Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and Treatment


Car accidents have been top in the list as far as causes of injuries on people are concerned for the longest time. Statistics show that around 6.5 million accidents involving cars were reported in 2019 which means the number of injuries was almost the same number or more. Car accident injuries can be severe or manageable but the worst also happens where fatalities are reported.  The number is reported to have gone up in 2021 by 10.5% in the United States which is so alarming.  This article outlines the different types of injuries people suffer after being involved in a car accident and how these injuries can be treated. Visit a personal injury lawyer’s website for information about making claims for car accident injuries.  Keep reading to learn more.

Injury Types from Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause minor injuries or major ones. A minor accident is not severe and will soon resolve either on its own or after little medical attention. It is however important to ensure that you get a comprehensive medical examination to ensure there were no major internal injuries. On the other hand, a major injury is severe and may involve a permanent physical deformity or injuring of internal organs which intern affect the functioning of the physical parts of the body.

The severity of the injury depends on the impact of the accident on an individual. Several factors will also contribute to the severity of the injury; for instance, whether the passenger or driver was wearing a seat belt or not, availability of airbags, speed of the car at time of collision, position of the passenger and the direction they were facing among other factors. Here are some types of injury can be described under two major categories:

  1. Impact Injuries

Impact injuries come about when a person’s body parts are hit by interior part of the car. This could be a case of the knee being hit by a dashboard, head hitting the front seat, the car roof or a part of the car window. The impact may be great or small depending on how the impact lasted and the speed of the car at the time of the impact. For instance, a person will experience great impact if the car was speeding than if the car was moving at a relatively lower speed. Here are some types of impact injuries a person may experience in a car accident:

v  Soft Tissue Injury – this injury type damages connective body tissue like muscles, tendons, fat, skin, blood vessels and ligaments. Most people suffer this type of impact injury. One may suffer soft tissue injury to the neck known as whiplash whereby the muscles are stretched as a result of the sudden motion of the head and neck for the impact of the accident. This type of an injury can be experienced in the back or on the hip area in form of sprains or a serious back injury.


Sprains treatment is in a way that the treatment is minimally invasive aiming at reducing inflammation and swelling. The injured part may be immobilized like in the case of neck injury so that it can rest and get repaired. The doctor can also recommend physical therapy or in the worst case scenario, surgery to repair the tissue.

v  Head injuries- head injuries can be minor or severe depend on the car’s impact on the head. A sudden stop may cause the head to hit a car part hard causing severe damage on it. This may result to a sprain on the neck or a crash of a face bone or even the skull. If the impact is so severe, the brain tissue can be torn or bruised and causing a tear on the blood vessels there in.


Treating a brain injury should be done as an emergency since no one knows the extent of the impact to the brain. If the victim is unconscious, a CT scan is done to ascertain the degree of the injury before starting treatment. If the victim is alert, they may be given strong painkillers to manage the headache before taking the next cause of action in treatment.  In case of a cracked skull, certain medication will be recommended and surgery too as the patient is closely monitored.

v  Chest injuries- this type of an injury results from the driver’s collision with the steering wheel or the dash board. The injuries can be broken ribs, painful bruises or even internal injuries.


 The victim should visit a doctor immediately who will recommend an x-ray/ scan to ascertain the nature of chest injury. The doctor will recommend the needed attention depending on the nature of the injury before any medication is prescribed.

v  Leg and Arm Injuries – this is caused by unexpected force on the leg or arm as a result of the impact on an individual in the car. These parts may experience a sprain, bruise, scrap or even get broken. This is usually a very painful ordeal and the victim may not know what among the injury has happened and sometimes the injury type may not be easily noticeable and may take some time to exactly know it.


The treatment method will depend on the nature of the injury. For instance, in a case of a sprain, physical therapy is recommended after the limb is bound with a bandage for a while.  An X-ray is done on the limb to determine whether the bones are actually broken. In such a case, the victim will have the limb fitted with plaster of Paris after the bones’ position is corrected by the doctor. Limb bone treatment takes a while and healing takes a while.

  1. Penetrative Injuries

These injuries occur when loose objects such as metallic parts or glass fall of and cut the body parts of the car occupants. This can result to deep cuts, scratches or bruises. The skin experiences the injuries which most of the time are considered minor injuries.


Most of the cuts could be minor and in such cases little medical attention is needed. The skin just repairs itself as it heals. On the other hand, deep cuts results to wounds which require keen medical attention. The victim may be admitted at the hospital so that the wounds are cleaned regularly to avoid entrance of pathogens into the body.


Injuries resulting from car accidents should be treated in urgency and carefully no matter how small they may appear. The impact can be little or major depending on what caused the crash, speed and the time frame within which it occurred. 



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