Mistry car crash! Site to be declared black spot



Cyrus Mistry Death: Sources related to Cyrus Mistry Death said initial reports from the site in Maharashtra’s Palghar district seem to suggest that factors behind the accident include “driver fatigue” and the “high speed” at which the premium SUV — equipped with seven airbags — was being driven.

The Accident:

The part of NH-48 where the Mercedes Benz GLC sports utility vehicle conveying previous Tata Sons Chairman Cyrus Mistry and three others met with a mishap Sunday might be proclaimed a “dark spot” by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways after Cyrus Mistry death, in the event that two reports charged on the mishap — one by the Maharashtra government and the other by an independent organization — uncover a plan blemish in that segment.

Currently, Anahita & Durius are treated in Rainbow hospital. They’ll be shifted to some other hospital in Mumbai. They are shifted to a main confidential emergency hospital in Mumbai Monday morning, said a source.

Dr Anahita and her significant other got wounds during an auto crash in Palghar close to Mumbai Sunday evening. Previous Tata group Chairman Cyrus Mistry death and someone else passed on in a similar mishap.

Dr Anahita has mentioned hip break and pneumothorax (imploded lung). Specialists at the Breach Candy Hospital have expressed that Dr Anahita’s general condition alongside her circulatory strain is presently steady.

Cyrus Mistry’s Death: Dr Anahita Pandole, a gynecologist at Breach Candy Hospital, and her better half Darius Pandole, the MD and CEO of JM Financial Private Equity were other 2 people recognized in this accident.


Darius Pandole has got reciprocal jaw break. According to a source, a maxillofacial specialist has taken out the jaw with wire obsession. His aviation route is perfect now and he is steady, the source added.

Key Points:

One never knows when the’ll meet a road accident. One should always know What to do when they meet an accident. Some of these things help a lot in saving either your or other passenger’s life.

Sources mentioned that if Cyrus might have used seatbelt, this accident must not have been so fatal for him.

A fatal car crash which led to the tragic death of Cyrus Mistry has jolted many Indians. A celebrated corporate leader meeting with an accident that leads to hi death is a huge news.

Law has made it compulsory to wear seat belt by people sitting at the back of car. Cyrus’s use of seat belts could have saved him from the impact cause by accident.

Apparently Mistry with his companion Anahita Pandole was sitting in the back. He was’nt wearing a safety belt. This could have probably tossed them in front at a fast speed when their car collided with a divider. Both Mistry and Pandole passed on in the mishap.

The Unknown Fact:

If people sitting on back of vehicle don’t wear a seatbelt. it draws in a fine of Rs 1,000 under Rule 138 (3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). The fact people ignore this is that, they dont know about this rule.

Indeed, even traffic police officers rarely fine travelers sitting on back seats for not wearing safety belts.


President Emeritus at International Road Federation KK Kapila said the act of securing safety belts in the back seat is extremely low even in large urban communities and metros and almost zero in the mid to more modest urban areas of India.

According to the fundamental test, Mistry was not wearing the safety belt and over-speeding and the “mistake of judgment” by the driver caused the mishap.

The public authority has been going to lengths to improve the security of tenants of engine vehicles and presently it plans to make it compulsory for carmakers to give at least six airbags in engine vehicles that can convey up to 8 travelers for improved wellbeing of tenants from October this year.

An airbag is a vehicle inhabitant restriction framework, which meddles between the driver and the vehicle’s dashboard during an impact, in this way forestalling serious wounds.

Updates Being Made:

Association Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in a meeting with PTI last year said the public authority will present at least six airbags in engine vehicles that can convey up to 8 travelers, regardless of resistance by the auto business.

Gadkari had said help little vehicles, generally bought by lower working class individuals, ought to likewise have a satisfactory number of airbags and had asked why automakers are giving eight airbags just in huge vehicles purchased by rich individuals.

“Generally, lower-working class individuals purchase little economy vehicles and on the off chance that their vehicle will not have airbags and when mishaps occur, then, at that point, it might bring about Deaths.

In this way, I appeal to all vehicle producers to give at least six airbags across all variations and fragments of the vehicle,” he had said.

Cars & Upgrades:

Recently, to upgrade the wellbeing of tenants in engine vehicles, Gadkari had said the public authority has made it obligatory for automakers to give three-point safety belts to all forward looking travelers in a vehicle.

The standard will likewise be material for the center seat in the back column of a vehicle, he had added.

Since overspeeding keeps on being perhaps of the greatest executioner on Indian streets, the public authority has additionally forced different speed limits for various classes of streets.

As of now, the most extreme speed limit advised by the street transport service is 100 kmph on public roadways for vehicles and 120 kmph on interstates.

As per National Crime Records Bureau information under the ‘Unintentional Deaths and Suicides in India – 2021’, a larger part (59.7 percent) of the street mishaps were because of over-speeding, representing 87,050 passings and wounds to 2.28 lakh people.

According to a study conducted in India, 1.55 Lakh people lost their life in road accidents in India in 2021. Out of this, rash driving adds to 25.7 percent of street mishaps. This resulted in 42,853 deaths and injured 91,893 people.

Road Safety Council: Kamal Soi said India has adequate street security norms to guarantee road wellbeing. The only issue is the implementation of those principles.

“There is monstrous debasement in street development, which prompts poor risky streets prompting numerous mishaps and passings,” he added.

Message for all:

After reading this article you all must confess that Death can be at any other turn of your life. No one can predict things that are about to happen in one’s life.

All we can do is to keep ourself save to a maximum extent. Either to not meet an accident or to minimize the impact if by chance we meet any. Government conducts road safety seminars every year for betterment of citizens.

The other problem is with those people who are willing to buy base models of the cars. These models don’t come fully covered with security & all needed lifecare equipments. There is lack of proper quality seat belts & Airbags. Just for the sake of saving a few thousand rupees, people generally risk their life on regular basis.

When it comes to road safety & accidents, first thing that strikes someone’s mind is SeatBelt. Seatbelts leads to saving 50% lives in the road accidents every year in India. Seat belts halves the impact one will face in an accident. It saves both rear & back sitting travellers as the impact of a collision is too much to handle.

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