Mistakes F.sc Students Make


Five Mistakes F.Sc. Students Often Make
Scoring good marks in the F.Sc. Board exams is a task notoriously known to intimidate students. While intermediate is much tougher than matric, passing it with good grades is not as difficult as the general perception. You might be intimidated by the accounts on how most students fail to graduate with flying colors. 

However, you should also know that a good percentage of students also score above 1000 marks as well. You can be one of them too. All you have to do is to avoid common pitfalls and train yourself better by involving book notes and past paper preparation. 


  • Setting Unrealistic Goals
    While you aim to study hard for your intermediate board exams, do not go overboard. For instance, setting the target of studying 14 chapters in a day is going to come to fruition. That is not to discourage you, but you should know your limitations. Bear in mind that quality comes before quantity.


  • Missing Lectures
    Class lectures are very important. You get to learn the concepts and clear out any confusion at the spot. You cannot understand a completely new topic all by yourself. A class lecture includes many anecdotes and examples to make a topic easy to understand. If you skip lectures during the semester, it will take longer to cover them during the exam preparation.


  • Cramming
    Many students think that cramming all the course material will get them through the intermediate board exams. However, they are sadly mistaken. F.Sc. is more advanced than matric and needs more attention. You cannot fare well on your papers if you do not have a grasp of basic concepts. So, get a clear understanding of the topics before memorizing them.


  • Skipping Revision
    Continuous revision is crucial for knowledge retention. You should revise the course material at least twice after studying it for the first time no matter how boring it seems to you.
    Even if you have learned a topic by heart, chances are high that you would be unable to recall it completely during the exam. Most of the topics you memorize can get archived in your memory, but may not surface when you recall them.


  • Not Giving Due Attention to Presentation
    Paper presentation is vital in scoring good marks in F.Sc. board exams. As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Board examiners are veterans who can build an impression in just one glance if you have presented your paper properly. A good presentation will give you the extra edge you need to score higher and achieve your mark.


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