Most Common Air Conditioner Issues and How To Treat Them

Most Common Air Conditioner Issues and How To Treat Them

Summers are fun until your air conditioner starts breaking down during odd hours or the time when you need it the most. It can make you feel uncomfortable and irritated all day long. Air conditioners are essential home appliances during hot and humid summer seasons. Similar to other home appliances, air conditioners can break down easily when not taken good care of. without further ado, here are some most common air conditioner issues and ways you can deal with them. You would not want to spend your summer time worrying about hot days or non-functional AC units. 

Taking a few precautions or treating your cooling system the minute you spot any technical issues can help save huge amounts of money and expand the life expectancy of your AC unit. Moreover, preventive maintenance can also help you avoid expensive replacement costs. If your air conditioner is not functioning properly or you are looking for ways to boost the functionality of your home air conditioner, this article is for you. 

So, without further ado, here are some most common air conditioner issues and ways you can deal with them.

1.Filter issues   

Filters are the most crucial part of air conditioner units that can get dirty and worn out over time. Air conditioners help the unit to filter out dust and dirt particles present in the air. The air passes through filter sheets before reaching you or cooling the room. Accumulated dust and debris on AC filters can restrict airflow and affect the quality of air. This can be extremely unhygienic and give rise to breathing problems and other health issues. You can easily remove the filter sheet from your units and clean them with running water or the cleaning process mentioned by the manufacturers. 

2.Clogged drains | Air Conditioner Issue

Ever wondered how air conditioning units work? Well, the process is quite complex to understand. From evaporating the air to cleansing it and finally removing moisture from the air, the process involves the use of advanced cooling tools and technologies. At times, water drains can easily get clogged due to excessive moisture, dirt, or dust present in the air. Clogged water drainage can create several problems, such as foul smell, water leakage, and more. 

3.Refrigerant issues | Air Conditioner Issue

AC refrigerants are generally responsible for releasing cool air from your system. It helps in removing heat and humidity from the air. AC refrigerant leakage can significantly harm and decrease the efficiency or performance level of your air conditioner units. Your air conditioner might not operate well and may fluctuate temperatures automatically. You can fix refrigerant issues by hiring services from reputable and genuine HVAC in Midlothian, VA. The refrigerant repair process can be complex and should be handled by experienced experts only.

4.Water Leakage 

One of the most common issues you might encounter is water leakage from your air conditioner units. Water leakage in your air conditioning units can take place due to many reasons, such as clogged drains, clogged filters, accumulated dust and debris inside your units, broken pipes, and more. Water leakage can happen both indoors and outdoors, where your AC units are installed. Therefore, you must check both sides of your house to determine the leakage areas. Consider hiring cleaning services from HVAC companies to get rid of water leakages. 

5.Strange noises Conditioner Issues | Air Conditioner Issues 

Strange noises from your air conditioners might be a signal for some severe issues. The problems mentioned above generally do not cause any strange noises in your units. Strange noises from your units can be due to system breakdowns, broken parts, insects or pets living inside the units, and other related issues. It is extremely important to take immediate action as soon as you encounter such strange noises from your units. 

6.Foul smell from the system 

Similar to strange noises, the foul smell from your units should not be ignored. This happens mainly because of mold growth inside your units. As mentioned above, air conditioning units release cool air after conditioning them, hence the name. Air goes through various layers or levels before reaching you. During this process, some electrical components can get easily burned and leave a foul smell. Ignoring this issue might further give rise to many potentially life-threatening issues. Ensure to consult the service providers today if your AC smells bad. 

7.Hot or warm air 

Air conditioners are created to release cool air. When they start heating the room instead of cooling it, you might not want to ignore the condition. You first ensure to check the temperature of your thermostat. If your thermostat is set at a high temperature, you can not expect your air conditioner units to cool your room at such high temperatures. However, if your thermostat is at normal temperature and still your AC is unable to cool your room, it is recommended to seek help from experts. 

8.Unable to cool at required temperatures

It can be frustrating if your air conditioner stops properly cooling your room even at the lowest temperatures. Gas leakage, system failure, and improper thermostat temperatures are the main reasons for this problem. If your cooling units do not have sufficient gas, it can be challenging for your unit to release cool air or cool your room at the desired temperature. By simply refilling the gas you can solve this problem. Avoid using the unit during this condition as it might further lead to failure of your system.


If your AC is freezing or throwing ice out, you might not want to avoid this issue. Freezing AC units might not be normal and require attention as soon as possible. Ice might damage the unit and create problems that are beyond repair. Overcooling or worn-out air conditioners often result in freezing. You can begin by first cleaning your unit. Replace the filters, remove accumulated dust and debris from your system, reset the thermostat setting, and if needed, consult an expert. 

10.Tripping of circuit breaker 

Central home air conditioning units require a significant amount of energy to produce cool air. If your electrical system is made using poor-quality switching boards or other units, you might consider swapping to high-quality electrical equipment. If not taken care of, it might result in a short circuit and a breakdown of your electrical system. This can be too dangerous for you and your family members. Get in touch with a good electrician and HVAC repair company

11.Broken or non-functional thermostat 

Thermostats are an important component of your system. It helps in keeping your unit at the proper temperature all year round. If your thermostat is not working properly, you might first consider checking the batteries and connection. However, if the batteries are full and the connection is proper, replacing the unit might only be the option. Without a thermostat, your unit can not function properly.

12.Worn out compressor and contractor 

The compressor helps push refrigerant through the system and maintaining proper cool airflow. Whereas, the contractor is an electrical connection located on the compressor and fan motor. Damage in any of the parts might affect the working or functioning efficiency of the other units. It will be difficult for your AC unit to function or even start in the first place. this is a one of the most Air Conditioner Issues to fix out.

In case of extreme damages or complete non-functioning of your units, consult an expert before taking action to avoid potentially life-threatening situations. Contact us at Call us at 804-481-6633. Postingtree


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