Mobile App Development Frameworks: The Most Adopted in 2022

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development companies in India are flooding with app development projects from various business verticals, given the potential mobile apps have to reach the target audiences and beyond. Every business is striving to develop an intriguing mobile application that can do wonders for the upliftment of their business revenue. 


So, mobile apps are essential for a business’s development. Then what is essential for mobile app development? The right app development framework. Like mobile apps make business owners’ lives easier, the right mobile app development framework makes the work of mobile app developers in India easier. The next-gen technologies are about to come with flourishing innovations and your app must align with the same. Also, there are other things such as adding advanced features, easy navigation, attractive UI elements, and so on.


All of this will be made possible if the correct mobile app development framework is chosen. Each framework has its own brownie points. But you have to pick the one that can efficiently meet your purposes. The mobile application market is growing at a CAGR rate of 14% and it is projected that the market will reach 100 billion USD within 2022. So, the demand is ever-growing and the needs are skyrocketing.


In this article, let us know some of the most preferred mobile app development frameworks that are widely adopted so that you can choose from the list the one that suits your business requirements. Let us get going!


Most Prefered Mobile Application Development Frameworks

#1 React Native

Facebook-developed React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop performance-oriented and flexible mobile applications. For quick development time and fewer development costs, React Native can be a great choice. In the developers’ community worldwide, React Native is the best-known cross-platform app development framework. The reusability feature and component-wise coding are the two major advantages of using React Native. Let us get to know what else React Native offers,


  • Easy coding
  • Third-party integrations
  • Attractive UI elements
  • Hot reload
  • Easy to maintain


#2 Flutter

As React Native, Flutter is also a popular cross-platform app development framework. It helps in developing web, mobile, and desktop apps easily using a single codebase. The SDK of Flutter is highly remarkable with native-like elements, customized widgets, fast rendering, etc., Here are some of the merits of adopting Flutter,


  • Rich APIs
  • Own rendering engine
  • Flexible UI 
  • Native-like app performance
  • Compatible with all platforms


#3 Kotlin

Kotlin is a Java-based framework partially influenced by C#, Eiffel, Gosu, Groovy, JavaScript, ML, Python, Scala, and Swift.  It is the most concise Java app development framework that comes with a heap of benefits. It does not require a virtual machine and makes the app deployment process effortless. It makes use of fewer time-consuming modules, saving both time and cost. Some of the benefits of Kotlin are,


  • Highly functional
  • Smart cast functions
  • Interoperability support from Java
  • Compact syntax
  • Filtering collections


#4 Xamarin

Xamarin was launched by Microsoft and it is a .Net-based mobile application development framework. Xamarin supports so many flawless development tools and a native library for iOS and Android. Since Xamarin uses a common codebase, the development cost and time taken are hugely saved. For availing of the best documentation, tools, and an active community of developer support, Xamarin is the best one could opt for.


  • Versatile infrastructure
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Complete documentation
  • Google emulator manager
  • Less development costs


#5 Ionic

Ionic helps in the creation of interactive hybrid apps and PWAs for both iOS and Android and is considered one of the best cross-platform application development frameworks. Ionic makes use of Apache Cordova and Angular for coding and also allows the mobile app developers in India to make use of the diverse range of UI components it incorporates. These are some of the key features of Ionic,


  • Cordova plugins
  • Intuitive UI elements
  • Web-based standards
  • Controlled app development
  • Compatible framework

# 6 Developer Background

When you employ an experienced developer, your project will be completed in half the time. They would have encountered a variety of technologies, circumstances, complexities, high-end integrations, and other issues. Make sure they’re familiar with the tech stack you’ll need for your business app development.

#7 Communication 

Regardless matter how you hire or whose developer you hire, you and your developer must be on the same page. They must fully comprehend the company’s requirements and, if necessary, answer any questions right away. To minimise unwanted project progress gaps, repeated iterations, and longer schedules, good communication is essential. Check all of these criteria before hiring mobile app developers in India to ensure that you can get started without any delays.

#8 Ideation

It’s critical to communicate your business app concepts to developers in a clear and accurate manner. Give them extensive information about your target audience, the application’s concept, the app’s purpose or mission, and how it may help your business.

Mobile app development companies in India are assisting businesses based on their individual requirements. Depending on your app development needs, you can choose between the two methods.

#9 Expertise in technology and the availability of resources

The best developers with technical competence in practically all of the latest technologies work for reputable app development businesses in India. They have distinct development teams for each technology as well. They use cutting-edge tools and technology stacks, have extensive experience, and always have resources available. You can engage an additional number of developers to handle any unexpected app additions.

 #10 Adaptive Workflow

A well-tuned workflow will be followed by the development companies. That is, the processes are clear, you are guided through project development at regular intervals, you receive weekly reports, and you may accept, amend, or remove app updates, among other things. Through a well-structured development procedure.



Based on the market stats and highly preferred rate, the aforementioned are the most widely adopted frameworks by mobile app development companies in India. Though the frameworks are getting optimized and new arrivals are witnessed each day, opting for the one suiting your needs and app purposes with futuristic benefits can serve the best to scale your business. In order to integrate your business with a modern mobile application, partner with Pyramidion. We house the industry-best development team and comprise dedicated teams for each framework. Connect with our team to know more about our services, solutions, and get a demo today!


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