Mistakes To Avoid While Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is a straightforward procedure. One of two types of teeth bleaches is used in whitening goods. When you use these bleaches, they break down stains into smaller bits, reducing the concentration of color and making your teeth brighter.


Teeth whitening done by a professional is the most common method of whitening teeth. You can get it done from dentists in Beverly Hills Wilshire. It is the responsibility of your dental team to determine your suitability for the treatment and supervise it if it is necessary. Before anything else, the dental experts will apply a rubber barrier or a lubricant on your gums to keep them protected. Once your teeth have been bleached, they will apply the bleaching product to them using a custom-made tray that fits into your mouth, similar to a mouthguard.


How to keep your results last longer:


You can do the following to ensure that newly whitened teeth last as long as possible:

  •       A follow-up or maintenance brightening can be done as soon as the procedure is completed or as seldom as once a year if desired.
  •       It is recommended that you avoid dark-colored foods and drinks for at least two weeks after your whitening procedure.
  •       Drinking dark-colored liquids using a straw whenever possible is recommended.
  •       Maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits, such as regular brushing after meals and before bed.


Some common teeth whitening mistakes

Once you get the procedure done, you want to keep the results lasting for the longest time possible. Opt for a dentist near you to get expert advice on this. Here are some common teeth whitening mistakes that you should avoid to get the most out of your procedure:


Brushing and flossing incorrectly: Teeth whitening should always be considered a complement to your dental hygiene program rather than a substitute. Plaque and food particles left on your teeth’ surface might interfere with the whitening process, so cleaning your teeth’s surface before whitening will yield the best results. Preparing your teeth’ surface before whitening will deliver the best results.


Eating acidic fruits: Due to their low pH, acidic fruits are extremely effective in breaking dental enamel, making them a popular choice for tooth decay prevention. It is not possible to regrow enamel once it has been gone. The erosive procedure that removes tooth enamel can result in tooth discomfort, dental cavities, and, in the long run, the recession of the gum tissue. Thus, you should avoid these kinds of fruits and food items after your procedure.


Using whitening strips irresponsibly: The use of whitening strips is an easy and inexpensive technique to brighten your smile, but, much as with whitening toothpaste, extended use is detrimental to your pearly whites’ appearance. The same holds for leaving the strips on for an extended period. Therefore, you should use whitening strips to a limited amount and not overuse them.


Not listening to your dentist: Although it’s tempting to act on impulse when trying to get a brighter smile, it’s advisable to consult with your orthodontist before attempting any teeth-whitening procedures. Your dentist will determine whether or not you are a good choice for whitening, and if you are, they will be able to direct you toward the most appropriate whitening procedure for you. Follow the advice given by the dentists in Beverly Hills Wilshire to get desired results and avoid complications.


Overusing whitening kinds of toothpaste: Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste delivers an almost instantaneous whiter appearance, but while the immediate result is pleasant, prolonged use may result in some harm to the teeth. This type of toothpaste, which includes charcoal, is typically formulated with abrasives to achieve a polished appearance. If you continue to use abrasive toothpaste, you may create gum erosion, expose the nerve roots of your teeth, and cause pain from your teeth wearing down. We recommend that you use fluoride-containing multi-purpose toothpaste daily.


Using whitening trays: Teeth whitening trays that are one-size-fits-all and available in stores can cause certain complications. If the whitening gel leaks out of the tray because it doesn’t fit your mouth correctly, it could irritate your gums. In addition, if the whitening substances spill out of the trays, you may not observe any results at all! As a result, even though it is more expensive, receiving a personalized tray from your dentist is sometimes more beneficial than using over-the-counter whitening trays, as explained above. Opt for a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist to get this procedure done safely.


Applying baking soda: You have possibly read that baking soda will clean your teeth and reduce surface stains; baking soda is not the most effective or best solution for whitening your teeth. If you use regular baking soda, the abrasiveness of the substance might erode sections of your enamel, worsening your sensitivity to cold. It is generally safer to use brightening toothpaste rather than simply brushing with baking soda.


Not following after-care rules: Another typical blunder that some people make after whitening their teeth is to eat the wrong things afterwards. For example, you should refrain from drinking soda, sports drinks, and acidic beverages for many hours after whitening your teeth to avoid staining teeth. Since your teeth are hypersensitive after you have whitened them, it is also recommended that you avoid certain meals while you are whitening them.


A crucial step in ensuring that your smile remains white is to prevent it from becoming discolored. Always clean your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Alcohol, caffeine, and tea should be avoided in moderation. Do not use tobacco products. Do not use an over-the-counter whitening solution to whiten your teeth if you want to achieve optimal results. Use safe whitening methods to whiten your teeth. Regardless of whether you want to whiten at home or in the dental office, you should always check with your dentist before beginning any dental treatment.



Many dental treatments can cause severe damage to your gums and the enamel around your teeth due to their use. Dentists in Beverly Hills, Wilshire are professionals; when you work with a professional, such as the Best Dentist in Beverly Hills, you can expect your teeth to whiten comfortably while also ensuring the overall health of your mouth is maintained.


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