Most Underrated Coins in 2022: DOGE, ADA, DASH


Most Underrated Coins in 2022: DOGE, ADA, DASH

BTC and ETH are the buzzwords in the crypto industry. But, the most profitable investments often come from finding opportunities that are underrated and underpriced. This article will examine the most underrated crypto coins in 2022. These are projects with very high potential but that still haven’t reached the level of recognition they deserve. 


Dogecoin is a crypto project talked about by famous people, including Elon Musk. Let’s look at why it’s underrated. 

Project Overview

Dogecoin suffers from a lack of credibility because of its “meme coin” origin. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin as a fun alternative to crypto projects that everyone took too seriously. However, despite its joke origin, Dogecoin has solid credentials. It’s in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and has a daily trading volume of almost half a billion dollars. It’s a very light and easily tradable token with low transaction fees. Dogecoin is also a favorite in the decentralized finance space, with great interoperability with DeFi platforms. 

Price Action

Dogecoin has taken a unique price trajectory in the last few years. From 2020 to 2021, its price increased over 200x — from $0.003 to $0.68. This was driven by the crypto rally, but also by Dogecoin-specific hype pushed by Elon Musk and others. Since then, Dogecoin has also fallen over 90% — to around $0.06. This was due to both the crypto and Dogecoin “hype bubbles” popping. 

Expert Predictions

Here’s a collection of Dogecoin price forecasts from expert sources:


2023 Prediction 2025 Prediction  $0.15 $0.31  $0.09 $0.13
Gov.Capital $0.09 $0.53
Average Prediction $0.11 $0.32


Now, let’s explore if you should convert DOGE to ADA


ADA is the native crypto token of the Cardano project. Let’s overview the project and token price. 

Project Overview

Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain with huge ambitions. Its founder Charles Hoskinson is an ex-Ethereum executive and wants the project to replace Ethereum and most other smart contract platforms. It aims to do this with a peer-reviewed research focus and highly-scalable technology. 

Price Action

ADA gained huge popularity in 2021 and achieved $3 when some investors believed it was time to overtake Ethereum as the top smart contract platform. However, it has declined consistently since then to around $0.5. Now, the wider crypto community, in general, has moved their enthusiasm back behind ETH. 

Expert Predictions

Here’s a collection of ADA price forecasts from expert sources:


2023 Prediction 2025 Prediction  $0.87 $1.93  $0.73 $0.95
Gov.Captial $2.32 $6.26
Average Prediction $1.30 $3.04


For an even longer-term perspective, here is an ADA price prediction 2030


Dash is fairly similar to Bitcoin but has a few key differences. Here’s an overview of Dash. 

Project Overview

Launched in 2014, Dash is one of the oldest crypto projects. It was built to be a more powerful, decentralized, secure, and community-led alternative to Bitcoin. It features instant transactions and very low fees. Over its 8-year lifespan, it’s also built an engaged community that’s withstood the test of time and multiple crypto downturns. 

Price Action

Dash reached its all-time high of $1,500 in December 2017. This was during the crypto bubble, but Dash also enjoyed its peak hype at that time. It has never even come close to this price since then, so there may be plenty of room for it to grow again. In 2022, Dash has fallen with the rest of the market from over $400 to under $50, so it is currency trading at a huge discount. 

Expert Predictions

Here’s a collection of Dash price forecasts from expert sources:


2023 Prediction 2025 Prediction  $99 $205  $71 $92
Gov.Captial $233 $728
Average Prediction $134 $341


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How to Choose

Dogecoin, Cardano, and Dash are all tokens that are currently underrated and possibly undervalued by many investors. If the price forecasts here are accurate, then each of these tokens has plenty of room to grow in the next three years. Consider them a great opportunity to diversify your crypto portfolio beyond just the industry’s biggest names. 



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