Mobile Legends Roles Explained


Mobile Legends Roles Explained

Welcome to our new guide on Mobile Legends. As a part of our beginner’s guide to ML, we bring you the ultimate guide to roles in Mobile Legends.

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There are currently six different roles in Mobile Legends; each role has a unique set of abilities and serves a different purpose. Sometimes, players also refer to roles as classes.

Roles in Mobile Legends


This is the most durable role in ML. Tanks have very high hit points (health) and good overall defence. They excel at tanking the enemy’s damage and staying on the front lines. Tanks are also equipped with good crowd-controlling abilities like stuns and slows.

The main purpose of a tank is to stay in front, initiate a fight, and provide a good defence to the team, especially to the weaker heroes.


Fighters are a balance of both offence and defence. Fighters are close-range, melee heroes that can scale well through the game. They become much deadlier in the late game. Fighters have a versatile and hybrid build; you can have a tank-damage-dealing fighter, a semi-tank crowd-control fighter, and many more.

Eventually, fighters will become one of the most impactful roles during the late game.


As the name suggests, assassins excel at dealing massive damage and eliminating enemies. They are very agile and can dish out heavy damage, especially during the late game. Assassins have a very low HP and defence, Players that choose to play this role must have good game sense, like positioning, when to attack or fall back, etc.

An assassin’s biggest weakness is the enemy’s crowd-controlling abilities. Once you catch an assassin off-guard, it is very easy to eliminate them due to their lack of high HP and defence.


Marksmen are ranged heroes. They excel at dealing damage from a range. Just like the Assassins, marksmen are also expected to have good game sense and proper positioning. They have low durability and mobility but can deal massive damage.

Marksmen excel at objectives like destroying turrets thanks to their ranged attacks.


Mage’s deal magic damage. They are equipped with ranged abilities, have crowd-controlling spells, and can deal AOE damage. Mages are usually found building towards high damage and low cooldowns. This will allow them to quickly cast their spells and deal more damage.

Playing as a mage in Mobile Legends is the most fun; you can play as a mage in mid-lane and use your wave-clearing ability to your advantage.


Last but not least, the support role, as the name suggests, helps protect allies during the game. They have abilities that can heal and provide shields to their teammates. They are usually found with other heroes, like Marksman.

As a support player, your role is always to keep an eye on the minimap, assist your teammates in eliminating enemies, and constantly support your team with your abilities.

Anyway, do not forget to learn more about the game and get better at Mobile Legends. Read More to find similar guides.

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