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“The movie is back!” exclaimed Vin Diesel in anticipation of the latest addition to the “Fast and Furious” universe, which opened in theaters a few weeks ago. The award for the first movie to return to theaters went to “Highlander,” which appears to be the summer blockbuster we’ve been craving for over a year. ‘f9’ brings back some of the best characters and changes the dynamic of the group for the better. Justin Lin returns to direct the series (no exaggeration) and brings a dynamism and arrogance to these moviesrush films not seen since “Tokyo Drift.”

Vin Diesel

Everything is perfect in Vin Diesel’s life. He is teaching his son to drive a tractor. They live in the middle of nowhere. When Roman and Thea come to him with a job offer, Dom refuses. He has a family to protect. Despite Letty’s objections, he decides to join the rescue operation. This is how Dominic Toretto meets again his main enemy, his brother Jacob.

Vin Diesel

I’m sure you’re all sick of Dominic Toretto by now, but the marketing machine used by Universal Studios has barely recovered its costs thanks to such a global disaster. When Universal Studios realised that they had to postpone the release of F9, they didn’t try to put it off for a month. A year later, they postponed it completely. At that point, of course, Universal did not want to risk an unpredictable future at the box office.


After the worst happened – the cinemas closed completely for a few months – Universal had the right idea. New films did not hit the screens immediately. Blockbusters like F9 only appeared when vaccines started to spread and regulations were relaxed in various countries. Universal may have had to take out a second loan to re-promote a film on which so much marketing money had already been spent, but the profits from the international box office ceiling made this decision possible. Now they have 750 million for the right reasons (a modest sum compared to previous records, but a round profit after the cut-off period).

By now everyone knows the scandalous story of the Fast saga. Please don’t let your eyes glaze over and take the moral high ground. These films bring in big revenues and whether you are an accredited reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes or simply a Facebook activist, there is little you can do to influence the huge profits at the box office. Enjoy it as much as I do.

Justin Lin returns to the director’s chair with a new film about the Toretto family. His film shows that he understands the emotional core of this group, as well as the explosive nature of their work. He is obsessed with the decisive moment when Dominic Toretto loses his father, and uses his colleague, a young actor, to recreate this scene in flashback.


Dominic became himself when her father died. His life in prison. His love for street racing. All this is her father’s message. He holds Jacob responsible for his father’s death, and this guilt has divided the two brothers long before “family” became involved.

Here everything is in order. Toretto’s sullen anger, Roman’s vulgar talk. More importantly, two heroines have returned to the family – Mia Jordan Brewster and Han Sung Kang moviesrush. Justin Lin has spoken in previous interviews about his feelings for Han, and if Lin were to return to directing, I think Han would be the first character he would want to bring back.

The plot of Han’s return seems complicated and vague (Jason Statham supposedly killed Han in Tokyo Escape/Forsage 7), but that’s not the point. What matters is that Han’s cool character balances the joke-filled cast of the last two films, and Mia gives the humour a much-needed seriousness.


Mia’s return has created a great subplot in which Mia and Letty team up to find Han. The film never forgets to objectify the female characters, even when they take on tough battles. It’s a hint at the possibilities for women if a derivative moviesrush film is ever made. This addition helps to balance the franchise’s horrific male perspective.

Interestingly, F9 Bank is a very early entrant. Kurt Russell doesn’t appear on his own (perhaps due to scheduling conflicts), and Scott Eastwood isn’t mentioned in this universe either. With the addition of Hobbs & Shaw to this Funiverse, these characters could be saved for a more canon-centric film. Will they be busy fighting Etheon in another part of the world? Their absence is not at all concerning, and the moviesrush film actively brings back a small number of old cast members.

As every year, the franchise seems to be filled out by a variety of eccentric second- and third-rate actors. The film uses a very brief scene in which Dominic helps Helen Mirren escape from prison in exchange for information about her brother. There are no prominent MMA fighters or action stars in this film. In this film, John Cena will play the main villain and Finn Jones will play the younger villain.

Guardian of the Galaxy

Fans of The Walking Dead (or Guardians of the Galaxy) may notice that Michael Rooker has a small role in the film. Rapper Bad Bunny has a cameo appearance in one scene, and Cardi B has a conversation exchange with Dominic Toretto. This extra scene feels a bit forced, as if Cardi B texted Vin Diesel and then showed up on set the next day (more an exercise in wish fulfillment than actual money). It has to be said that this wasn’t even the craziest thing in the whole MoviesRush.

Tej and Roman

So far, there’s only been talk of Tej and Roman going into space; the characters in Tokyo Drift are integrated into the story as rocket engineers. Pontiac, powered by a flaming rocket engine, undergoes an amazing transformation as Tej and Roman pilot it into space.

My favorite moment was watching Roman shift gears and steer the rocket with the steering wheel. This isn’t a world where the laws of physics apply, but it’s madness incarnate, and I’m in it. As if recognizing the gravity of the moment (heh, heh, you know what I mean), when Ludacris looks down at the ground and notices that these two black men are the first to drive into space. In a way, it’s an important moment in moviesrush cinematic history, but it’s so ridiculous and cartoonish that it’s quickly forgotten.


This franchise has always appealed to the lowest common denominator. With a soundtrack that includes tracks by prominent trap rappers, reggaeton hits and electronic jams, the film needs no translation: between the track “Bad Bunny” and the theme “Ty Dolla Sign,” what music stands out?”. The Nutcracker’s Flower Waltz”. That’s what we call a classy movie.

These movies make a lot of money. and you’re a Rotten Tomatoes-approve critic or a Facebook activist, there’s nothing you can do about it in front of the amazing box office.

I’ve tried to predict as many things from this film as possible. I admit I got a lot of things wrong, but Han’s return is an interesting move, and the female fight scenes promise an interesting spin-off that everyone will enjoy moviesrush. My biggest sadness is that Gal Gadot’s Giselle didn’t make an appearance (though she may actually be dead forever). Of course, in this world, there is no “never”.

John Cena

F9 is, at this point in our lives, a major cultural force. Nothing can stop it from becoming famous. No amount of non-simulation can bring this ship down. Even with all the cartoonish acrobatics, there’s a central emotional trauma that drives the film, and I couldn’t help but he surprise by the serendipity required to justify such frankness. My favorite moment was watching Roman shift gears and steer the rocket with the steering wheel. This isn’t a world where the laws of physics apply, but it’s madness incarnate, and I’m in it. John Cena may scene eater.  Vin Diesel is make possible two of them strive to scowl more than their counterparts.

I love this franchise. You can feel it growing with each entry. Whether it’s phasing out the incredibly sexist male gaze or tackling bigger and bigger action moviesrush stunts, the franchise continues to expand. There’s so much more to explore and new avenues to explore, with new characters returning and old characters returning. f9 will just be a more expanded version of the Funverse.

No characters retired. The old villains are returning. There are already spin-offs in the works. They haven’t really warmed up yet.  F9 is proving to have surprisingly strong legs for a franchise about two men driving a car into space.

Diesel has promised to wrap up the series with the next two films, so stay tuned. Maybe we’ll shrink the character and give Kurt Russell a damn good car. Maybe we’ll dance and sing musical numbers. There’s so much more to explore and new avenues to explore. With new characters returning and old characters returning. f9 will just be a more expanded version of the Funverse. This is a world where you can do literally anything, and I admire that creativity.


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