Modgerdi with Instagram horns 2021: from Jennifer to Ronaldo


The most popular Instagram pages of celebrities in 2021 are still in the spotlight of users of this magical social network. The number of Instagram users in 1400 is more than 1 billion and now one-fifth of the world’s population, directly and indirectly, the audience of this successful startup in 2012. In this report of Tehran Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine, we take a look at the latest posts of the most viewed Instagram pages in 2021 and we have an overview of the luxury tours of celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Chris Ronaldo.

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Meet Chris 273 million, followers

The legendary striker of Real Madrid and Juventus of Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo, now has the most viewed page of this social network after more than 273 million followers, after the official Instagram page. He has shared more than 3,000 posts in recent years and earns tens of millions of dollars a year from ads on his page. Each post that Ronaldo puts on his page gets more than 5 million likes and views.

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(The photo above shows a part of Chris Ronaldo’s luxury lifestyle with his wife and 4 children. The photo is from February 2021, when he received 8 million likes and tens of thousands of comments)

(Picture of the million-dollar house of Chris Ronaldo and the picture of the birthday cake of the Portuguese football striker of Europe and the world)

(Another photo of Chris Ronaldo’s luxury house, which he shared on the occasion of the beginning of the New Year 2021 and the end of the Corona era) *

Luxury with Lionel Messi

The football legend of the world and Argentina and the new world Mardavana in the 21st century, with about 195 million followers, is on the list of 10 most viewed Instagram pages. Lionel Messi shared only 700 posts on his page until Nowruz 1400. But the Barcelona legend, each post is accompanied by millions of viewers and visitors. She has 230 pages and her Instagram is available at @leomessi.

(You can see the latest casual style of Lionel Messi with his wife, which is related to February 2021, with 8 million likes)

(The photo above shows the family of Lionel Messi on the eve of the New Year in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and you see their 3 children)

All Footballer Screenshots

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Lionel Messi on his personal site ( introduces sportswear and accessories produced under his brand, and the photo below is an advertisement of Lionel Messi’s brand products, from which he has a lot of income.

Round luxury with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, actress, dancer, and business activist, and owner of the JLO brand, is now on the list of 50 most viewed Instagram pages with 149 million followers. He has shared more than 3,000 posts and is one of the leading celebrities in the world of cinema who has been able to earn a lot of money from Instagram and promote his brand on this network.

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The images he shares sometimes get more than 8 million likes and tens of thousands of comments. Especially her nude photoshoots in 2020 received a lot of news coverage.

(The photo above is related to the video promoting JLO brand cosmetics, which in the hashtag: JLOBEAUTY can see Jennifer Lopez’s latest cosmetics in 2021. Photo of LENNY KRAVITZ luxury tourist area)

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(Image taken for ALLURE Magazine promoting JLO brand cosmetics)

(You see Jennifer Lopez’s first luxury and reticulated photoshoot in early 2021, showing her in the US House of Representatives during her inauguration. A photo with 2.5 million likes designed with the product JLO was done)

(A photo that Jennifer Loper shared on her Instagram on the last day of 2020, related to the promotion of her brand product in the TIMES SQUARE area of ​​New York City, USA)

Round luxury with Taylor Swift

The handsome American singer Taylor Swift now has one of the most viewed Instagram pages with 152 million followers. He does not follow any page and has repeatedly deleted all his Instagram pictures to promote his best-selling albums. This is a common method that some Iranian celebrities such as Reyhaneh Persa have put on their digital marketing agenda in recent weeks.

Round luxury with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, a handsome and handsome Australian actress in Hollywood, is one of the money-making actors with the best-selling movies of recent years. Nicole Kidman came to Instagram too late and has shared 477 posts so far and has 7.5 million followers. He asked his audience to follow the @BLOSSOMFILMS page and watch the site: SERATOPICAL.COM. Nicole Kidman had more than 7.5 million followers until Nowruz 1400.

(The latest photo that Nicole Kidman shared of her red dress on Instagram)

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(The black dress worn by Nicole Kidman in this photo was designed by Louis Vuitton and used this August Couture at the 87th Golden Globes. She was nominated for an UNDOING)

Round luxury with Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff has been called one of the most attractive women in the world in recent years. Born in 1987, this Hollywood actor works as an actor, singer and model. He has 17 million followers on Instagram and has shared more than 2300 photos of his luxurious and tumultuous lifestyle. Follow Hillary Duff on @HILARYDUFF.

(A photo that Hillary Duff posted on her Instagram on the occasion of the publication of her book, My Brave Little Girl. She gave birth to her third child in 2020. She bleached her hair during her pregnancy.)

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(A photo of Hillary Duff during the pregnancy of her third child, taken in collaboration with the GradenOfLike brand, which received half a million likes and depicts some of her stylish photoshoots. She loves Nutella chocolates)

Round luxury with Beyonce

Beyoncé is an American actress, model, singer, and songwriter who has one of the most viewed Instagram pages. In 2021, he won the Grammy Award for the 28th time. Taylor Swift was named Best Grammy Album for the third time.


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