Most commonly asked questions that comes into the mind of a businessman about social media marketing


“Social Media Marketing” As we all know most businesses are going digital these days & social media marketing is one of the most trending & preferable tools of marketers. With the increase in SMM, many rumors also start revolving in the market. From there many questions also start arising. So, Today we are here to get answers for all these misconceptions & to know what the actual reality is.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing deals with promoting business through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Social media has a huge audience base with huge potential which makes it one of the best marketing tools for entrepreneurs & creative minds & it gives physical form to one’s imagination. SMM also connects a business to audience needs & feelings.

Can social media marketing really help my business grow?

Our world is becoming increasingly social & with more social networks than ever, marketers are turning to social media to engage potential audiences. As a fact = 73% of small businesses use social media platforms as their marketing tools & it’s consistently evolving. So, it can help you grow as well. That’s why it is very important to take your business online.

How much does SMM cost?

We all know social media is an important part of a business these days. But, when it comes to deciding expenses it can be tricky because SMM cost depends on many things i.e what audience you are targeting, what is your product/ service competitiveness, in which area/ country you are, what is your conversion rate, how much your ads is costing you, are you paying to any Digital marketing agency? Anyway, it all depends on you but usually for small businesses it takes around $1000 per month with inclusive all kinds of expenses that occur in socializing your business.


Which Social media platform is great for my business?

Looking for social media platforms for business growth? Some of the most popular are = 

  1. Facebook: FB is the hub of all types of potential audiences. A business must have to use FB for their business growth, it also provided a high level of insight analysis to make your performance better.
  2. Instagram: best for creative, design, fashion, modeling, art, etc type of services/ products.
  3. Youtube: Best for education, entertainment, technology, video-related, type of business. People connect really well with the videos as they have the most engaging elements like pictures and sound, videos also have a human element as compared to a piece of text.
  4. Linkedin: Linkedin is a platform for professionals. It is best for professional services.
  5. Quora: Quora is a very good way to attract customers by answering their queries. Answering their various queries in context of our product or services not only helps the customer but also takes them a step down in the sales funnel.
  6. Pinterest: Pinterest is also a platform for creativeness & art. It has a wide audience from tier 1 countries like the USA, UK, etc.

Is youtube an effective platform for marketing?

Youtube is dominating the industry as a social media platform presenting a huge opportunity for business to socialize their business. In fact, 60% of people prefer visualization rather than any other media. 

With YouTube as a video graphic platform, its engagement level with the audience is extremely higher than other platforms. Youtube also provides its own analytics for free to keep track of your growth. You can also set your content to post according to your demand.

On social media what type of content is best for my business?

  1. Use of images, graphics more as it engages people better & increases the rate of conversion + by this you can define yourself beautifully.
  2. Videos, live videos, video stories are a great way to express & engage potential customers.
  3. E-books are also a great medium for presenting & describing your business & objectives, as it is long enough to explain. Not like long blogs, etc that people can’t read much.

Is SMM better for b2b business or b2c business? 

Definitely, B2C, because Social media platforms are primarily made for entertainment purposes. Most of the people there are customers & this platform has covered a great number of potential leads that’s why it converts into a B2C model.

But when we say about the b2b business model there are some techniques that some businesses use these days to showcase their work & services through social media platforms i.e posting content of their services, showing work that they had done for their clients, making contents on some specific topic to attract that market like making content on festivals, etc.

How should a company measure its growth from SMM?

1.Reach: reach measures “how many people are seeing the content you post?” one can measure this by using one of the many tools in the market for example sprout social ( a tool specially made for tracking social media marketing). You can check here how far & effectively you are targeting your potential audience. 

2.Engagement: ‘engagement’ most important metrics to measure or track your business growth. More engagement means more people are loving our content results in the exponential growth of a business.

3.Volume: one can measure its growth by measuring 

“how many people are talking about your brand or content?” For this, you can check hashtags & tweets around your brand revolving on social platforms. How often people are using these hashtags & sharing posts of your brand.

4.Influence: see how many people are influenced by your brand, the more the better. This also increases your brand’s value as well as your goodwill in the market. With people & influencers promoting your brand, your sales will also increase by many times.

What are the benefits of SMM for my company? 

Here are some of the hundreds of benefits

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase traffic
  3. Higher conversion rate
  4. Improve ranking on search engine
  5. Improve brand loyalty
  6. Better customer satisfaction
  7. Gain marketplace
  8. Cost-effective
  9. Time effective
  10. Build trust
  11.  Keep track of your growth
  12. Increase sales.

How much time does it take before I see the result on social media?

Don’t think that you get results from social media instantly, it will take some time as it is a very long process & it takes some time for your content to be recognized by the audience. In fact, it takes around 50 to 65 interactions to acquire a customer.

But as usual, we can say that it takes around 3 to 4 months to give a recognizable result if you are consistent with your work on social media platforms.

Here are some of the best B2B Marketing Trends

What are some great tips/strategies for SMM?

  1. Funnel: Making a funnel is an effectively proven way to keep a record for your customers & interested/ potential clients. As it drives traffic from social media platforms to your landing page. This result indirectly in increasing your sales & growth.
  2. Visualization: nowadays the audience is more attracted towards visualization content & graphic posts result in more engagement & more trust in the market.
  3. Communities: build communities around related & actionable hashtags, groups, pages, etc. So, you can get accumulated potential traffic from them.
  4. Structure content: structure your posts & content around your business objectives. Don’t just start hopping around everywhere, there’s no benefit of it.
  5. Proper Analysis: always do a proper analysis of your
  6. Hit & Try: always do hit & try with all posts/content, then analyze what is the outcome of that particular post & accordingly you can manage your post & future plans.


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