money by selling people tickets and things.


Local event performer (small business in Singapore)

Alternately, you may focus only on local performance. Fill your calendar with concerts and other events at nearby clubs and eateries.


Marriage band

You might even concentrate on performing at weddings specifically. In order for couples to find you and hire you, build a website and promote your services.


Disco whirler (small business in Singapore)

Many musicians also have excellent musical tastes and are aware of what audiences enjoy when they perform. Therefore, they can also make excellent disc jockeys with a little tech know-how. Additionally common are disc jockeys for weddings, clubs, and other special occasions. In order to secure multiple gigs, you can launch your own firm.



If you are talented at writing music, you can launch a career as a songwriter and sell your tunes or hire yourself out to other musicians.



As a lyricist, you can also carve out a more specialized niche by creating the actual lyrics to match with certain melodies.


Musician in a band

Working as a session musician is an option if you want to play music but aren’t necessary interested in being a headliner. Working with bands or artists who require backing instruments for their tracks is what session musicians do.


Backup speaker

As a backing vocalist, you can provide comparable services by hiring out your skills to other artists on a freelance or contract basis.



A composer, who is not much more than a songwriter, has the ability to construct more complex arrangements for each instrument in addition to melodies and chords for accompaniment. For someone with a talent for creating whole musical arrangements, particularly for big ensembles of musicians, there is the opportunity to work on scores for motion pictures, television programs, events, and more.



A conductor is also familiar with whole musical scores and the interplay of big musical ensembles, such as symphonies. They are in charge of directing a band of musicians as they interpret these musical works. Additionally, it is used for television, movies, and advertisements in addition to the symphony hall. With the appropriate training, you might work as a freelance musician for a variety of musical organizations.


Song composer

You can start a career as a jingle writer, writing songs for TV ads and other types of commercials, if you wish to write quick, catchy music.


Creator of theme songs

Alternately, you may focus on slightly lengthier content with a focus on TV, movie, or other theme music.


Company for Song Licensing

You can write songs and then offer to let people use them for various reasons in exchange for a fee, much like product licensing.


Street performer

To launch a music business, you don’t always need a lot of capital. With the appropriate permits, you can actually launch a business as a street performer.


Musician Streaming Service

Songwriting and selling on streaming services like Spotify are additional ways to make money.


Music instructor

You can also make others aware of your musical abilities. You can open your own school as a teacher, and you can even host workshops for those who want to compose or play music. Additionally, you can do this by joining a franchise network like School of Rock.


Private instructor

As a music tutor, you could also work with clients more privately. If you wish to teach others how to play a certain instrument, like the piano, this format may be quite helpful.


Voice trainer

You can start a business working with clients as a vocal coach if your musical abilities are more in singing than in playing instruments.


Music director

Additionally, you can work with musicians to have recordings of their performances made. Song arrangements and recording sessions are managed by music producers.


Owns a record label

Alternately, you may concentrate more on the business aspect and launch your own label, hiring different musicians to release music on your label.


Booking representative

You might work as a booking agent to help artists secure concerts if you wish to concentrate on live performances.


Event organizer

Then, you can launch a company that advertises musical performances and other related activities, either online or through more conventional means.


Band leader

As a band manager, you can take care of almost all facets of managing a band or musical performance.


A recording studio proprietor

Alternately, you may open your own recording studio and make it available for rent to musicians and other artists.


Sound designer

In the recording industry, sound engineering is crucial. You can provide your assistance to musicians that want to record their song with the highest sound quality possible.


Audio effects creator

The services of sound effects makers are also available to musicians, film producers, and others. Although not always directly tied to music, providing this kind of service can make use of many of the same skills.


Audio producer for video games

Similarly, you might concentrate on producing music, sound effects, and other audio components for video games.


Member of a cover band

You can start a cover band and perform other musicians’ songs at informal gatherings in your neighborhood or in neighboring areas if you wish to play music but aren’t necessary interested in writing your own tunes.


Parody musician

Alternatively, you may launch a career as a parody artist and create humorous parodies of well-known songs to perform live, through other media, or on YouTube or other online video platforms.


Therapeutic music

The field of music therapy is flourishing. As a music therapist, you can open your own practice or even work in facilities like elderly homes.


Video director for music

If you’re also aesthetically inclined, you may start a company making music videos for musicians.


Vlogger on YouTube

Alternately, you can use YouTube to demonstrate your skills while making money off of site royalties or adverts.


Webpage for music

Using a platform like WixMusic, you can also build your own website where you can promote and sell your music.

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