Morning Skincare Routine that Everyone Should Know this Summer


Gone are the days of heavy coats and monkey caps. It’s summer again. Well, summertime requires you to take skincare.

Summer means lots of outings and fun. You get to go places, wear those light summer dresses. Go to the beaches, have fun, and of course, sun exposure.

Sun can damage all skin types very quickly. However, you can’t restrict your outing out of fear of sun damage or sunburns, right! Summertime is also good for skincare treatments.

If you have been planning on any skin treatment, now is the time. And if your insurance does not cover the cost, go for installment loans for bad credit. You can pay back the loan anytime, but skin conditions can leave permanent damage if not taken care of.

Steps of Morning Skincare Routine

You must have seen celebrities endorsing fifteen steps of skincare or even more. Let’s be practical. Is it even possible to take that many steps in the morning when you are already running late to work? Many things are to do in the morning, and sometimes skincare is ignored because of this.

I have designed this very simple skincare routine that will take hardly ten minutes of your morning, and you will stay fresh all day long.

Given below are the steps you can take for your skin and make it “summer ready”.

1.  Know your skin Type

Many of us struggle with skincare routines in summer. Our skin behaves differently in summer because of weather changes. Some say they have dry skin, while others claim to have oily. Let me clear this to you.

“Most have a combination skin, which means some part of your skin will feel dry while some will be normal and some part is extremely oily”.

This is why I am asking you to pay attention to your skin and know which part is dry, oily, and normal. Moreover, if you are one of those who have won the “genetic lottery” and who are blessed with good skin naturally, well, you are good.

Getting familiar with your skin type gives you can idea to treat it better. Follow these simple and effective steps that you should pursue in the morning. Read carefully every step and work with your skin.

2. Cleansing

Do you give elaborate time to your skin at night? Are you having a routine of a good night-time? If not, you should begin soon.

Most experts suggest these days that if you have a proper night-time routine (which you must), you don’t need any cleansing. Just splash water on your face and dab dries it. I, along with many women and other genders in America, have adopted this, making my skin retain more moisture.

It allows the skin to stay naturally healthy. And one less step to take means some precious minutes in the morning saved, am I right!

Caution: if your skin has breakouts or your skin is very oily, you should wash your face with a gentle face wash in the morning which will help you get rid of all extra oil.

If your skin is acne-prone or has breakouts right now, you must wash your skin in the morning as well. Make sure you use a good face wash with vitamin C and salicylic acid. It has been proven effective in controlling acne.

3. Tone

It is vital to tone your skin after washing. Use a gentle toner, spray on your face, and dab them with your fingertips to dry them. or use a cotton swab and gently apply it to the skin.

Caution: Don’t be rough on your skin. Your skin is prepared of living tissue. Applying toner helps you clear the pore, so your skin appears smoother. The rough application might create some tiny microtears in the skin.

4. Daily Dose of Serum

The serum is a wonderful gift to your skin. It gives nourishment and care to the skin. You would not want to skip serum no matter how busy you are.

Take time, apply a few drops and smoothly massage it to your face. Give it at least two minutes of massage. Your skin will thank you for it.

Caution: Don’t use the serum with retinol or vitamin C. the sun exposure will deactivate those beneficial ingredients, and your skin will not be able to take the nourishment it needs. It is good to choose one which is not sun-sensitive.

You can use some natural flower extracts like rose or jojoba skin serum. These are very good, and your skin will love them. You can use 2% niacinamide serum If you are acne-prone.

5. Moisturiser

People often ask me, “Do I need a moisturiser after serum?”

Most certainly, yes! The serum is like nourishments that you give to your skin. Now it’s time to lock it. The application of moisturiser on the face will lock the goodness of serum while hydrating your skin.

Moisturiser is a must. No matter which season or climate is it, if you wish to have a healthy glow, use a moisturiser.

Caution: Picking a moisturiser in summer gets tricky for people with oily or acne-prone skin. As it might make skin appear oily and dull. Go to your nearby store and try to find a “gel-based moisturizer with hyaluronic acid” in it.

Thank me later.

6. Sunscreen

My mother would force me to apply sunscreen, but I would always skip it when I was a teenager. I can’t tell you how much I regret it today.

After all the steps you took for your skin and then if you don’t apply sunscreen, it is like you earn a lot of money and left it in the open for culprits to steal it.

You must protect your skin, and sunscreen is the answer. There are two kinds of sunscreen available these days:

  • Chemical sunscreen: These are traditional sunscreen. These are good for a limited amount of time, and it leaves a whitish layer behind and even gives a dull texture. It does not give a refreshing look which is why many avoid it. but these are less expensive.
  • Physical sunscreen or mineral-based sunscreen: this one acts as a shield and reflects sun rays from your skin. It also leaves a little white layer, but it goes away in some time. These are more expensive.

You should always carry your sunscreen with you to apply it after a small gap while outside.


Because of the temperature changes, many of us struggle with our skincare routines in the summer. Know which type of skin you have, as it will help you treat it more effectively. You should take these measures first thing in the morning. Wash your face with a gentle face wash if you have breakouts or your skin is particularly greasy. Be gentle with your skin.

After all the measures you’ve taken to care for your skin, if you don’t use sunscreen, it’s as if you’ve earned a lot of money and left it out in the open for thieves to steal. A moisturiser is required.

Applying a moisturiser to your face helps seal the serum’s benefits while also moisturising your skin. Choosing a moisturiser in the summer can be difficult for persons with oily or acne-prone skin.


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