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 money heist characters

Money Heist Characters

Money heists group

To stay aware of haziness, the money heist characters people from Cash Heist’s group go by subjectively picked city names – an awesome philosophy, all things considered (disregarding the way that, as we likely know, that doesn’t continue to go very long for a piece of our blameworthy gatherings).

Account cash heist

The Peculiarity, boss producer Jesús Colmenar says that the names were invigorated by a Shirt that the show’s creator, Álex Pina, was wearing. (It was decorated with the word Tokyo.) “That would be the best name for the essential individual,” Colmenar thought, and the rest was history money heist characters . “Inside 15 minutes, I said, ‘Berlin, Moscow, Denver.’ It was genuinely quick,” he explains in the film.

Nonetheless, while the city names were obviously picked immediately, the characters somehow created to represent various characteristics of those eponymous regions. Scrutinize on to find how.


Doubtlessly, he’s the most loathed man of Cash Heist yet the capacity of performer Enrique Arce on bringing to the screen an individual like money heist characters  that has been astounding and we certainly feel there would not be much else drawing in than to see a dull farce including Arturito.

The Educator

Regardless of the way that The Teacher remains the lead on Cash Heist, there’s an immense history to his character and what we truly need is a side task show on his money heist characters  youthfulness. How did The Teacher end up transforming into the nerdy self that he is would make for an interesting show.

With maybe a voiceover from Morte, the side venture could jump into his young years with another defied Spanish star in lead movie villa.


The limit, settled gallant lady who depicts the series shares a great deal for all plans and reason with her namesake city money heist characters . As the capital of the third-greatest economy on earth, Tokyo is a spot that is persistently reconsidering itself. Reconsideration is not any more odd to the woman recently known as Silene.

As we learn in a flashback, Silene was organizing a break abroad with her lover, Rene, before a bank thievery turned out seriously and she ended up joining The Teacher’s group.

City of Tokyo

Comparable as the city of Tokyo – which successfully held the Late spring Olympic Games in the midst of a pandemic money heist characters  – the individual is constantly troublesome all that she encounters (especially authority) yet sorts out some way to keep swarms associated with all through the series.


The most young of the group, Rio is stacked with life and want – he’s enchanted with Tokyo and is such an imperative figure to the gathering that they decide to rejoin for one more heist to shield him from Interpol. Moreover, Rio de Janeiro has a specific appeal money heist characters , one that attracts young people with the assurance of samba, caipirinha and, as Palermo would said, a little “impact, impact, ciao.”


Notwithstanding meeting his demise at the completion of the chief heist, Berlin remains a fundamental figure in the show (and has even jazzed up his own side venture) money heist characters . As the virtuoso behind the heist team’s courses of action, he’s a dynamic, controlled, to a great extent severe and consistently whimsical presence.

Berlin has emerged

From a genuine perspective and symbolically isolated during the Virus War, the city of Berlin has emerged as a trailblazer in biotechnology as well as the media and news sources. Additionally while wandering its streets, you should pick the choice money heist characters  to face its wild history, from the Berlin Divider and the Geology of Dread authentic focus to the Dedication to the Killed Jews of Europe.


Dear group part Nairobi is liable for accepting obligation for the bill-printing action at the Spanish Mint, prodding her detainees to convey useful work while also remaining sympathetic and responsive to their necessities money heist characters . Kenya’s capital city is also the cutting edge focal point of the country, delivering everything from building materials to cigarettes.

With its own stock exchange and a normal overflow of $49 billion, this flourishing city is emphatically in the worthwhile business.


The one of a kind, attempting Denver is a follow the easy way out kind of individual. In spite of the way that he was enrolled for the heist as the muscle by his past earthmover father, Moscow, he claims it quite far money heist characters  – and even encounters energetic sentiments.

The Rough Mountain city of Denver is stacked up with outside darlings and adrenaline junkies the equivalent, making the city name ideal for someone so obliging and vigorous.


The past digger turned-criminal is useful and industrious – he should be, to lead the gathering uncovering the section from under the mint – while staying aware of secret with regards to his part in the heist and being protective over his kindhearted youngster. Russia’s greatest city has a long history of insider realities and mystery exercises.

The home of the Kremlin is similarly no money heist characters outcast to assurance, helping shape the rest of Russia as well as the world.


The Argentine planner who was instrumental in finishing the resulting heist is of two characteristics: He’s a genuine on a major level – he was captivated by his best friend, Berlin, and helped him with organizing the heist – yet moreover bad tempered and erratic, ceaselessly using his incredibly sure man muscles to get the gathering to adjust to him.

It’s fitting for a postcard-astonishing money heist characters  city that day by day schedules in the shadow of the very experience overflow of Mt. Etna, which consistently releases little discharges of perilous magma.


A veteran Serbian contender, Helsinki is one of the most amazing people from the gathering. Disregarding the way that he takes after a miscreant, he’s a significant softy on a crucial level and is devoted to his best friends (Oslo and Nairobi, to name two) money heist characters . He’s given to finishing the heist and is one of the most trustworthy people from the gathering.

As a city, Helsinki is pleasant both symbolically and from a genuine perspective, with all around arranged nearby individuals and a much-respected public transportation system that makes getting to the sauna a breeze.

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