Most Successful Shopify Stores take your eCommerce Business to the Next Level.


The future of eCommerce: Best Shopify stores to inspire new businesses

The world is changing quite rapidly. Just a few decades ago, the whole concept of eCommerce was confined to books only. But it is not anymore.

Plus, whenever we talk about eCommerce, there’s one site considered the pioneer of it. Yes, we are talking about Shopify and how Shopify stores shaped the dynamics of an eCommerce business for many years to come.

How does Shopify work?

Before diving deep into the working dynamics of the Shopify website and how it works, we need to understand what precisely a Shopify store is and how it works. Well, a Shopify store is like your own utterly functional eCommerce site with a Shopify POS. The website allows almost anyone to build their store, from beginners to experts.

Amazingly, Shopify also offers a 14-day fully functional free trial for anyone who wants to experience how Shopify works and will it even be beneficial for the business itself.

Talking about the Shopify website and Shopify themes, here are 7 Shopify stores that are an absolute class of inspiration for new businesses.

  1. M2S Bikes

There’s only one open secret behind the exponential success of the M2S Bikes site. We are talking about popup advertisement and its impact on eCommerce development. According to global statistics, around 9.28% global conversion rate is because of popups.

We took a thorough review of the successful M2S Bikes popup dynamics. Well, popups can be annoying sometimes. But only when the campaign management is done incorrectly. The site uses Summo’s Reduce Cart Abandonment shortcut to achieve this feat. This allows the site to send special discount codes directly via email.

2. SkinnyMe Tea

You know, Shopify has been out there for quite some time now. We are talking about Shopify as an eCommerce platform here. Overall, we have seen some clever and catchy Shopify store ideas over these years. But nothing beats the innovation of SkinnyMe Tea. And this is not because of their super exciting and fun name alone.

In simple words, the site allows the users to shop directly with the help of messenger. Notable, isn’t it? You can practically order the goods of your choice through the buy now or add to the cart button integrated with the Facebook messenger.

3. Beard brand

No matter how much we try to ignore it, we all are visual creatures. Being a visual creature means that humans will be affected by facial and visible things. Well, not all of us, but most of us are like this.

This was the first selling point of Beard brand when it initiated its Shopify store setup. And you won’t believe what the one thing that allowed Beard brand this height of success is? Well, it’s their amazingly designed newsletter, and it’s super interesting to read the context that always amazes us all.

4. WP Standard

WP Standard is all about designing landing pages that are no less than visual arts. WP Standard is so well known among E-Commerce stores that it is often used and quoted as a reference for designing an E-Commerce website. Even Shopify judges are a fan of this fantastic store.

Suppose we try to break down the features that make WP Standard a true rock star in every sense. It is going to be four factors. First, is the fantastic and spot-on typography. Second, photography raises curiosity and calmness at the same time. Third, a super neat appearance. And fourth, a warm yet balanced color scheme.

5. Ratio Coffee

Each Shopify store we are discussing today uses specific E-Commerce development services to outshine in their respective category. The same thing goes with Ratio Coffee and their excellent skills to utilize the power of videography for their advantage. So far, they have been very successful with that too.

The trick is to integrate a video on the Shopify store homepage directly. This allows the user to access video-based content for each product directly from the main homepage. A great way of allowing the user to take a real-life look at the product.

6. Untuckit

If we take a look at the basic working principle of Untucklit, it is pretty simple. Still, the site has severely impacted its global audience through it. The Untucklit takes referring products to your friends to a whole another level.

Of course, most of us will not refer some products to a friend or family member as long as there is something in it for us. That’s the area targeted by Untucklit the most. The site uses Shopify E-Commerce marketing services such as Swell to host and manage the referral program.

7. Taylor Stitch

Last but not least, we have got the globally popular Taylor Stitch store with build dynamics that are specifically focused on maintaining the store for the mobile browsers. This is also a significant reason behind the impressive traffic statistics of the site.

The whole Taylor Stitch operation can be divided into three crucial dynamics of its landing page. First, a final eye-catching image acts as a signature look for the store. Second, a captivating CTA that will promote stuff with a very solid catchphrase. And third, the elegant design with a minimal look of its own.

Final note

These seven stores are perfect for getting an idea about Shopify store design for all the potential business startups out there. The E-Commerce development we have seen in these stores alone is quite remarkable and is super motivational, to be very honest.

The stores promote the idea that you can achieve exceptional results in statistics and ranking with painstaking effort and design. We hope that now you have a clear idea about how Shopify stores actually work and how you can design your Shopify store accordingly. But still, if you have any questions in mind, contact us, and we will be glad to help you out.

In the end, a piece of advice for all of the startups out there who are just getting familiar with Shopify working dynamics. The platform is a real blessing for skyrocketing your digital business growth. Use it well.


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