Moving Expectations: Use This Cost of Moving a House Calculator

Cost of Moving

In 2021, around 33.5 million Americans moved. It just goes to show that we can’t stay put in one place; it’s no surprise that many people move over 10 times in their lifetimes.

Has the moving bug hit you? Then you’ll know that while it’s an exciting time, it’s also stressful.

Of course, you can make the move easier with a moving company‘s help. But is it worth it?

If you’re not sure, then you’re in the right place. We’ll explain what you can expect when hiring one, including how to use the cost of moving a house calculator.

They’ll Offer a Cost of Moving a House Calculator

No one likes to go in blind when buying something or paying for a service. This is why you’ll find a cost calculator on most moving companies’ sites.

Every person’s situation is unique, so the estimates are just that: estimates. However, they can help you narrow down how much of your budget you’ll need to allocate to these services.

From there, you can see if your move is still feasible with the leftover money. And if not, you’ll have to think about making some sacrifices if you feel moving services are worth it.

Full-Service Moving Is Available

When people think of movers, they just think of people who come load their truck with your boxes, drive to your new home, and unload the boxes in your house; that’s it.

However, there’s full-service moving available where you don’t have to lift a finger! This means that the workers not only do the packing and loading of the truck, but they’ll also do the unloading and unpacking for you. This is fantastic for people who aren’t able-bodied or just don’t have the time (or energy) to pack and unpack.

Storage Services Are Available Too

Not only do moving companies offer full-service options, but many also have storage services. If you’ve found that you have too much stuff and you can’t bring it all to your new place, or you’re in between places, having a storage unit with a moving company can be a relief.

Because the same people are handling your move and storage, it’s much more convenient. On moving day, they can come pack, load the truck, and put your belongings safely in their storage unit. When you’re ready at your new place, just give them a call and they’ll take your boxes out of storage, bring them to your new house, and unpack everything there.

They’ll Be Punctual

A reputable moving company will be there when they say they’ll be. Of course, they might run into unexpected traffic or an accident on the road, but if they do, they’ll make sure to let you know by phone.

They’ll come with a moving truck that clearly has their company name on it. In addition, it’ll have their US Department of Transportation (DOT) number on it so you know they’re legit.

Introduction and Papers

Once the driver arrives, they’ll introduce themselves, as well as the crew they’ve brought. Then, they’ll present you with all the required documents for the move. This needs to be done before they handle your items.

It’s your responsibility to make sure everything is correct on these forms, so take your time to read them. If you’re happy with the information on these papers, then you can go ahead and sign.


You might’ve been asked to send over an inventory when requesting a quote. However, it’s still good to go over it when the moving crew arrives.

In fact, a good moving company will do a walkthrough of every room with you to get a written inventory. It’ll include every item and the condition it’s in, so make sure you inspect this list, as it’ll be vital if you want to make claims after the move. Request a copy for yourself so you have evidence.

While you’re going over each room, this is a good time to show the movers what items need extra care. This is the time to also make any special requests.

Protecting Your House

Professional movers will know how to handle items of all shapes and sizes, so you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings won’t get damaged. However, as a precaution, they’ll prepare your house in case of any accidents.

Expect them to take a few moments to do things like put down moving blankets and carpet protectors. They’ll also use things like floor runners and furniture pads for further protection.

Packing and Disassembling Furniture

If you’ve asked for a full-service move, then the movers will proceed with packing your things.

They might disassemble the furniture if it won’t fit through the door and hallways, or if there are fragile parts that are better off packed separately. If you aren’t getting a full-service move, they’ll ask you to do this before moving day so the pieces are ready to go.

Loading up and Driving Over

The professional movers will use the right tools and equipment to load your boxes and furniture. They’ll also tie down any heavy items with clamps, straps, and locks. Everything will be strategically placed so if the roads are rough, nothing will break.

You’ll be presented with the bill of lading, which you and they will sign.

Once they arrive at your house, they’ll unload everything and also unpack if that’s what you paid for. Make sure you tip the movers well, regardless!

Make Your Relocation Easy With the Help of a Moving Company

By knowing what to expect when using a moving company, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not it’s right for you. Using the cost of moving a house calculator can significantly help in your decision, especially if you know approximately how much of your budget will have to go towards these expenses.

Hopefully, this should reinforce the fact that a pro moving service will make your relocation a breeze. We promise it’s worth it!

If you need more help planning a move, then don’t miss out on the rest of our blog articles!


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